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The Cubs Tried to Troll the Phillies Today, But the Joke is on Them

Kyle Scott - August 30, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 12.59.38 PM
Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 12.59.53 PM
This is the Cubs’ ticket today, and that’s Ivan DayGeezus, who was traded by the Cubs to the Phillies in 1982 for Larry Bowa and Ryne Sandberg.

DeJesus went on to play three seasons for the Phillies, hitting around .250 with a total of seven home runs, 139 RBIs and 37 stolen bases.

Sandberg went on to become a Hall of Famer.

But oh, wait, what’s that? Sandberg is our manager now and Bowa is going to be his assistant next year?* Looks like the joke’s on you, Chicagolandtownlandcitybatmanland:

pic via the Cubs

pic via the Cubs

That said, both teams stink, so it doesn’t even matter.

*I’m speculating.

Passionate, Intense… What the F$%k?: Sixers Send Strange Season Ticket Renewal Email

Kyle Scott - March 21, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.03.18 AM

Why am I not surprised that a guy who was an executive in the travel and leisure industry for so long fails egregiously to understand the Philly sports fan?

Yesterday, the Sixers sent a season ticket renewal email (and brochure!), signed by Adam Aron, to members of the Franklin Club, the hokily-named club for the poor souls who wasted their hard-earned money on bullshit this season. You can find a lot of things wrong with the letter, but mostly, it’s just too long and rambly, like a drunken note to a scorned lover. No way should things like this ever approach 853 words. Never. Not ever. But if it wasn’t so damn offensive and silly, no one would have noticed.

You can read the entire thing after the jump (it has to be the third-longest letter to season ticket holders in NBA history). But here are a few passages that really popped:

When I think back to how this current season started, we all had such high hopes that this would be a year in which the Sixers would soar to new heights. Right out of the box, a new ownership group demonstrated its commitment to restoring the Sixers to glory, through its sole focus both on your team and the experience you receive each game at the Wells Fargo Center. Last season’s improved play on the court, culminating in a dazzling playoff run, was complemented by enhancements to the show that surrounds the game itself. And then we created one new benefit after another for being a season ticket holder in the creation of the Franklin Club – as but three examples among many: you can dine in the Cadillac Grill; you can come to the games early and watch your favorite NBA players warm-up in private; and you were not alone in watching your Sixers play, as notable sports heroes and celebrities came to game after game.


Um, what?

If you’re from Philadelphia, or anywhere near it, you just rolled your eyes. Watching teams warm-up and notable sports heroes and celebrities??? Are you kidding me with that shit? You know where else you can find these things? EVERY PROFESSIONAL SPORTING EVENT, PRETTY MUCH EVER. Who are we talking about here, ex-Sixers and Terrence Howard? Really, tell me. Because this list isn’t doing it for me:

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.35.08 AM

the 76ers architected a trade that brought the Western Conference’s starting All Star Center last season to the Sixers roster.


Offensive. This is Philadelphia, where our baseball team is loaded with stars… where our hockey team is always among the most competitive and highest-spending in the league… and where our football team consistently has top-flight talent. Newsflash: YOUR TEAM SHOULD HAVE ALL-STARS. I’m soooo sick and tired of the Sixers talking about how they got the starting center of the Western Conference All-Star team. Imagine if the Eagles sent out a letter saying that, although it didn’t work out, they brought an AFC All-Pro cornerback to their roster. Just think about that for a moment.  

As a result, keen observers from near and far immediately began touting the Sixers as being among the NBA’s most competitive and contending teams. Unfortunately though, as we all know, sport can be cruel. Injuries have plagued the Sixers all year, and dashed our dreams for what might have been in the 2012-2013 season.


Tell me more, oh great fairy godmother! Did the villagers make it through the cold winter? Might I, too, one day be visited be a handsome prince?!

I’ve read goddamned children’s book that were less clichéd than the shit spewing from the Sixers front office.

We will either have on the floor the fruits of our trade from last summer, or instead we will have considerable cap space to participate in the free agency market.


Oh good! I have the utmost confidence in Tony DiLeo to make this work. 

It’s that time of year to continue your commitment to the Sixers, by renewing your Season Tickets for the 2013-2014 season. We have intentionally held pricing changes this season flat or modest for all Franklin Club Silver and Gold members. The vast majority of seats in the open lower and mezzanine bowls this year will have the same season ticket price or less than that of last year, and not a one will have a season ticket price increase averaging more than $2 per game (excluding the so-called “inside the dasher “ seats or suites/clubbox seats). And as a season ticket holder and Franklin Club Member, not only are you guaranteed to have the same great seat location for each and every game and a wide array of Franklin Club member benefits, but your season ticket holder price also assures you of a significant discount. Compared to buying an individual game ticket at face price for each game, you will enjoy a discount of at least 20% or more on average.


