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Joe Paterno Statue Removed, Penn State to Face “Unprecedented” NCAA Sanctions

Kyle Scott - July 22, 2012

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What will become a historic photo via (@csweddle)

On Friday, there were conflicting reports over whether the Joe Paterno statue would be removed this weekend. NFL Network reporter Kimberly Jones, a Penn State grad, tweeted that it indeed would be taken down. The Penn State board and a spokesman for the school quickly shot that down, saying no decision had been made. 

Well, a decision had been made.  

At around 7 a.m. this morning, workers began a two-hour process of removing the statue, with jackhammers. They worked behind a makeshift fence and blue tarp. According to, a Penn State spokesman watched from a skybox above. The statue was removed with a forklift

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Penn State President Rodney Erickson released a statement early today. Some highlights:

Since we learned of the Grand Jury presentment and the charges against Jerry Sandusky and University officials last November, members of the Penn State community and the public have been made much more acutely aware of the tragedy of child sexual abuse. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those victims of Mr. Sandusky and all other victims of child abuse. I assure you that Penn State will take a national leadership role in the detection and prevention of child maltreatment in the months and years ahead.

I now believe that, contrary to its original intention, Coach Paterno's statue has become a source of division and an obstacle to healing in our University and beyond. For that reason, I have decided that it is in the best interest of our university and public safety to remove the statue and store it in a secure location. I believe that, were it to remain, the statue will be a recurring wound to the multitude of individuals across the nation and beyond who have been the victims of child abuse.

On the other hand, the Paterno Library symbolizes the substantial and lasting contributions to the academic life and educational excellence that the Paterno family has made to Penn State University. The library remains a tribute to Joe and Sue Paterno's commitment to Penn State's student body and academic success, and it highlights the positive impacts Coach Paterno had on the University. Thus I feel strongly that the library's name should remain unchanged.

Coach Paterno's positive impact over the years and everything he did for this University predate his statue. At the same time it is true that our institution's excellence cannot be attributed to any one person or to athletics. Rather, Penn State is defined by our actions and accomplishments as a learning community. Penn State has long been an outstanding academic institution and we will continue to be.

I fully realize that my decision will not be popular in some Penn State circles, but I am certain it is the right and principled decision. I believe we have chosen a course that both recognizes the many contributions that Joe Paterno made to the academic life of our University, while taking seriously the conclusions of the Freeh Report and the national issue of child sexual abuse. Today, as every day, our hearts go out to the victims.


For once, Penn State did something right. Not just removing the statue, but allowing almost no time to pass between the decision and the removal. It setup an eery and, yeah, somewhat insensitive scene… but there was no other way. If there’s one thing the administration has learned, apparently, it was to not make significant decisions regarding Joe Paterno at a time when students would have a chance to fuel up with alcohol and grab their pitchforks. 

Of course, what comes tomorrow from the NCAA will undoubtedly shake Penn State and the college sports world.

Per a report form CBS, an NCAA source said there will be “unprecedented” penalties against both Penn State and its football team announced Monday at 9 a.m. Stay tuned.

Some F$%king Crazies Commissioned a Plane to Fly Above Penn State Today and Demand Joe Paterno’s Statue be Taken Down

Kyle Scott - July 17, 2012

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Pic via (@Ben_Jones88)

Reminders of Joe Paterno are slowly disappearing. Last Thursday, Nike removed his name from their Child Development Center. Yesterday, students changed the name of student-tent area outside Beaver Stadium from Paternoville to Nittanyville

Today, more: Paterno’s alma mater, Brown, removed his named from coaching position and student-athlete award.

But one glaring reminder of Paterno, his life and career is still on exhibit: his statue. Its existence is at the center of a fairly silly debate in a situation loaded with misfortunes. A hunk of bronze that has no impact on the lives on anyone. It should come down, though. At best, it’s a distraction. At worst, offensive. Police are currently guarding the monument until the University can figure out what to do (on Sunday, they said it would remain, for now). And perhaps that’s a good thing… because these folks mean business:

Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 1.32.46 PM

Pic via (@NabilKMark)

Yep, that’s an airplane banner. Flying over Penn State today. Demanding Joe Paterno’s statue be taken down.

No word on who is responsible (the owner of the plane won't say who the client is). Perhaps an enraged donor. Or aviation enthusiasts from Ohio State. Or pledges from Lambda Epsilon Omega, following the request of The Godather. Maybe Blue is in there. Maybe he’s going to parachute down and take out the statue in a form of old man vigilante justice. Dust in the wind, motherfucker! YOU’RE MY BOY, BLUE! We really don’t know. But they’re probably pretty fucking crazy. We’ll keep you updated.

H/T The Philly Post

Harry Kalas Statue to be Unveiled on August 14th

Kyle Scott - July 26, 2011


And he will look glorious.

According to CBS Philly, the seven-foot bronze Harry Kalas statute, sculpted by Larry Nowlan, will be unveiled on August 14th. The statue will be placed behind the left field foul pole, just next to Harry The K’s, before the Sunday afternoon game against the Nationals.

The statute is a fan-funded gift, which was accepted by the Phillies in March.

As is required with all Harry Kalas posts, here’s CSN’s HK tribute after the bump.

via Philly Post

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Phillies to Accept Harry Kalas Statue

Kyle Scott - March 31, 2011


UPDATE: It's official.  Phillies accepted the statue.

According to Timothy Logue they will.

Sculpter Lawrence Nolan of Dear Harry Inc., a non-profit setup to create a memorial statue for Harry the K, has collected $57,000 toward the project to bring Harry home. As early as today, the Phillies are expected to accept the seven foot replica. Tear. [The Reporter via Second String Blog]

With the exception of the base, the statue is complete and ready for delivery from Laran Bronze, the foundry on East Sixth Street in Chester.

Nowlan is one of six board members for Dear Harry Inc., a nonprofit formed to promote, fund and execute the Kalas memorial.

Thursday night, the group will gather with hundreds of fans for a big fundraiser at McFadden’s at the Ballpark. Their hope is to collect most, if not all, of the $23,000 needed to meet the campaign goal of $80,000.

The “Bring Harry Home” event is free and begins at 7:30 p.m. In addition to $1 Bud Lights and hot dogs from 8-10, there will be a silent auction and raffles featuring a number of unique sports memorabilia items and ticket packages.


Whoomp there goes another rubber tree plant.

More info on the group's Facebook page.