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This Yinzer Doesn’t Have a Future in Writing

Kyle Scott - February 20, 2013

You may be familiar with Onward State, the independent student-run Penn State website that reported Joe Paterno’s death before it happened did a great job covering the Jerry Sandusky stuff. Most of their writers, some of whom are readers (and friends?) of CB, are very good. 

One guy, is not.

He is a Yinzer.

Readers Dan and Casey (which sound like an early-oughts network TV crime fighting duo) sent along a link to this article, written by Greg Schlosser… whose last name I’d argue has one too many Ss… in anticipation of TONIGHT'S BATTLE FOR PENNSYLVANIA. Or something like that.


Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 3.00.50 PM

You can read the full article here… or, the abbreviated version, with my rebuttals, as follows. Because why not?

10) Pittsburgh is a safer city

So is Amherst, New York. Your point?

9) Primanti’s sandwich > Cheesesteak


8) Pittsburgh’s statues represent real people

Honestly, it’s a little weird that the most famous statue in Philly is of some fake boxer. While Rocky Balboa did have an illustrious career, the fact that there’s a statue immortalizing him and his fake career in the city is a little odd.

"Ben Franklin, George Washington, William Penn– real? Not real? Harry Hariston goes undercover to find out, tonight at 11 on NBC 10, the only local station where Sheena Parveen goes to the bathroom!"

7) Pittsburgh has the best ballpark in the MLB

And the worst baseball team in the MLB. 

6) There’s no jail in Heinz Field

Perhaps they should add one…

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 3.05.01 PM

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Scott Paterno is Devastated About Losing Twinkies in His Life

Kyle Scott - November 16, 2012

image from

We haven’t heard from big Scott Paterno in a little while – perhaps because he’s been stocking up for the long winter… perhaps because he’s been defending his father’s good name against a smear campaign launched by a committee of valley gnomes who’ve removed Joe’s name from their Tree of Honor – but we shouldn’t be surprised that, today, Scott Pa resurfaced to weigh in on our national tragedy, Hostess closing its doors:

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 1.44.10 PM


I thought about checking out what the responses were to Scott, by clicking on his Tweet, but then I learned that he blocked me on Twitter. Victory, it’s mine.

H/T to (@VometCometCapt)

Boston College Women’s Soccer Player Suspended Over Penn State Tweets

Kyle Scott - November 16, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 8.08.28 AM

Thanks to our friends at Onward State for dutifully chronicling the Tweets of a Boston College women’s soccer player who doesn’t mind showing off her DSLs through avatar.

Stephanie McCaffrey – whose Twitter bio was (account since deleted) “Just off the binky, time to get kinky” – tweeted a few things about her team’s upcoming match at Penn State. Go:

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 8.03.13 AM

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 8.03.13 AM

She was suspended for the game and has since deleted her account. The BC AD released this statement: “The student-athlete used very poor judgment and exhibited insensitivity towards Penn State for which she apologizes. This type of behavior is not tolerated among our student-athletes.”

Yeah, the comments were insensitive, and not particularly funny, but eh, she was ripping Sandusky for his rapist ways, not condoning his actions. Poor choice, but we’ll let her live.

Penn State Products Briefly Disappeared from the NCAA Website Today (and why the explanation is likely bullshit)

Kyle Scott - November 13, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 1.42.19 PM

This morning, Zoo With Roy, who for some reason was shopping the official NCAA site, which is run by Fanatics Inc. (an offshoot of King of Prussia based GSI Commerce, which was sold to eBay last year), discovered that Penn State gear was not available for sale. Here, look:

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 11.11.10 AM

582 NCAA teams are said to be available in the store. But, for a short time this morning, no Penn State (they’re back now).

So, was that intentional? 

Centre County Report, Penn State’s student run TV station, wrote the following, on Facebook: 

The NCAA's merchandising website has stopped sales of Penn State apparel and merchandise. Comments posted on Twitter today made note of the change, and a call from the Centre County Report to the website's customer service center confirmed the change. 

A representative told us they received an email from the NCAA today that said the organization decided to take Penn State items off the site, but gave no reason. A search for "Penn State" on the site results in this message: “Oops. We couldn't find the page you requested and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”


A spokesperson for Fanatics told something much different, that it was a “technical glitch" (the same message later appeared on the website). But that’s a suspect explanation, at best. Having worked for the company when it was GSI and knowing a bit about how the back end works, it would be pretty difficult for an entire category to disappear due to a technical glitch. Fanatics runs other stores besides the NCAA Shop – like Football Fanatics and the NFL Shop (and MLB, NBA and NHL) – and Penn State gear was still available on those sites. Generally speaking, products are listed under sport and team categories on the back end and pushed out to all relevant sites. I can’t say for sure that’s the case here, but it certainly worked that way three years ago, when I handled this kind of stuff at GSI. It’s the reason why the following two product listings are identical. One is from the NCAA Shop, the other from Football Fanatics:

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 1.11.07 PM

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 1.11.07 PM
Can’t see the line, can you, Russ? 

So, for a technical glitch to remove Penn State and only Penn State, it likely would have removed them from all stores, which wasn’t the case. It is possible, however, that someone unchecked a box, effectively removing an entire category from a single store… but that would have been awfully coincidental.

Whatever the case, the products are back up, the world is saved, and you can now purchase your Blue and White gear.

UPDATE: A customer service rep told Onward State the following: “an intentional decision made by the NCAA. The NCAA pulled merchandise off its site and we will no longer carry Penn State merchandise.”

