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Crossing Streams Podcast (Episode 3): Joe Vallee, Author of “A Snowball’s Chance”

Kyle Scott - March 26, 2013

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Perhaps I should have had the guy who created the pissing urinal game on Crossing Streams.

Next time.

Joe Vallee joined me for the third show. He is the lead author of A Snowball’s Chance, a new book calling out the national media for their mistreatment of Philly fans. It’s an outstanding takedown of the numerous stereotypes that exist, with contributions from many local media folks and sports figures, including Ray Didinger, Mike Missanelli, Howard Eskin, Dan Baker, Michael Barkann, Larry Andersen, Jim Jackson, Scott Franzke and others. The book’s closing remarks were, fittingly, written by Brad Lidge.

We talked about the book and the many incidents it details: throwing snowballs at Santa, batteries at J.D. Drew, Flyers fans booing an anti-cancer PSA, and other occurrences that are on the national media’s checklist for throwing Philly fans under the bus. We also discussed the years of disappointment that goes into being a Philly sports fan and other incidents from fans all over the country that get overlooked.

Joe was a batboy for the 1993 Phillies and shared some stories about being in the dugout with the greatest bunch of throwbacks ever assembled. He also told the story of tracking down Lidge last summer, while Lidge was in the process of moving back to Colorado, and talking with him for an hour about Philly sports fans. And then there are the legal troubles that Joe's site,, has found itself in thanks to overzealous lawyers from

I’d highly recommend you grab a copy A Snowball’s Chance on Amazon. You can find Joe out and about promoting the book, and on Facebook and Twitter (@Philly2Philly).


Listen here.

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Show notes:

Terry Mulholland’s no-hit, no-run game 

Phillies fans throw batteries at J.D. Drew

Frank Olivo smiles about having snowballs thrown at him, when he was Santa

Flyers fans boo anti-cancer PSA

Crossing Streams Podcast (Episode 2): Dan Gross, Former Daily News Gossip Columnist and Newspaper Guild President

Kyle Scott - March 15, 2013

Photo: Jessica Griffin, Daily News

Dan Gross joined me for this show. He is the former gossip columnist for the Daily News and, as well as the former president of the Newspaper Guild, the union that represents Inquirer, Daily News and writers and advertising staffers. His departure was interesting not only because he was a longtime Daily News employee, but also because the perception was that, as the guild president, Dan knew something about the future of the company that most others didn’t. That wasn’t the case, however– Dan took an optional buyout to pursue other opportunities. He’s working on what’s next, and is currently doing some crisis management for a local public figure, whose name Gross has been tasked with keeping from you.

We had a good conversation about gossip and entertainment writing, and how some readers love it and others absolutely hate it. Dan broke the Flyers Dry Island story after Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were traded, and he says that the real key to that story, which Daily News editors were uncomfortable printing, was not that Richards and Carter were big partiers (something everyone already knew), but that some of their teammates were concerned about their alleged use of prescription painkillers.

Dan also talked about his confrontation with Allen Iverson and his reporting of the Scott Hartnell and Sheena Parveen sightings. We finished up by talking about the current state of Philly newspapers and their decision to separate the Inquirer and Daily News websites from

Dan’s a good dude and you should follow him on Twitter (@DanGross215). He lost his 13k followers when he left the Daily News, and has been forced to start from scratch– he’s gained over 1,500 followers in just over a month (with the help of porn star Mary Carey). I know he has some cool things in the pipeline, and he’s a valuable addition to any timeline. 


Listen here.

We’re not in iTunes yet, but that link will work on your iPhone. Listen to past episodes of Crossing Streams here.


Show notes:

Gross announces that he’s leaving the Daily News

Gross breaks Dry Island story

Allen Iverson tells Gross to “kiss his ass”

Scott Hartnell had drinks with Sheena Parveen

Inquirer and Daily News will separate from

Gross’ departure mentioned in NY Post article about negotiations at Philly newspapers

Crossing Streams Podcast (Episode 1): Jeff Bell, Director, “Sons of Ben” Documentary

Kyle Scott - March 7, 2013


This is the new podcast. Each week, I’ll bring on a different guest – sometimes live, sometimes recorded- to have a conversation about sports, entertainment, pop culture, whatever. This isn’t sports talk radio. Like the site, we’re not going to discuss what happened in the game, who the quarterback should be, or who the Phillies should trade for. Crossing Streams will be in-depth conversations with relevant guests.

Jeff Bell joined me for a first show. He is the director of the upcoming Sons of Ben documentary, which looks to be a terrific story on how the guys helped found the team. We talk about how it all started in bars and on message boards, how the SOBs would go to away matches in New York and D.C. chanting “Philadelphia” before there was ever a team, and how it was hard – at least initially – for supporters to embrace Chester as the club’s home (and how that has all changed). We also discuss the process of putting together the documentary, getting it to market, and how services like iTunes and Netflix make it that much easier for filmmakers.

We’ll be adding enhancements and some production values as we go on, but I wanted to get this one up there. Enjoy.

Listen here (or after the jump).


Show notes:

Trailers for the Sons of Ben documentary

Sons of Ben go to KiXX game for sole purpose of building support for an MLS team

Sons of Ben in SI before there was ever a team

Sons of Ben at 2007 MLS Cup: [video 1] [video 2] [video 3]

Follow Sons of Ben movie on Twitter (@SonsofBenMovie), Facebook and Storify

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