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The Eagles Just Hired Howie Roseman’s Replacement

Kyle Scott - February 13, 2013

Consider this the yeah, we don’t trust Howie Roseman to make ALL the personnel decisions hire. 

Roseman and the Eagles announced today that the team has hired Tom Gamble as VP of Player Personnel. He will report directly to Roseman.

Gamble spent eight seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, including the last two years as Director of Player Personnel. During those two seasons, the 49ers reached the NFC Championship Game (2011) and the Super Bowl (2012), while earning 18 combined Pro Bowl selections.

“Since Ryan Grigson left to become the General Manager of the Colts, we’ve been looking for the right person to fill his spot and we are excited about what Tom can bring to the team,” Roseman said. “He’s not only a talented evaluator, but also a good man and the type of person you want as a part of your team. Tom and I have had a great relationship over the years and I know he’s excited to come home. He had a great run in San Francisco and they have been very successful over the last few years. He will jump right in with our group and get working on free agency and the draft.”


Gamble is from Haddonfield and spent time in the Eagles front office in the mid-90s, when his father was team president. His track record in San Francisco obviously speaks for itself. It’s a great hire for the Eagles, a sentiment echoed by virtually every football writer on Twitter. But it’s kind of odd that Gamble, whose name came up in GM searches this winter, would make what appears to be a lateral move, at best… unless, of course, Jeffrey Lurie uncovered something in his voluminous notes on Roseman that he wasn’t comfortable with and wants Gamble to be the guy to identify players while Roseman uses his salary cap nerdery to sign them. Which, actually, sounds like a great plan.

Here's Howie Roseman giving an exclusive interview to company shill Dave Spadaro about the hire.

Tom McCarthy’s Five-Year Extension Begins Right Now

Kyle Scott - February 13, 2013

image from


Tom McCarthy’s contract expired at the end of last season, but in the absence of any news that the Phillies had politely driven him out to the middle of nowhere and left him to scream amongst the trees (if a T-Mac yells in the forrest and no one hears him, does a T-Mac really scream in the forrest?), it was assumed that he got some sort of extension for at least this season. But yesterday, posted an interview with T-Mac, who revealed that he signed a five-year extension last winter. Oh, and that the broadcast crew plans on carrying around a life-sized Chris Wheeler puppet this year.

From the interview:

That is great to hear, but I understand last season was the final year of your contract. Have you discussed renewing your contract yet?

I actually heard that from a lot of people. I never even realized my contract had been public notice or that people had wondered. I even got an email from someone asking if I was coming back this year and I said, “Yeah, why?” They said they heard my contract was up and I said, “It was?” But yes, I signed a new contract last winter for a five year extension. It starts this year, so I’m here for at least another five years after this.


Gah. The Phillies TV broadcast crew finished in third, with only 8% of the vote, in a poll we ran in November. In 2010, T-Mac finished a distant second to Scott Franzke when we asked who you would prefer to have doing play-by-play on TV. So I don’t get it. T-Mac seems like a good guy, and he has his moments, but the overwhelming sentiment is that he is more annoying than he is enjoyable to listen to. He doesn’t let the game breathe (the way Franzke does and Harry used to), his reactions seem forced, and his tone-deaf, company man style is irritating. A local radio person once told me that he felt like T-Mac broadcasts directly to David Montgomery, not the fans - what does my boss want to hear, as opposed to what does my audience want to hear – and I think that’s a fair criticism.

Of course, T-Mac sticking around will bring more awkward hilarity, like this:

Any new pranks planned?

We had this thing in Cincinnati where Sarge left the water running and flooded the whole hallway, so I went back to the hallway and took a picture of it and I sent it out to everybody. Then I let Wheels know that I was ready for the season and I had all these things planned, and he just went, “Oh joy.”

Most of the stuff we do is pretty spontaneous. We do try to celebrate Wheels’ birthday in a different way each year. One of the things we’re going to try this year is to get a life sized puppet of Wheels so we can carry it around with us everywhere we go.



Sports Betting Updates

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Skates Bites: Sestito? Sestitov?? SESTITWO?!

Kyle Scott - February 6, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 8.44.22 AM

OK then. Ilya Bryzgalov and Tom Sestito it is. 2-1, good guys. Both goals from Sestito.

Bryz: This was the type of game I was talking about two weeks ago when I said that Bryz never wins a game for the Flyers. The defense put together perhaps their best effort of the season last night, but Bryz made a handful of saves that, quite frankly, he probably wouldn’t have made last season. His lateral quickness, reflexes and decision-making are all much improved. He looks not only stronger, but also is putting himself in better positions to make routine saves. This is the sort of goalie the Flyers are paying for. Of course, you’re not always going to get two goals from Tom Sestito and the Flyers are still inconsistent at both ends of the ice.


Sestito: Now has four career goals. Two of them, last night. In high school, my buddy and four-year linemate, Fran, wasn’t particularly fast or skilled with the puck, but if you gave it to him in front of the net (I always did, of course), he would bury it. Sort of like Sestito last night. He (Sestito) has one move – that simple backhand-five hole jawn, ripped from the user guides of Mylec street hockey sticks everywhere – but it worked, twice.