More: [The Big Lead] [] [Deadspin]

This “Mini Movie” Says Joe Paterno was Framed, Blames Media

Kyle Scott - November 9, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 1.35.41 PM

This Joe Paterno video is making the rounds, especially among Penn Staters. Its premise? Paterno is a saint and could never do wrong Joe Paterno, and to an extent other Penn State administrators, were made scapegoats in the Jerry Sandusky saga because it was convenient for the school and perhaps people as high up as Governor Tom Corbett. It also focuses on the media coverage of Paterno, rather than Sandusky himself.

Most of you already have your mind made up, and I do too. But, there are still many who believe that Paterno, somehow, was completely unaware of what his right-hand man was going right under his nose. The truth? It’s probably somewhere in the middle. You can judge for yourself, though. Or just laugh at Franco Harris.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Graham Spanier SLAMS Governor Tom Corbett

Kyle Scott - November 1, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 4.56.13 PM

Earlier today, as you’ve probably heard, ex-Penn State president Graham Spanier was charged with crimes relating to the cover-up surrounding Jerry Sandusky. Among the charges were three felonies– perjury, endangering the welfare of children, and conspiracy. Not good for a once respected university president and published family psychologist.

[Charges were also added for Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, the latter of which apparently kept a “Sandusky” file detailing child incidents and was billed for 2.9 hours of work by Penn State’s law firm the Sunday after hearing about what Mike McQueary saw in the showers.]

A few months back, Spanier ripped the Freeh report and it’s findings. Now he’s going after Governor Tom Corbett and state attorney general Linda Kelly. Like, really going after. This is the statement released by Spanier’s lawyers today. Buckle up: [NBC Philadelphia]

Today’s Presentment is the latest desperate act by Governor Tom Corbett to cover up and divert attention away from the fact that he failed to warn the Penn State community about the suspicions surrounding Jerry Sandusky, and instead knowingly allowed a child predator to roam free in Pennsylvania. Its timing speaks volumes. These charges are the work of a vindictive and politically motivated Governor working through an un-elected attorney general, Linda Kelly, whom he appointed to do his bidding and who will be a lame duck five days from now. 

There is no factual basis to support these charges, which may explain why the Attorney General and her staff have steadfastly refused – for a full year – to meet with Dr. Spanier or his lawyers to discuss this matter despite repeated attempts to do so, or to accept Dr. Spanier’s offer to appear before the grand jury again to clarify any misconceptions.

From late 2008 through November of 2011, as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Tom Corbett clearly knew about the allegations against Jerry Sandusky and yet failed to act. And this failure allowed Sandusky to continue to harm children for nearly three years after he could have and should have been warned, stopped or indicted. The Governor’s legally indefensible explanations, repeated by Attorney General Kelly at her news conference today – that he couldn’t expose Sandusky for fear of compromising an ongoing grand jury investigation or that he needed more evidence – are patently absurd.
And so, on the one hand, Corbett had access to detailed allegations about Sandusky’s child abuse and, as the chief law enforcement officer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, allowed it to continue. On the other, Dr. Spanier was not privy to any details about a 1998 investigation that actually exonerated Sandusky and then, in 2001, was told only about an incident characterized as “horseplay.”

Governor Corbett has made no secret of his personal hostility toward Dr. Spanier, as many witnesses will attest. He is now manipulating public officials and resources to settle a personal score.

Linda Kelly’s willingness to continue this farce, on behalf of the politically motivated Governor who appointed her, apparently knows no bounds. She has already been put on notice by both candidates for Attorney General, one of whom will replace her, that they intend to review her investigation thoroughly. For her to deny, as she did a few minutes ago, that politics played no role in these charges being made five days before an election, is patently false.
Graham Spanier has committed no crime and looks forward to the opportunity to clear his good name and well-earned national reputation for integrity. This Presentment is a politically motivated frame-up of an innocent man. And if these charges ever come to trial, we will prove it.

The people of this Commonwealth, and the next Attorney General, should be outraged by this blatantly political, transparently vindictive, last-minute act of cowardice and desperation.


Shit. That’s not just the standard my client is innocent and being set up response. That’s Spanier, through his lawyers, attacking a sitting governor for not only endangering the welfare of children, but also for playing politics with the legal system.

This could all be the actions of a desperate man (Spanier), or, some serious truth being spit by a guy with a top-secret government clearance.

Once thing is clear, however: Somewhere, Greg Bucceroni is applauding.

Sponsored Post: All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crabs for $24.95 and $2 Coors Lights This Saturday at Chickie’s and Pete’s

Kyle Scott - October 26, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 10.33.36 AM

Chickie’s and Pete’s flagship location in South Philly has an unbeatable offer for tomorrow’s College Football Saturday. Enjoy All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crabs for just $24.95 and $2 Coors Lights during one of the biggest Saturdays of the year. All the top teams are in action. Great rivalries, too, including Penn State vs. Ohio State, Florida vs. Georgia, Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma, and Temple vs. Pitt.

As you likely already know (but we’ll remind you anyway), Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly is ESPN’s #1 Sports Bar in North America and has the best game-watching experience.

All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crabs for just $24.95 and $2 Coors Light drafts for one-day only! In South Philly only. Click for details.

Video: Jason Sudeikis Plays Jerry Sandusky on SNL

Kyle Scott - October 14, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 11.19.03 AM

Jason Sudeikis, who performed his usual outstanding Joe Biden impersonation in the cold open of last night’s Saturday Night Live, played Jerry Sandusky in this spoof of the Gillette Masters of Style commercial. It’s completely random, and somewhat simplistic, but when watched live the comedic timing was perfect.

Watch the video after the jump (bonus video of the debate spoof and Tech Talk included).

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