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RSVP to the Flyers-Penguins Game, Be Entered to Win Two Tickets to the Sabres Game

Kyle Scott - March 5, 2013

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Fear not, Lady Ryan, the tickets are free

We want to give you more free tickets. Along with our partners at TiqIQ, we’ve launched an RSVP feature for all local sporting events. Going to the game? Not going? Watching? Doesn’t matter. Simply RSVP to let your friends know where you'll be. It’s a great way to see who will be at the game that you know.

It’s a new feature, so to get things going, we’re giving away two (2) tickets to the Flyers-Sabres game on Sunday to someone who RSVP’s to Thursday’s Flyers-Penguins game. RSVP here and be entered to win two tickets to the game vs. the Sabres. That’s it.

Need tickets to either of those games or others? We have you covered for that, too.

Penguins vs Flyers Tickets

Sabres vs Flyers Tickets

Philadelphia Flyers Tickets

The winner of the Sabres tickets will be notified on Friday.

Lots of Good Ticket Deals for Rest of Flyers Homestand, Win $200

Kyle Scott - February 25, 2013

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Three Flyers games left in this five-game homestand and lots of good tickets available. As of writing this, tickets for the Maple Leafs game tonight start at $37. 

Plan on going? Already going? Not going? Maybe going to games this week? Doesn’t matter. You can now RSVP to each game with our partners at TiqIQ. See if your friends are going, where they’re sitting, and or buy tickets near them. TiqIQ has a great promotion going on right now– simply RSVP to any Flyers game and you’ll be entered to win $200 toward tickets. So do it, and then buy tickets here.

Video: No One Wants Sixers Tickets

Kyle Scott - February 18, 2013

The folks over at The Cheesesteak, the Philly-based site that offers you a real take on fake news, sent us their new video, Sixers: The Hottest Ticket In Town. It’s well worth two minutes of your time.

Hey, Let’s Make Fun of the Nats and Marlins

Kyle Scott - February 11, 2013

Yes, let’s.

While I’ll willingly acknowledge that the season ticket renewal deadline extension notices* the Phillies keep sending my father and I are a sign of decreased demand at CBP this year (the Phillies have sold more than 3,000 fewer season tickets for 2013), it still may not as bad as the issues plaguing some of our NL East friends.



After selling their entire team to the Blue Jays, many expected that the Marlins would play in front of HUNDREDS of fans this season. But perhaps initial assumptions were too high.

Here is a photo of the line for single-game Marlins tickets, which went on-sale Saturday:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.48.44 AM

via (@joecapMARLINS)

And the concession stand from the Marlins’ “winter warmup” event:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.50.17 AM

via (@clarkspencer)

Frightening. Both of those photos come via this Yahoo! article, which includes this startling statement:

The Marlins might have more players at camp (74) than fans who showed up to buy single-game tickets on the first day they were available. Seriously! 


We are the Marlins. Go Fish!



No doubt that the baseball team in Washington will see its attendance increase this season on the heels of their horrific NLDS choke… but don’t expect demand to outpace supply. They’re still giving away free tickets:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.56.17 AM

via (@getzy89)

Of course, this is a far cry from the BOGO on season tickets the Nationals had going last year. So we applaud their progress there. 

*No, we haven’t renewed yet. Not sure we will. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to lock into 16 games, half of which wind up getting traded in or sold for a different date, when you can almost always get tickets below face value on the secondary market (yes, Crossing Broad Tickets). The playoff guarantee is an issue… but with the money saved during the season, you can splurge on jacked up postseason tickets.

Adam Aron Said Fan Overpaid for Four-Cent Tickets

Kyle Scott - February 8, 2013

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via (@mleif)

Well, at least the Sixers are finally willing to admit that their tickets are essentially worthless.

Adam Aron hopped on* the WIP Morning Show today to defend his team’s attendance, ticket prices, play, injured stars and just about every other negative thing that could be said about a professional sports franchise. As always, he made his case with humor and candor, mostly. But. But I really can’t take the glass-half-full moral victory-isms that continuously come from the Sixers front office. Third most wins in NBA history. 15th most made three-pointers in NBA history. Seventh best in-arena popcorn in the Eastern Conference. 

And now, a new one: Sixth biggest attendance increase in the NBA.


"Last year, as you know, the Sixers had the biggest attendance increase of all 30 teams in the NBA, year over year. And this year, we have the sixth biggest increase in attendance in the NBA, year over year."


I’ll buy it about last year. According to, the Sixers' 2011-2012 average attendance was 17,502, up from 14,751 in 2010-2011. But what was that about this season? Sixth biggest increase in the NBA? The Sixers’ 2012-2013 average attendance is 16,253, and that tells me – keep in mind, I was never very good at math – that the average attendance has actually decreased by 1,249, or 7%. 

