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Some Coaches Still Think Sam Bradford is Just Trade Bait

Jim Adair - March 16, 2015

Chip Kelly told reporters after acquiring Sam Bradford in a trade that he’s not a trade chip, but no one is convinced. For one, just ask anyone on the street about Sam Bradford. They’re not convinced. But some NFL coaches don’t buy it either, at least according to Josina Anderson:

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 9.11.49 AM

That doesn’t mean they know anything we don’t, that just means (some) coaches feel a certain way. That’s fine, it might not mean anything at all. But what if it does? Chip said he wouldn’t “mortgage the future” for anyone, but he might not have to. If the Titans, at number two, decide they really want Bradford, the Eagles might not have to part with that much. It’s a big “if” though, since the 2-14 Titans obviously have bigger question marks than Zach Mettenberger. But it’s still a possibility, and this rumor won’t die until the Eagles actually pick someone in the draft.

The Trenton Titans Aren’t Paying Their Players’ Rent

Kyle Scott - February 15, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 10.26.23 AM

The Trenton Titans are not paying their players’ rent, according to an anonymous tipster who works at a New Jersey [UPDATE: Bensalem] “apartment community,” which is probably just a nice way of saying, “a collection of dwellings that sports 70% STD and 12% HIV rates among its inhabitants. Oh, and rats.”

From tipster:

“This is a photo of the eviction notice that was posted on all 12 of the Titans players’ apartment doors. I work for the apartment community that the Titans live at. This is the second time in six months that they have gotten more than two months behind on their rent. I guess with the lockout not too many people were checking out the Titans if they can't even afford to pay for their players’ rent !!!! [editor's note: !!!] Last time this happened Niko Hovinen (a goaltender with the Flyers organization until just recently) switched the lease into his name cause he was scared he was going to have to find somewhere else to live. Just thought I’d share. Thanks.”


No, thank you. 

The Titans are an independently-owned ECHL affiliate of the Flyers, and they’ve been having a rough season. After 50 games, they are last in their four-team division with only 47 points.

Titans players are frequently shuffled between Trenton and Adirondack, where they become just one step closer to chartered jets, posh hotels and the warm, safe embrace of Uncle Ed Snider. But until that day, they have to worry about getting evicted from their (probably odorous) apartments. 

We’ve reached out to the Titans for comment (though no PR person is listed on their website) and will update the post if we hear back from them.

Your “Remember The Titans” Quizzo Questions

Kyle Scott - March 9, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-03-09 at 5.30.08 PM

Good times at Drinker's last night. Here are (most) of your quizzo questions and answers. Please excuse any typos, these are from my notes.

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UniDiction: Week 7 – Eagles vs. Titans

Dan Fuller - October 24, 2010


6-1.  Breath it in.  This is rarefied air, people.  In what's probably the most arbitrary, non-cephalopod-based prediction "system" ever, these UniDictions are coming in huge.  Of course, I'm ignoring the implicit spread created by predicting the score, not just the straight-up winner, but I take wins where I can get them.

The Eagles are visiting the Titans this week, and the fact that the Eagles are in White over Green (…again.  "Serious" question: will the Midnight Green jerseys ever show up this year?  It's part of their official uniform, gadnabbit.) was posted to Gameday on Tuesday. Being that the Eagles are the visitors, they don't have a say in whether they'll wear White or Color jerseys, so I can't ascribe this combination to outside-the-box-thinking by Reid and Co.  (Maybe White over White would be outside the box thinking.)  Your 2010 Philadelphia Eagles: 2 quarterbacks, no uniform strategy to speak of.

Of course, the Titans won't make this UniDiction easy.  Generally, their home combination is Light Blue ("Titans Blue") jersey over Navy Blue pants, but they're known as team which has no issue mixing and mixing and matching and matching their various jerseys and pants (three different pants, three different jerseys).  In fact, the team's proclivity for uniform variation warranted a USA Today article in 2006.  I'm going to play it safe and assume they're in the "standard home" combination.  I doubt we'll see them in monochrome "Titans Blue" or "Navy Blue." For completeness sake, I'll mention they've worn a Navy over White combination, but it's been a while (at least two seasons) since they've worn the white pants from what I can tell, so almost zero odds we'll see those on Sunday.  And, generally, the Titans different components are only color swaps, the stripes and other details are identical except for swapping one color for another.  It's not like the Eagles, where their White pants have two stripes, and the Green pants have three.

And, oh yeah.  The pink breast cancer awareness gear is ridiculous and pointless- the NFL profits greatly off those merchandise sales.

UniDiction after the jump.

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