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Pittsburgh Sucks: Fan Tased at Pirates Game Last Night

Kyle Scott - April 10, 2011

Oh look, a not-Phillies fan being tased at a baseball game.

Pittsburgh is the worst place on earth, folks. At last night's Pirates game, this jorts-wearing guy (is that a Starter jacket?) was tasered and clubbed by police. I'd also like to note that he was significantly more violent and threatening than Steve Consalvi. He did receive the tase (?) a bit better, though. Of course, beating him senselessly with a club may not have been the best idea.

But this shouldn't come as a surprise to you. Oh no. Perhaps you remember our review of Pittsburgh from last summer. We easily spotted men with tails and women in Carolina jerseys. The USA Starter jacket seen here is an upgrade, reserved for only the most revered steel workers. We also saw a Pirates fan throw up on the back of a Phillies fan. Aftermath captured here.

Let's see the national media run with this one.

via Deadspin

Note to Self: Commit Crimes in Baltimore

Kyle - July 25, 2010

I guess everyone is on a mission to get tazed these days.

After a kid in Philly got tazed for running on the field, this kid in Baltimore decides that it looked like a pretty good idea to give it a try.  What else are you gonna do during an Orioles game?  Luckily for him, the Baltimore police has the drive and dexterity of Carl Winslow.  Good thing they won’t have any World Series rings anytime soon because security is certainly lacking to say the least.  Way to protect all of those precious Oriole players. 

If there ever was a town that you would want to commit a crime in, Baltimore has to be it.  Something tells me this kid knew that already, because rarely through the whole video did he sprint in fear.

The best part is when he thinks he’s free back into the stands only to find security standing there waiting for him so he heads back onto the field.  Entry denied…reminds me of high school.

Anyway, if you haven’t watched the video yet then please do.  Once you’re done feel free to go down to Maryland and steal a few crab cakes.  The cops won’t chase you, trust me.   

Tazer? or Taser? Use It? Don’t Use It? A Final Thought

test - May 5, 2010


(Source:  Matt Slocum, AP)

My thoughts on the boy getting tazed are very simple, don't run on baseball field, don't get tazed.  

You can sit here and debate whether or not he should of been tazed, should he have been left alone to tire himself out, or should of been taken down old school like Goldberg used to do on WCW Nitro… via spear.  The bottom line is that the Officer that was on duty has one job, that's to protect people, and protect himself.  He did that, and did nothing wrong.  

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Jayson Werth’s Got it Covered

Kyle Scott - May 4, 2010

Jayson werth fan

Jayson Werth had something to say to Douchbag.  Don't mess with Jayson Werth.

Second Fan Runs on Field: Confirmed Douchebag

Kyle Scott - May 4, 2010


Nice shorts, asshole

(Source:  Matt Slocum, AP)

For the second night in a row, a fan ran on the field at the Phillies game.  Only this time he wasn't tasered.  Instead, he interrupted a Cole Hamels shutout in the top of the 9th inning.

Well… with the help of some Twitter folks (@M_OMalley from Chicks Dig the Long Ball and @JPTOTO) we found the jackass who ran on the field and disrupted Cole's stellar outing.

@THETHOROBRED, better known as 32 year old wannabe DJ Tom Betz, tweeted just before he ran onto the field, "turn on the phillies game, im about to be on the field!!!!!!!!"  Douchebag.  Chris Wheeler blasted him (below), and for once I agree with Wheels.

Here's his Twitter picture, and now you have his name.  Also, here's his Facebook and MySpace, yep he still has a Myspace.  Do with it what you will.  

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Parenting FAIL: Tased Fan Identified, called Dad

Kyle Scott - May 4, 2010

Steve consalvi

According to, the tasered fan at last night's Phillies game was Steve Consalvi, a 17 year senior at Boyertown High School, heading to Penn State next Fall.

He wasn't drinking.  His father said he was a "good student", and that he even called to ask if he could run onto the field before doing so.  Umm, parenting FAIL.

Consalvi told his Dad it would be "a once in a lifetime experience."  No kidding.  This is the first time Philadelphia Police have ever tasered a fan on the field.  And he's getting his 15 minutes of fame out of it too.  Well played, Steve.

According to Facebook, Consalvi likes "going to Phillies games."  Ironic.

All joking aside, the punishment didn't fit the crime here.  As awesome as it was to see wannabe Paul Blart chase after Consalvi, he was slowing down and surrounded by security.  No need to taze, bro.

Phillies Fan Gets Tased! New Video

Kyle Scott - May 3, 2010


(Source:  Steven Falk, Philadelphia Inquirer)

This is definitely the most important thing this cop has ever done.  Look at the rotation in that muffin top, the eyes, perfect taser form, "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot" scowl, and Rosie O'Donnell series blue cargo pants.  Oh yeah, he's got it all.  Paul Blart eat your heart out.

This was the first time Philadelphia Police have ever tasered a fan at game.  All we know is that his name is Steve, he is 17 years old and from Boyertown.

Check out Raul Ibanez in the second video, for those of you who think that he may have lost a step, watch how quickly he gets out of the way when he sees the officer raise his hand.  Priceless.    

And is it just me, or from far away does it not look like he is being shot?  Not sure what I would have thought had I seen this in person.

Chris Wheeler tells us why its not cool to run on the field.