Jokes: After the game, Sestito and Bryz joked about Sestitov: [quotes via Flyers city-leading PR department]


If we told you going into the game that Tom Sestito would score two goals. Would you have believed us?

You know, we talk about scoring like being a sniper. And he said if I became a sniper, he would change his  name for the Russian last name from Sestito to “Sestitov.”



Q:  Guys joking with you, asking you if you had any other moves?  Same move twice. 

A:  Yeah, I’ve got one.  Hopefully no goalies catch on to that.  If it works once, then I’m going to keep doing it until it stops working. 


It stopped working for Fran sometime around overtime of a semifinals loss to Penncrest in our senior year. Maybe Sestitov will have better luck if the Flyers get that far. [UPDATE: Holy shit– reader Paul was on Penncrest and passes along the game recap to piss me off.]


Stupid questions: You know, sometimes you can’t blame Ilya Bryzgalov for being terse in interviews. A couple weeks ago, he was asked if what he had just seen was Flyers hockey, which is the dumbest sort of sports question a lazy scriptual can ask. And just look at the sort of slop he had to deal with last night: 

Was that the kind of win you guys were hoping for? 

I think that might have been the lowest scoring shot total the defense kept the opponent to. Was that the focus going in trying to stop the highest scoring offense in the league?

How do you go into [the game] mentally?

What was the key to keeping them out on defense?

It wasn’t until the last two questions that Bryz was finally asked if this is the best he’s felt and if he was injured on a scary-looking play– two questions that actually needed to be asked. Unreal. 


Electricity: Peter Laviolette talked about Zac Rinaldo’s fight giving the Flyers some energy. A bolt of energy. Against the Lightning:

Q: Do you think Rinaldo’s fight had any bearing on tonight’s games outcome?

Sure. Zac is a huge bolt of energy that came through the building, the fans, the players, the coaches, and everybody. It was one of those that can really pick up a game and building.


Said without a hint of irony on those pursed lips, too.


Lunatic: Rinaldo is fucking nuts. Listen (and look!) at these answers:

He reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio playing an impoverished protagonist. I'M NOT NO ONE TO SAY NOTHING LIKE THAT.


Rinaldo mic’d up: Rinaldo was mic’d up, too. You can’t hear much during the fight (ya wanna go?!), but afterwards he asked an official and a Lightning player if he sucker punched B.J. Crombeen while he was on the ground. Awesome video of that, after the jump.

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Graham Spanier SLAMS Governor Tom Corbett

Kyle Scott - November 1, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 4.56.13 PM

Earlier today, as you’ve probably heard, ex-Penn State president Graham Spanier was charged with crimes relating to the cover-up surrounding Jerry Sandusky. Among the charges were three felonies– perjury, endangering the welfare of children, and conspiracy. Not good for a once respected university president and published family psychologist.

[Charges were also added for Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, the latter of which apparently kept a “Sandusky” file detailing child incidents and was billed for 2.9 hours of work by Penn State’s law firm the Sunday after hearing about what Mike McQueary saw in the showers.]

A few months back, Spanier ripped the Freeh report and it’s findings. Now he’s going after Governor Tom Corbett and state attorney general Linda Kelly. Like, really going after. This is the statement released by Spanier’s lawyers today. Buckle up: [NBC Philadelphia]

Today’s Presentment is the latest desperate act by Governor Tom Corbett to cover up and divert attention away from the fact that he failed to warn the Penn State community about the suspicions surrounding Jerry Sandusky, and instead knowingly allowed a child predator to roam free in Pennsylvania. Its timing speaks volumes. These charges are the work of a vindictive and politically motivated Governor working through an un-elected attorney general, Linda Kelly, whom he appointed to do his bidding and who will be a lame duck five days from now. 

There is no factual basis to support these charges, which may explain why the Attorney General and her staff have steadfastly refused – for a full year – to meet with Dr. Spanier or his lawyers to discuss this matter despite repeated attempts to do so, or to accept Dr. Spanier’s offer to appear before the grand jury again to clarify any misconceptions.

From late 2008 through November of 2011, as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Tom Corbett clearly knew about the allegations against Jerry Sandusky and yet failed to act. And this failure allowed Sandusky to continue to harm children for nearly three years after he could have and should have been warned, stopped or indicted. The Governor’s legally indefensible explanations, repeated by Attorney General Kelly at her news conference today – that he couldn’t expose Sandusky for fear of compromising an ongoing grand jury investigation or that he needed more evidence – are patently absurd.
And so, on the one hand, Corbett had access to detailed allegations about Sandusky’s child abuse and, as the chief law enforcement officer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, allowed it to continue. On the other, Dr. Spanier was not privy to any details about a 1998 investigation that actually exonerated Sandusky and then, in 2001, was told only about an incident characterized as “horseplay.”

Governor Corbett has made no secret of his personal hostility toward Dr. Spanier, as many witnesses will attest. He is now manipulating public officials and resources to settle a personal score.

