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Video: Ryan Howard on “The Office:

Kyle Scott - April 5, 2013

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Ryan Howard guest starred on The Office last night. He played himself and met with Jim and Darryl at their sports marketing company in Philadelphia. Howard, whose appearance was more of a Subway publicity stunt (at least four references on the show), pitched his movie, The Big Piece— a film about Howard hitting a home run that goes into outer space and then comes back with space dust, transforming him into – wait for it – The Big Piece.

Howard get a B+ for his acting skills. He looks comfortable on the set and his tone fits in perfectly with that The Office‘s methodical cadence. The best part is at the end, when he asks Jim and Darryl to secure the rights to Darth Vader for his movie. “We need Darth,” Howard says dryly.

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Tonight’s Viewing Schedule: CBP Beer List on GSD and Ryan Howard on “The Office”

Kyle Scott - April 4, 2013

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7 p.m.: Phillies play the Braves in Atlanta on Comcast Network (reasonable chance it gets rained out).

7 p.m.: Flyers play the Maple Leafs in Toronto on CSN.

9 p.m.:

Ryan Howard’s The Office appearance.

10:30 p.m., after the Phillies game: Great Sports Debate on Comcast Network. My iPhone-filmed piece with local producer and food blogger Lee Porter airs (around 11:15). Lee, for the second year in a row, has put together a Citizens Bank Park beer list, with locations. I hung out and walked around with him for four hours last Friday night at the on-deck series as he painstakingly logged every beer in the ballpark. I shot it with an iPhone and it will be on TV tonight. After the show, at around 11:30, Lee will post his list, conveniently in spreadsheet form, conveniently just in time for the home opener, and conveniently for all your drinking needs. I’ll link to it and post video at the same time, but do check it out on GSD.