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Crossing Broadcast: Sixers Trade, A Secret Meeting, Sports Talk Radio

JoyOnBroad - February 7, 2019

Kevin and Russ dissect the Sixers’ trade for Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, and Mike Scott. The guys then recap the “secret meeting” between six Eagles reporters and Carson Wentz, the Phillies’ interest in JT Realmuto, Mike Missanelli’s hockey take, and the Union’s rumored target.

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Crossing Broadcast: Five for Five

JoyOnBroad - January 23, 2019

Kevin and Russ break down the Carson Wentz report, vetting sources, Mike Conley’s fit with the Sixers, Roy Halladay’s Hall of Fame induction, the NFL’s overtime rule, Claude Giroux’s all-star week, and Ernst Tanner’s view on the U-20 World Cup.

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Check out the other shows on the Crossing Broad Podcast Network including: Crossed Up: A Phillies PodcastSnow the Goalie: A Flyers PodcastIt’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia, and Crossing Broad FC: A Soccer Podcast.

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The Pipe Bomb Guy Appears to be a Deranged Soccer Fan

Kevin Kinkead - October 26, 2018

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve been paying attention to the “suspicious packages” that were mailed to prominent Democrats and Hollywood types over the past 36 hours.

A suspect was taken into custody this morning, a 56 year old man named Cesar Sayoc. Dude I guess drives this van or owns this van, which was parked at an auto parts store where he was picked up by the feds:

Let’s take a closer look at the van:

Let’s zoom in a bit…

“Top Soccer Recruits for Trump”

What the hell?

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You Watched and Maybe Even Enjoyed the World Cup – Now What?

Kevin Kinkead - July 16, 2018

The Monday after the World Cup final is when most casual fans stop giving a shit about soccer.

Eagles training camp is 10 days away, the Phillies are rolling into the home run derby and All-Star Game, and some people actually go outside and enjoy the summer weather.

But if you found the World Cup entertaining and want to see more of the sport, there are a few ways to keep the momentum going into the fall:

1. Watch the English Premier League

The EPL starts on August 10th, so you really only have a little more than three weeks until the world’s most popular domestic league kicks off.

The great thing about the prem is that it’s very accessible, with games taking place on Saturday and Sunday mornings and existing outside of the typical viewing windows in which we watch American sports. For example, if you’re a 40-year-old parent with two kids, you can get up at 9 a.m. on Saturday, make your kids pancakes, and flip on Arsenal vs. Liverpool at 10 a.m. That then takes you into college football at noon and carries you throughout the day. Same thing on Sunday, when you can watch the Premier League as a lead-in to a 1 p.m. Eagles game or NFL Red Zone.

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Sifting Through Bad Takes to Explain Why U.S. Soccer Failed

Kevin Kinkead - October 11, 2017

There’s a lot to parse after Tuesday night’s embarrassment but I’ll start with this: That team was not prepared to play and looked like it didn’t even give a shit.

I’ve never seen a more appalling display of effort in 27 years of watching United States soccer, and that was a constant theme throughout this debacle of a qualifying cycle.

That’s on head coach Bruce Arena, who was equally casual in his post game press conference, claiming that no drastic changes needed to be made after a country of 300,000,000 people was just eliminated from the World Cup by an island nation of 1.3 million.

He should be canned for that offensive nonchalance alone.

The next thing to do is fire U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati and move on from the aging veterans who no longer have a future on the national team. It’s a sad way to see the likes of Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard to go out, but the silver lining is that this pathetic charade is over and we can now focus on fixing the problems.

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Five Reasons to Watch the United States Men’s National Team vs. Panama on Friday Night

Philip Keidel - October 6, 2017

“There are 17,380 hockey fans in Philadelphia,” the old joke used to go, “and they all go to every game.

It may have been true for hockey. It’s very true for Philadelphia soccer, where the Union rarely get that many fans to Talen Energy Stadium to begin with.

Soccer remains a hard sell here, and it’s especially hard to get people in this town to pay attention to the United States Men’s National Team, a haphazard conglomeration of players from Major League Soccer and a few from leagues abroad pulled together intermittently to represent our country.

Further dampening enthusiasm for the USMNT is the protracted mess that is CONCACAF’s hexagonal qualifying tournament for World Cup places. The USMNT’s first 2018 World Cup qualifier took place almost a year ago and they still have two more matches to go.

But seriously, listen… they’re really big matches, starting with Panama on Friday night.

“Why should I care, and why should I watch?” you ask.

Here are five reasons:

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A Discussion with NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz on His Union Past and Lacrosse Future

Kevin Kinkead - September 19, 2017

Nick Sakiewicz never left town, he just changed jobs.

The former Philadelphia Union executive resurfaced as National Lacrosse League Commissioner last January following 21 seasons in Major League Soccer.

That was three months after his split with Union majority owner and principal investor Jay Sugarman. The pair brought soccer to Philadelphia in 2008, but parted ways at the end of 2015 when their relationship became strained following years of on-field struggles and disagreement on how to move the franchise forward.

For some of that time, Sakiewicz was seen as public enemy number one in Chester, a CEO and Operating Partner who became the face of an underachieving club. In fairness, that was something he never really disputed.

“Someone has to answer and take the heat, I guess,” he told the Delco Times a few months back.

To that point, I viewed Nick as a person who covered for Sugarman’s shortcomings by repeatedly falling on the sword. There was never a doubt that Sakiewicz was a smart businessman, but a lack of resources stunted early Union gains and quickly brought an end to the club’s honeymoon period. Whether he helped his cause or not, most people realized that this was a thrifty franchise with a young coach, no scouting department, and no general manager.

But those days are long gone, and Sakiewicz is now building a new foundation for the NLL.

Attendance is up and expansion is underway. There seems to be stability and foresight for a league that has existed for quite a while now, but for most of that time just spinning its wheels. In many ways, Sakiewicz’s experiences with a rapidly growing MLS made him an ideal candidate to oversee the growth of another niche sport with similar upside.

I ran into Sakiewicz for the first time in two years at last Thursday’s NLL Philadelphia expansion announcement. He agreed to speak further about his lacrosse gig and Union departure, and we followed up on the phone this week. Continue Reading

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This Prank a Turkish Soccer Fan’s Girlfriend Played on Him Is My Greatest Fear

Kyle Scott - June 17, 2016

I know we’re a day or so late on this, but this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen, even if it’s fake as shit. This is my greatest fear, the TV going out during a crucial moment in a big sporting event. As I’ve said before, this is one of the main reasons why I haven’t cut the cord. If my feed had gone out during the final seconds of the National Championship Game, I would’ve, no joke, suffered irreparable harm to my mental well-being. Cable, still, is most reliable, but there’s nothing we can do, as a society, to protect against this. You can take all safeguards – backup stream, sports bar, Sling TV emergency backup from a friend – but if your power goes out, a cell tower goes down, or the sports bar you’re at didn’t bother to pay its waiters tips and they revolt and rip the cord out at the big moment, you’re SOL. For real, imagine Brad Lidge delivering the 0-2 and then your TV cutting to color bars or some shit. What would you do? How would you go on knowing that you missed the clinching moment of the only sports championship in 30 years? Do you just shut it down as a sports fan after that? Heartbreak even in glory? I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it. So, I feel for the Turkish guy… even if he didn’t miss anything. Turkey lost to Croatia, 1-0.

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