Linda Kelly’s willingness to continue this farce, on behalf of the politically motivated Governor who appointed her, apparently knows no bounds. She has already been put on notice by both candidates for Attorney General, one of whom will replace her, that they intend to review her investigation thoroughly. For her to deny, as she did a few minutes ago, that politics played no role in these charges being made five days before an election, is patently false.
Graham Spanier has committed no crime and looks forward to the opportunity to clear his good name and well-earned national reputation for integrity. This Presentment is a politically motivated frame-up of an innocent man. And if these charges ever come to trial, we will prove it.

The people of this Commonwealth, and the next Attorney General, should be outraged by this blatantly political, transparently vindictive, last-minute act of cowardice and desperation.


Shit. That’s not just the standard my client is innocent and being set up response. That’s Spanier, through his lawyers, attacking a sitting governor for not only endangering the welfare of children, but also for playing politics with the legal system.

This could all be the actions of a desperate man (Spanier), or, some serious truth being spit by a guy with a top-secret government clearance.

Once thing is clear, however: Somewhere, Greg Bucceroni is applauding.

Audio: This Call From Tom McGinnis Last Night was Spectacular

Kyle Scott - November 1, 2012

image from

I can’t even describe this adequately. I’ll just advise you to listen to the final 34 seconds of the third quarter from the Sixers’ opener as called by Tom McGinnis. A sampling:

“Spencer Haaaawes! Nice play by the big man. That’s a little vet savvy. Hey JaVale McGee, I know you want to block this shot, you are anxious to make up for that little boo boo do… what happened here? They wave it off. They call traaaaveling! And I just screamed out Spencer Hawes in sing-song fashion and you call walking?! That ruins the call! Mr. Referee, we’re on a little rift here.”


Pretty Hawesome.


Video: T-Mac Impersonates Will Ferrell

Kyle Scott - September 15, 2012

As reader Matt pointed out, it’s like the time Michael Scott did Chris Rock. Only worse.

Jump it for the video.

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Tom Lamaine is Out as Sixers PA Announcer

Kyle Scott - September 6, 2012

Well, this one isn’t a surprise.

As first reported by’s Dan Gross last night the Sixers have canned PA announcer Tom Lamaine.

Lamaine, who is 122, was a former Sixers play-by-play man with Bill Campbell from 1970-1976. He was also a longtime CBS 3 weatherman. He replaced Matt Cord as Sixers PA announcer last season, as Cord became the video guy.

Lamaine had previously served as Cord’s backup and will continue to be the backup for whomever the Sixers hire next.


"He told me I gave them exactly what they wanted," the former CBS 3 meteorologist said. "He's feeling his way through the NBA, and he did a lot of traveling around to different stadiums. He heard more excitable guys, something I cannot be and don't want to be."


Someone excitable. Someone… young. Tonight. To set the world on fire. Fun. Someone like that.

Your day may now continue on without incident.

It’s Getting Ugly, Folks

Kyle Scott - June 8, 2012

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To be honest, I’m not even sure how to approach covering the Phillies right now. Gone is the lovefest with each and every player. Gone is the desire for nonstop, around-the-clock team updates. Gone are the days of… winning. For now, at least.  

It’s an odd position we find ourselves in– significantly disappointed through the first two months of the season. But it’s a long one, these baseball seasons, and we can’t be too reactive. A week-long win streak and the Phillies are right back in the thick of things. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard may not be the saviors the team needs, but they will most certainly be better than the slop Ruben Amaro signed in the offseason. Roy Halladay will be back, and most likely pitch at a very high level. Cliff Lee will win a game this season. Cole Hamels is pitching for a contract, so he’ll be fine. And Jimmy Rollins can’t suck forever. 

So we won’t overreact too much… at least over what’s happening on the field. Because it can't get worse (we think). But we will certainly overreact about the broadcast team, who during even the best of days were annoying. Now, Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler are damn near offense. We’ll let reader Matt address the issue. Unedited, of course: 

Can one of you please, PLEASE start turning up the heat on Tom McCarthy?  We’re in the midst of the season going to hell and the man has absolutely no pulse on the frustrations of the city he calls for.  After blowing their 3rd lead in a row, Tom is more focused on ice cream and Wheeler’s balls than the game.  I swear to God if they just let a few fireflies out of a jar in the booth he’d be entertained for hours.  Oh, and he literally just mentioned that heading into Interleague play, the Phils feel like they have an advantage because they have Jim Thome to come into the lineup as a DH.  DO THEY REALLY TOM???  THAT BUCK-EVEN BATTING AVERAGE GOING TO STOP THE SKIDS, IS IT???  Harry K at least had the decency to echo the emotions of the moment, through good and bad.  Tom is calling every game like the Phils are 18 up in the division.  Harry would be Harry Doyle’ing his way through games by now.  Please get this man off the air.  If we’re going down in flames, we at least deserve a decent play-by-play account of the crash and burn.



We agree with everything Matt said.

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