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The Ultimate Eagles Uniform Poll

Dan Fuller - September 5, 2014


The Eagles begin their 2014 season on Sunday, and almost all topics have been thoroughly discussed, even uniforms, thanks to Nike’s issues with Midnight Green. But there’s always time for more uniform discussion as we count the hours until 1:00 on Sunday.

Below are seven questions all about the Eagles’ uniforms. We all know Kelly Green going to win, but just how overwhelming will it be? Throwbacks? A Nike re-design? Something more subtle? How do you like your helmet wings? It’s all covered below. Any especially strong opinions? Omissions? Suggestions? Find me on Twitter, @dancfuller.

The most important question.

Should the Eagles switch back to Kelly Green? Sure it’s technically not limited to only “Kelly Green or Midnight Green,” they wore blue and yellow in 2007, remember. It could be any other color, but if a change were ever made, of course it would only be to Kelly Green.

Kelly Green or Midnight Green

lots more after the jump…

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Dissecting the Greatest Logo in Phillies History

Kyle Scott - July 22, 2011


As you know, tonight, the Phillies will wear their 1984-era throwbacks (Dan will have a full write-up later), uniforms worn by the likes of Von Hayes, Juan Samuel, Mike Schmidt, and the Steves: Carlton and Jeltz.

Coming off a World Series appearance in 1983, the Phillies finished their 1984 campaign with a paltry 81-81 record. There was really nothing special about the season. Highlights included Schmidt having what would be a sub-par year for Ryan Howard (36 HR, 102 RBI) and Samuel stealing 72 bases. The Phillies finished in fourth, losing their last eight games. Yikes.

So why choose the "84-era" uniforms? Because that's the year the Phillies switched to a new logo, which they would use until 1991.

Since 1970, the Phillies had used the ever popular Philadelphia Phil and Phyllis as their official trademark. The logo, an oh so 70s drawing of what looked like a young George Washington propositioning Penny Gadget for sex, had grown stale (now would be a good time to mention that searching Google Images for "Penny Inspector Gadget" with SafeSearch turned off yields some horrifying – or delightful – results, depending on taste). It was time for a change. After all, in 1984, our country was to be in the throws of an Orwellian dictatorship.

Enter this:

Screen Shot 2011-07-22 at 2.19.59 PM

Hello, Mr. Perfect.

Look at that 80s-esque red-blue trim, and depthless, plain looking Philadelphia typeface. Mmm.

Such vanillity (word?) was present so as to not distract from the crown jewel of this baby: the green and white Independence Hall tower, which appeared to be rising from the grasp of an 80s pubical thicket. This would be the logo most of us Gen Yers came to know the Phillies by. Game tickets (here's mine from Terry Mulholland's 1990 no-hitter, which fell on my 7th birthday), Phillies Franks, and merchandise all greeted us in the colory goodness of the logo that spanned almost the entire 10-year gap between postseason appearances.

While the Phillies' jersey switch in 1992 was a welcome change, the official logo refresh was – and still is – a disaster.

Screen Shot 2011-07-22 at 2.20.48 PM

At the time, it was at least relevant. But the shape lives in the past. The ellipsed diamond look resembles the very symmetrical Vet Stadium field.

The Phillies have done a lot with just the Liberty Bell this year (thanks to Cliff Lee), may we recommend embedding CBP's dimensions (seen here) in the top of a blue-trimmed bell and calling it a day? That would be a simplistic and logical update.

Either way, tonight, we welcome back an old friend. 

How to Be Uniform Snob: Phillies vs. Braves (1974 Throwbacks)

Dan Fuller - May 15, 2011

Quick note: some of the pictures are from Uniwatch’s write-up of last year’s Phillies-Brewers throwback game as well as the excellent “MLB Game Worn Jerseys of the Double Knit Era” by Bill Henderson.

Well then, other than the fact the Phillies got the “L,” that went pretty well, don’t you think? For the second part of their UniTastic series, both the Braves and the Phillies are throwing back to 1974. That’s right, the Powder Blues and whatever disco-tastic getup the Braves rocked back then.

But, what’s that? These teams already threw back to 1974?! Yep. In 2002. Today’s game will look something like this.


 I get a lot of questions like this: “How can I be a uniform snob, too?” Thankfully, “turn back the clock” baseball games really offer the best way to let your snob flag fly.

Your guide is after the jump.