Now, I know attendance numbers are tricky. They can be sliced a hundred different ways and spit out 200 additional ways. Is it paid attendance? Actual attendance? Tickets sold? Tickets given out? Paying customers plus the posses, pussies, papas and assorted hangers-on of NBA stars? It’s safe to assume that ESPN’s numbers reflect paid attendance, which means that the Sixers are selling – at whatever full or discounted price – 16,253 tickets per game. But, obviously, not all of those people are showing up, a claim evidenced by the story of the knucklehead who bought 18 tickets for under a dollar and used only two of them, leaving the rest of the purchased row empty. Aron knows that (I think…), even if this is what he had to say on that particular matter:

“First of all, the way we played in the third quarter against the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night, I think the guy overpaid for the seats. But that’s a different issue. You know, we did sell those tickets at full price. So why somebody… who bought those tickets from us, at full price, would turn around and resell them for four cents, is a ridiculous way to use his tickets. But it’s a free country and he’s allowed to do what he wants to do.” 


In case it’s not apparent: the reason people are selling their $10 tickets for less than pennies on the dollar (literally!) is because they were expecting a quality product, or an all-star center, or a team at or above .500. Instead, they’re getting confetti, Ayla Brown, and the occasional Big Mac. 

*On Twitter, celebs, athletes, writers, bloggers etc. always say that they’re “hopping on” the radio. Hell, I’ve done it. But here’s what that translates to: I want to sound really cool and nonchalant about my appearance, so I’ll just say I’m hopping on, like it ain’t no thing. “Just taking out the trash, getting my oil changed and hopping on the radio. How’s your Tuesday? Probably not as cool as mine.”

Eagles Increase Season Ticket Prices by About $10

Kyle Scott - January 31, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 4.28.00 PM

Hello. My name is Jeffrey Lurie, and I’d like to punch you in the dick.

At least, that’s how I read this press release just put out by the Eagles:

The Philadelphia Eagles today announced their 2013 ticket prices. For the first time since 2009, season ticket prices will increase.

Lower Level Sideline seats and Upper Level Loge seats have increased from $95 to $105.

Lower Level Endzone seats have increased from $85 to $95.

General Upper Level seats have increased from $70 to $75.

The average cost of an Eagles ticket will now be roughly $93, which currently ranks 11th in the NFL. Despite this increase, the average ticket price remains the lowest in the NFC East, and is in the middle third of the NFL.

Invoices sent to season-ticket holders today included a letter from Eagles President Don Smolenski that discusses the increase. 

"We have made some dramatic changes this offseason, including the hiring of Coach Chip Kelly. But one thing that hasn’t changed – and Coach Kelly appreciates this – is that the passion [the fans] display and the support [the fans] provide with [their] loyalty to [the] Eagles makes this a special place to play football," wrote Smolenski.

"We are also embarking on a two-year stadium improvement plan at Lincoln Financial Field focused on enhancing the game day experience."


Thanks, guys. Can’t wait to see more wind turbines and solar arrays. Perhaps a vegtable garden in HeadHouse Plaza?

Credit to the Eagles for having the balls to be upfront about the increases. But, um, 12-20 over the past two seasons.

Deals: Flyers Tickets for as Little as $33 and a Free $5 Amazon Gift Card

Kyle Scott - January 24, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 1.30.15 PM

Many of you took advantage of deals on Flyers-Penguins tickets last week. And guess what? There are even better ones for upcoming games against the Rangers, Hurricanes and Lightning.

All of these prices include fees.


Rangers, tonight: Get in for under $70 (and face value!). Want better seats? There are dozens of lower-level seats for under $120 (and face value!). You can see them all here.


Hurricanes, February 2: Get in for as little as $51, with many tickets available for under $60. Sit in a club box for around $130. Or, in the lower level for under $110You can see them all… here.


Lightning, February 5: Get in for as little as $33. Let me say that again GET IN FOR AS LITTLE AS $33. There are dozens of tickets for under $40. Sit in the lower-level for under $100You can see them… right… hither.


Phillies Spring Training tickets? Have them, too. Plenty available for between $30-$40. Ummm… right here!


Shop other events and Flyers games at Crossing Broad Tickets.


*Those prices are available at the time of posting. Secondary market prices change constantly, so you they may go up or down. Basically, don’t hold it against me if they go up.

Totally unrelated, but just as worthwhile: Get a $5 Amazon gift card simply by writing something, anything about Ford on Facebook. I tried it, and it works. The $5 is taken off your next purchase. Click here. And yes, I get a small kickback from you clicking that link.

UPDATE: It seems the Ford promotion has already ended.

Sixers Tickets: Two Cents

Kyle Scott - January 21, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 4.35.19 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 4.41.09 PM

Reader Dave and his buddy Matt are having trouble unloading their Sixers tickets. Meanwhile, Penn State and Vermont played a hockey game in front of over 19,000 people at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night.

I'm telling you, folks– one of these days the Sixers will pay you to come out for games.