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Video: Ryan Howard on “The Office:

Kyle Scott - April 5, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 8.27.44 AM

Ryan Howard guest starred on The Office last night. He played himself and met with Jim and Darryl at their sports marketing company in Philadelphia. Howard, whose appearance was more of a Subway publicity stunt (at least four references on the show), pitched his movie, The Big Piece— a film about Howard hitting a home run that goes into outer space and then comes back with space dust, transforming him into – wait for it – The Big Piece.

Howard get a B+ for his acting skills. He looks comfortable on the set and his tone fits in perfectly with that The Office‘s methodical cadence. The best part is at the end, when he asks Jim and Darryl to secure the rights to Darth Vader for his movie. “We need Darth,” Howard says dryly.

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Video: Fight in Subway After Flyers Game Last Thursday

Kyle Scott - October 31, 2011

According to the YouTube description, this guy kicked someone in the subway following the Flyers game against Winnipeg last Thursday… He wound up in a trash can.

What makes this video, however, is the cell phone with Mario Bros. text alerts. They were almost timed with whitey here getting deposited into the metal trash receptacle. Almost.

via The School Philly

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Carlos Ruiz Pimps Cintron and Ryan Howard Doesn’t Like the Golden Girls

Kyle Scott - August 19, 2010

Owly Images

Right off the Packer Ave. exit of 95 via Kevin Cooney (@kevincooney)

Two Phillies debuted their newest endorsements this week (I think, some people are telling me this Ryan Howard commercial is old?).  He continued his relationship with Subway- starring in another commercial with Jared, who, by the way, has to have a CK model-like obsession with body image.  It's literally the only reason he is relevant.   Anyway, apparently Ry How isn't a Bee Arthur fan.  Truth.

And then we have Chooch.

Philadelphia based energy drink company, Cintron, has hired Ruiz to capitalize on his Panamanian cuteness.  I don't actually have words to describe how awesome a giant Chooch billboard is, other than to say that it clearly worked, since we're talking about it.  Well played, Cintron people.

But I must say, I'm a little disappointed.  I kind of always wanted to see Chooch in a Verizon commercial.  Let's set the scene:

Chooch calls someone on AT&T and they have no idea what he's saying in his typical broken English.  Then, Verizon guys comes by, hands him a phone, and BOOM, perfect Queen's English.

This dream will live on.  Chooch will walk off.  But I don't think we will ever see him in any TV spots.

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Now Arriving at AT&T Station

Kyle Scott - June 25, 2010


Continuing with the trend of giving every tangible public facing item a corporate sponsor, Septa has granted the naming rights of the Broad and Pattison subway station to AT&T.  AT&T will pay Septa $3.4 Million over the five years of the deal, and another $2 Million to its advertising agency.  No word on whether or not trains will unexpectedly miss AT&T Station or be unable to locate it during peak usage, but you can't really blame Septa for taking the money.  In fact, I say why stop there?

Let's start naming other random shit.  How about changing the "Third Base Gate" at CBP to the Susan Finkelstein Rear Entrance or naming the homeless sax player the Brooks Brothers Bum on the Bass?

This has potential.

Heading down to the faux road series this weekend?  Stop by the Bell Canada K lot for some tailgating fun.