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UPDATE! Phillies Will Wear Negro Leagues Jerseys on Saturday, 1974 Throwbacks on Sunday

Kyle Scott - May 13, 2011

The same ones we saw Jamie Moyer wear last year

On Sunday, the Phillies will play the Braves in the Civil Rights Game. In the past, teams had worn Negro League jerseys for the event, but this year will be a bit different. The Phillies and Braves will be wearing throwbacks from 1974, the year Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record: []

When the Braves and Phillies play in the Civil Rights Game on Sunday afternoon at 1:35 p.m. ET, the teams will be wearing throwback uniforms from 1974, when Aaron broke Babe Ruth's career home run record by hitting his 715th on April 8. Of course, the Civil Rights Game stands as just one of the many events being staged in Atlanta this weekend. 


That means, for the second year in a row, we will see the powder blues.

UPDATE! Thanks to Matt Gelb, we find out the Phillies will also be wearing Negro Leagues jerseys on Saturday. via the Braves' release:

TRIBUTE TO THE NEGRO LEAGUES - The game between the Atlanta Braves and NL East rival, Philadelphia Phillies will be a tribute to the Negro Leagues. The Braves will be wearing the Atlanta Black Cracker (!!!) uniforms and the Phillies will be in the Philadelphia Stars uniform. A pre-game tribute will include an on-field presentation featuring Negro Leagues players including James "Red" Moore.


Perhaps these or these?

You can get some of the throwback gear here.

UniDiction: Week 9 – Eagles vs. Colts (Throwbacks!)

Dan Fuller - November 7, 2010


Ok.  So, 6-2 doesn't have the same ring as 7-1, but with a system this arbitrary, that's still pretty good, right?  Right?

Two really big uniform stories this week.  1) The Eagles will actually be wearing their "official" home uniform today for the first time this season. 2) The Colts will be wearing their 1955 throwbacks which are making their first regular season appearance.

And, oh yeah, it's no longer October, so the ridiculous pink breast cancer "awareness" gear will be gone- the NFL profits off the sale of that gear, yo.

UniDiction after the jump.

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UniDiction (uniform+prediction) – Week 1 – Eagles vs. Packers

Dan Fuller - September 9, 2010


Being that all predictions for the NFL season thus far are based on a combination of  last year's results and four pre-season games (The NFL Pre-Season — The four weeks when your friends with season tickets slightly regret their purchase!), we might as well base our predictions on something more arbitrary with little bearing on the actual game*.  Uniforms. 

[*I think some coach or player was once quoted as saying "look good, play good," so creative interpretation of the rules of English grammar aside, I'll leave it at "little bearing" instead of "no bearing."] 

 The big news for this game is that the Eagles will be wearing their 1960 throwbacks.  As detailed at great length previously, I don't like them.  Classic, accurate, but too plain.  The presence of Kelly Green should appease the loud "bring back the Cunningham-era jersey" people who don't realize that the throwbacks are not the same as the "Cunningham-era" uniforms (white vs. silver paints, Eagle logo on shoulder, stroke around the numbers, helmet wing details, etc.).  So at the minimum, it takes away their ability to complain about the uniforms, giving more time to complain about things that matter.  Like Kevin Kolb.

With the Eagles wearing green jerseys, this puts the Packers in their White Jersey/Yellow Pants combination.  I don't think it's the best combination in the NFL (undecided on that one at the moment), but it's everything the Eagles throwback is….except it's not boring.  Something as simple as shoulder striping really makes the look of the "classic" NFL uniform template work well (think of the Bears and the Browns).

Hop over the jump for the full breakdown.

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Eagles 2010 Uniform Round-Up – The 1960 Throwback

Dan Fuller - August 18, 2010


It's that time of year – the notable roster additions and subtractions have been discussed, the expected win-loss record has been decided, the newly featured players have had a chance to step up, and the Cowboys fans have been thoroughly bashed.  What's left?  Well, three interminable pre-season "games," and lengthy discussions of uniforms.

We'll be taking a hard look at the Eagles 2010 uniform situation today, then running a week-by-week season preview showcasing each expected match-up.  (the NFL doesn't have hard and fast "home" and "away" uniform designations like baseball, so there will be some guessing)

The biggest uniform news this season by far is the addition of the 1960 Kelly Green over White Throwback to be worn for 2 (or 3?) games.  Though most fans (this one included) have generally positive opinions of the current "Midnight Green" uniform sets, others clamor for a return to the Kelly Green, which had been the primary color used from 1948 (or prior?) to 1995.  "They should wear the Cunningham-era jerseys again" was the typical comment, and I think that most people lump all of the Kelly Green designs together (they look almost the same from the beginning to the last ones in 1995), and, well, the Cunningham "era" is the most convenient point of reference for the "old school" look, if only because the Eagles weren't a particularly great team during his 1987-1994 run, and the McNabb era is associated with the Midnight Green, though it predates him by three seasons.

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