Too. Many. Words. And the Franklin Club is entirely too confusing. How many miles do I have to fly before I reach Gold status?

[click to enlarge]



We want to see you in your seats at Sixers games next season. To thank you for renewing your season tickets, we will give you with our compliments a handsome Adidas 76ers warm-up jacket. As you would expect, these jackets are of fine Adidas quality (One free jacket will be awarded per renewing account, regardless of the number of seats renewed). 


SWELL, PAPA! My very own Adidas warm-up jacket with a compass in the stock and this thing with which tells time!!!! 

You better be careful, though– you don’t want to shoot your eye out. Actually… you might, when you read the full thing after the jump.

H/T to Chris

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The Crazy Girl Selling Flyers Tickets on Craigslist is Not Real

Kyle Scott - March 19, 2013

UPDATE: Earlier, we posted about a crazy girl who was selling Flyers tickets and her companionship on Craigslist all in an effort to make her ex-boyfriend jealous (you can read the post, minus the pictures, after the jump). Well, she’s fake. It’s all a scam. Within about 30 minutes of the post, I received three emails from family and friends of a local girl whose Facebook and email were hacked two years ago. Pictures of her have been used in several online scams, including this one, on various websites. The family had previously contacted police.

Manti T'eo is turned on.

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Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon (Andrew Bynum’s Ferrari Gets Ticketed)

Kyle Scott - March 6, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.50.00 PM

We’ve written quite extensively about Andrew Bynum’s Ferrari. Twice it's been spotted at gas stations, presumably being treated to a few sips of premium courtesy of your ticket money. Then getting filled with beerThen getting towed. Then we learned Bynum was selling what appears to be a different Ferrari. And today, Philly sports fan and jeweler Lee Pavorsky, of LL Pavorsky Jewelers, tweeted a series of pictures, taken near his shop at 7th and Walnut, of Bynum’s Ferrari, Bynum’s Ferrari being ticketed, and Bynum collecting the ticket off his Ferrari. Ferrari. Pavorsky also sent us some others.

Fine photo journalism after the jump:

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Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Win Two VIP Tickets to the Eagles Game on Sunday

Kyle Scott - September 22, 2011

This segment is sponsored by our friends from Philly Bars 215, owners of Drinker’s Pub, Lucy’s, Noche, and now Union Transfer, the brand spankin’ new mid-sized concert venue located at 1026 Spring Garden. It just opened last night, so be sure to stop by and check it out. Lots of popular indie bands are scheduled this fall.

This week, the incredibly generous folks from MasterCard are kicking in the prize: Two (2) club level tickets to this Sunday’s Eagles-Giants game, complete parking pass. 


Panic: Not. Just. Yet. But they’re backing into the playoffs in a way eerily reminiscent of the 2011 Flyers.

Name drop: Doc all the way. Cliff’s mention in Meek Mill’s latest freestyle is cool and all, but it can’t hold a candle to Game’s:

Money like Madoff

Killin’ like Adolph

Roy Halladay, I’ll let a f&*^ K off

Better: I gotta go Fake Vince Young. Not only has he successfully turned the existence of a current third-string quarterback into a profitable venture, but he’s also getting women and men alike to believe his ruse in bars and nightclubs. Brilliant. Vince Young? Eh.

Crossing Broads: Ms. CB isn’t going to like this one- she hates the fact that I think Lea Michele looks like Ms. CB. Lea wins, but Sofia is coming on real strong lately. Her agent got her that brilliant deal with Comcast, which just features her walking around doing sexy things and talking dirty. Still, Lea wins… ya know, because she looks like Ms. CB.

Crossing Bros: Purely by their taste in women, I go Mayberry and his mermaid-loving habits.

What do you watch: Phils. Stop it.


Win Eagles tickets: This week, our Drinker’s challenge offers you an incredible prize thanks to the fine folks at MasterCard:

Tell us your Priceless Philadelphia Eagles moment, and you can win tickets to this weekend’s game courtesy of MasterCard. Be there in person as the Eagles take on the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday at 1 p.m.


All you have to do is leave your Priceless Eagles moment in the comments and you’re entered to win two tickets to this Sunday’s Eagles game against the Giants. Best one wins. Must enter by 3 PM today! The tickets are in the club level and include a VIP parking pass. Be sure to leave your email address in the email address field and use your real name when commenting.

UPDATE: The contest has ended.

