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NFL RedZone Could Be A Year-Round Channel, Here’s How

Kyle - June 9, 2015


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NFL Films has always been the perfect combination of sports and history. The narration of the game by such legendary voices as John Facenda and Harry Kalas, along with the music composed by Sam Spence, changed the way sports could be viewed and presented. NFL Films has never failed in bringing the game to life whether it was the 1960s or this past season. And since the NFL season is so short when compared to other professional sports, the history of the game can take on greater significance in the long offseason. When I’m watching games from the past, it sometimes has nothing to do with what is happening on the field. It could be the crowd or the announcers that has my attention, or the overall television presentation of the game. It’s very interesting to see the evolution of not only the actual game, but the style of it as well. This is why I believe a weekly historical RedZone program – RedZone Classic – would be something all NFL fans would love. Continue Reading

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SI Skewers Ruben Amaro

Kyle Scott - January 28, 2013

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Don't cry because it's mean. Crying because it's true. Sports Illustrated on the Phillies' offseason:

Faced with upgrading a roster whose position players were the league’s oldest by nearly a year, Amaro has succeeded in getting Young — not once but twice — if not significantly younger. In December, he traded Lindblom, a reliever acquired from the Dodgers for Victorino, as well as pitching prospect Lisalverto Bonilla to Texas in exchange for 36-year-old Michael Young, whose performance collapsed to .277/.312/.370 in 2012, his worst slash line since 2002. He’ll take over third base in place of Polanco, who to be fair is a year older and about half as durable, but at least able to do something besides imitate a matador at the hot corner. If there’s good news, it’s that the Rangers are paying $10 million of Young’s $16 million salary.

Not Young enough? To rebuild an outfield depleted not only by those trades but by the free agent departure of Pierre, Amaro went out and signed 27-year-old Delmon Young to a one-year, $750,000 deal, with incentives that can take it to $3.5 million. The money is inconsequential enough, but it looks like an overpay for a player who hit .267/.296/.411 with 18 homers last year with a −0.9 Wins Above Replacement Player mark even while being limited to just 31 games in the field, all of them in left. His 2012 wasn’t an isolated incident; once the top prospect in the game, he has been worth all of 1.2 WARP in a career of 3,575 plate appearances, suitable for the short half of a platoon (.307/.341/.483 lifetime against lefties, .275/.307/.401 against righties) but not much more, and that’s without considering his non-hitting problems. In his infinite wisdom, Amaro doesn’t plan to platoon Young, he plans to make him the everyday rightfielder — a position Young hasn’t played since 2007, when he was still a Devil Ray. Oh, and he’s coming off surgery to remove bone spurs in his ankle and has a weight clause built into his contract.


SI’s offseason grade for the Phillies? D. Read it here.

So I Can Still Call Off The Wedding, Right?

Kyle Scott - January 18, 2013

By the way, it's a Forever Lazy. And it's awesome.

Top 10 Philly Sports Moments of 2012

Kyle Scott - December 31, 2012

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This is easily the most half-assed top 10 list you will read this year. But here are the top 10 Philly Sports Moments of 2012, as is tradition. There weren’t many, so hence the mailingitinedness of the post. I took your suggestions into advisement, and wanted to wait until today. You’ll see why.

10) Lehigh beats Duke

For our first moment, we have to step outside of Philly (because there weren’t enough memorable moments to get a full 10). 

9) Phillies re-sign Cole Hamels

It’s kind of sad that the biggest Phillies signing or acquisition was of their own, homegrown player. But it is.

8) Peter Laviolette gets into it with Dan Bylsma and his glasses

– smiley face –

7) Sixers trade for Andrew Bynum

Well, it was fun until he had to actually play.

6) Chase Utley home run in first at-bat back 

Rushing into Citizens Bank Park to catch Utley’s first at-bat since returning from having no knees, I feared that I would miss something special, cool. I didn’t. I made it to a railing behind the first level just in time to see Utley do the improbable, proving that he is still, in fact, the man.

5) Sixers beat Bulls

Andre Iguodala hit important free-throws and Joshua Harris hugged like a woman.

4) Brian Dawkins number retirement ceremony

This took on a life of its own as the day neared, reminding us all of what it was like when we had a competitive football team.

3) Claude Giroux: The Shift

Just watch it, ejaculate.

2) Fired Andy

It actually happened. It’s going to take to next year until it sinks in.

1) Sidney Crosby shows off his womanhood as Flyers roll Penguins in Game 3

By far the most entertaining, fun, exciting, memorable Philly sports game of the year.