Phillies Raise Ticket Prices, Readers are Pissed

Kyle Scott - November 5, 2010

"I remember when you could sit in the infield at a Phillies game for $20"

I step away from my computer for a few moments and come back to angry emails from readers complaining that the Phillies raised ticket prices.

I'm not sure a $2-$5 increase (depending on the seat) is all that drastic, given the fact that the Phillies have sold out 123 straight games and have been to three straight NLCS.  BUT when you're team gets beat by a rag-tag Giants club and by all accounts will let their star right fielder walk because he demands too much money, well, people aren't going to be happy.

Funny email from reader "Jason," calling Rub "Ruin Tomorrow Jr.":

The face value (season tix holder cost) of my Section 102 outfield seats in 2005 was $21. The 2010 face was $29 after yet another increase last year. Now I get my statement and they are raising prices $3 each ticket. Last year was bad because they raised prices yet cried poor and dumped Cliff Lee's salary only to give Bum Blanton a raise and now $3 a game. Thats 52% in 6 years! WTF?!
Ruin Tomorrow Jr. better sign a slam dunk free agent and stop pocketing the profits. I wouldn't care as much if the money was going into a winning team but they are def squeezing us for profits and not to improve the team. With over 100+ consecutive sellouts they are hardly strapped for cash and when I called the front office the response I got was "supply and demand". More like the ch squeezing the little guys to get richer!

I got similar, angry emails.

Nick in the comments was a little more reasonable:

Stop getting mad at this. The Phillies are finally a powerhouse in all facets of being a franchise. Great stadium, great team, great fans, and a national appeal. When you are this good, you have to do things to stay on top. As annoying as it is, they need money to stay where they are and I can't fault them for doing what they can to keep the franchise strong.

Sports are a business, but it is one of the only businesses that plays on the emotion of its customers. Sometimes you just don't want to piss those people off.  However, a slight increase on a very successful product isn't exactly "screwing fans."

Details of the increases after the jump.

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Mets Lower Tickets Prices Because They’re Terrible

Kyle Scott - November 4, 2010


Womp, womp.

That's right, a team that plays in the largest city in America and has a two year old stadium that was only filled to 77% capacity this season, will be cutting ticket prices by an average of 14% for 2011.

From the press release:

Within the 14%-plus average price decrease, the Mets have made a full range of market-based adjustments to Citi Field's 41,800 seats:

  • Ticket prices for 62% of the ballpark have been reduced
  • More than half of all seats have double-digit price reductions
  • 18% of the seats have been cut by 20% or more
  • 8% of seats have price decreases of 30% or more
  • Several seat categories have modest increases that average approximately 5% 

In addition, fans will have access to "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunities through the new "Amazin' Mets Perks."  Heh.  I'm guessing this includes the option of having Francisco Rodriguez beat your father-in-law and Johan Santana hump your leg.  That's not confirmed, however.

I spoke with successful ticket broker, who told me the following about the market for Mets tickets:

Save for opening day and the subway series, the Mets just don't attract fans to their stadium.  Although Yankee Stadium has more than its fair share of exorbirantly priced seats, it does have a redeeming offer–$12 bleacher seats which offer a decent lower level view.  Other teams like the Phillies and Red Sox offer similar cheaply priced seats. I have yet to find anything that resembles a deal for Mets tickets on both the broker side (resale side) and fan side (bang for the buck). 

It appears the Mets took a mentality going into the new ballpark:  build an attraction first, then worry about the team second.  People want to see a game, not a glamorous food court.  The 14% discount is a start, but still not enough to make tremors.  A 50% reduction would be a better decision.  Overall, it was not a decision made for the fans as indicated in the Met's press release.  It was an admission of poor decision making and failure to adjust for recessionary times.

The amazin' Mets, folks.

ZOMG! There Are Bad People in San Francisco Too?

Kyle Scott - October 22, 2010


Eat your heart our, Bruce Newman.

The Mercury News writer who trashed our city (and then I ripped him apart) will be shocked to learn that a Giants fan was robbed at gunpoint on his way into last night's game.  [San Francisco Examiner]

A man was robbed of Giants playoffs tickets at gunpoint near AT&T Park on Thursday, police said.

The 29-year-old victim reported the robbery around 5:30 p.m., about a half-hour after the first pitch was thrown in Game 5 of the seven-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies, police said.

The armed thug, described as a 26-year-old black man, pulled a handgun on the victim at Fourth and Channel streets, police said. The victim was not injured. There has been no arrest. 

Ironic, because this story appeared on the same site that, just yesterday, called Philadelphians "brutal" for booing Kobe Bryant.

via Harball Talk