Pictures: Rocky Musical Debut

Kyle Scott - November 19, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 4.48.30 PM
Photo: AP

We told you about this last year. Now it’s, like, a thing.

Sports Illustrated posted pictures from the show’s premiere in Germany yesterday. You can view the whole gallery here.

When I first wrote about it, I wondered: It will be interesting to see which way they go with this: The Green Day American Idiot, "fuck you, conventional" wisdom route, with harsh lyricals and simulated on-stage sex (or whatever the Rocky equivalent is– Stallone acting, I suppose), or the Wicked route, with overly fluffed thespians singing gleefully about a rather dark social commentary. I'd vote for the first option, because surely we don't need a Glee'd up version of Gonna Fly Now being played at Flyers games.

Well, judging by the video after the jump, it looks like they went with the latter. Get ready for some falsetto to drum up some faux energy at a sporting event near you.

The musical will be coming to Broadway in 2013. Though Broad Street might be more fitting.

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I’m on the New “Great Sports Debate” (and You Should Watch)

Kyle Scott - October 18, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-18 at 9.51.32 AM

I know what you’re thinking– multi-platform superstar. Media mogul. Sports empire. All that stuff. Trust me, I’m thinking it too.

Actually… Glen Macnow, Al Morganti and Rhea Hughes are bringing the Great Sports Debate back for a third run, this time sans Angelo Cataldi, and they’ve asked me to play a small part. 

Each week, I’ll give a short Andy Rooney-style rant on something that is decidedly ridiculous and most likely frivolous. Didgeevverr wonder why bloggers have such pasty skin in front of stage lights? That sort of stuff.

Other additions and upgrades to the show include a band, Julie Dorenbos and Susie Celek, and I think a dog. It will film every Wednesday at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly at 7 p.m., and air Thursdays at 7 p.m. on the Comcast Network and Fridays at 11 a.m. and midnight on Comcast SportsNet. 

We filmed the first episode last night. Sarah Baicker swung by to talk hockey and Hollis Thomas (and his Spider-Man t-shirt) was there to talk Eagles. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I told Consuela only the green M&M’s!

Philly Sports in Movies Quizzo TONIGHT at Drinker’s

Kyle Scott - May 16, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-05-16 at 1.31.29 PM

PHILLY SPORTS IN MOVIES QUIZZO. Tomorrow night. 8 p.m. Drinker’s Tavern in Old City (2nd and Market). I’m hosting and you’re playing. 

From Rocky to Goldberg the Goalie, if it has to do with Philly sports and movies, it’s fair game. Winner will get a $25 gift certificate plus the satisfaction of telling all your friends that you have the most obscure and loosely-related knowledge around.  

Click here for more details.

On The Changing Landscape of Sports Media (in Philadelphia)

Kyle Scott - February 15, 2012

Excuse us for being so meta today.

Earlier today, Ted Leonsis  – the former AOL president who now owns the Washington Capitals, Wizards, Mystics, and the Verizon Center – lazily blasted blogs on his – get this – blog by lambasting the fact that bloggers didn’t stay up late enough to update their sites after last night’s Wizards game… which Leonsis only cared about because he himself didn’t stay up to watch the end of the game

So today I woke up early – 530 am, and looked to the scores of the Wizards vs. Trail Blazer game last night. As noted – I only could stay up til half time. 

NBC local news had a running scroll with the score; that was a nice way to wake up and have a cup of coffee. 

I then went online and read the Washington Post. It covered the game well as the writer was at the game. I then went to several of my favorite Wizards blogs; and what did I see? Previews of the game. A story about Portland and their plans.  One had an article about the Miami Heat game from Friday. 

It appears no local Wizards blogger stayed up late and wrote about the game in real time? I am sure they will do a good job later today; but without NBC local and the Post – I wouldn’t have the data that I wanted and needed. 

Thank goodness for professional media in this regard. They made me happy; thank you.


Why am I telling you this? Well, blogs and mainstream media, especially in the realm of sports, have probably never been more at odds than they are now. And never has the playing field been nearly as even as it is today (I’d argue that if you were to start a mainstream news website or a one-person blog right now, you would probably have a higher or the same probability of making a profit with the blog).

Drew and I gave our thoughts to Cabrini student reporter Kevin Durso, who penned a nice piece about the changing landscape of sports coverage in Philadelphia. Give it a read… you know, if this sort of thing interests you.

You can listen to my thoughts on the future of TV on WIP, too (after the jump)… but now we’re getting silly as I wait with boyish enthusiasm for pitchers and catchers to give me something – anything – to write about.

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