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Tony Bruno Called a $500,000 Kentucky Derby Bet, But Didn’t Play It

Kevin Kinkead - May 6, 2019

Beautiful, man.

Tony Bruno is doing his independent thing these days, and Friday he put out his annual Kentucky Derby picks on his daily Twitch show.

Bruno asked his friend, ESPN radio producer John Martin, to write down the following five horses:

  • 8 (Tacitus)
  • 5 (Improbable)
  • 13 (Code of Honor)
  • 16 (Game Winner)
  • 20 (Country House)

Sure enough, here’s how the derby finished after Maximum Security was disqualified:

  1. Country House
  2. Code of Honor
  3. Tacitus
  4. Improbable
  5. Game Winner

Don’t believe me?

Here’s audio proof of Bruno calling the Superfecta:

So Tony is now rich, right? Not exactly.

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Tony Bruno Launches a Crusade Against the Philadelphia Parking Authority

Tim Reilly - April 11, 2018

Like so many twenty-first century skirmishes, the war began not with a bang, but a tweet:

Tony Bruno, the erstwhile Fanatic and WIP host who retired from the terrestrial airwaves in 2015, lobbed a virtual grenade at one of the largest armies in the city: the Philadelphia Parking Authority, otherwise known as the PPA.

Bruno is no stranger to verbal combat. He might be best known to Crossing Broad readers as a prominent veteran of the Radio Wars that our intrepid leader, Kyle Scott, has documented for posterity. Thanks to Kyle, our grandchildren will write essays comparing Hannibal’s invasion of Italy to Josh Innes’ brief assault on the Philadelphia market; Dwayne from Swedesboro will take his rightful place in history alongside Uncle Remus and Al Jolson’s blackface characters; and historians will debate whether the Camp David Accords had the same impact as the Baldy Summit of 2017.

Although Bruno has retreated from the radio scene, he has created a podcast and maintains an active social media presence. It also appears that he has decided to spend his golden years living in his native South Philadelphia, which is the setting for the Bruno-PPA conflict of 2018.

Bruno’s troubles with the PPA began last week. It appears that Mr. Monday Night was assessed four tickets in quick succession, which made his car liable to be booted. Bruno contends that three of the tickets were issued in error by an aggressive parking enforcement officer who ignored the 24-hour permit sticker on his vehicle windshield.

Despite receiving assurances that he would be able to dispute the charges before his vehicle was impounded, Bruno found that his car was towed. And so he decided to record his Sunday afternoon trip to the PPA’s impound lot to recover his vehicle:

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Tony Bruno Remembers Stuart Scott

Kyle Scott - January 7, 2015

I think we had too many colors and fonts in the 90s and didn’t know what to do with them.

Tony Bruno, on his blog:

Thankfully, I have found the videos of many of those shows which ESPN recorded on VHS  for me from the G-5 satellite. They are posted  on this page and You Tube. Had not seen these tapes in over a decade and decided to spend the weekend watching them to escape the funk while mourning his loss at the young age age of 49. The one episode which really broke me down like a baby was the Sweet 16 show in 1994 where we having fun talking about young players making an impact in the college basketball tournament. Stuart was showing me pictures of his newborn baby and first daughter Taelor.  I realized she is now a 20 year old woman who saw her dad suffer and fight for so long, but left her and us way too soon.

There were other African Americans and minorities on local and national TV in the 90’s, but no one had the impact or inspired so many in broadcasting or sports. I said on my podcast Monday night that, to me, Stuart Scott is the Jackie Robinson of TV sports anchors. He broke down the barriers so few were confident enough to attempt on the biggest stage. Despite some early resistance to accept his flair, I believe ESPN suits eventually saw a man who was impacting not just young people of all races, but someone who was revered by the very athletes he brilliantly described every night.  Basketball players aspired to be like MIKE, generations of young broadcasters want to be like Stu and always will. Peace Out my brother!

Good read and more videos here.

Tony Bruno Was on the WIP Morning Show Today

Kyle Scott - November 26, 2014

Photo: Cindy Webster, WIP

There was a brief tear in the space-time continuum this morning. Tony Bruno was an in-person guest on the WIP Morning Show, which broadcast live from the airport (I think just so they could harass poser Cowboys fans from Philadelphia heading to the little d for the game tomorrow).

As you know if you listened to our lengthy discussion with Tony a few weeks back, he left WIP in the 90’s to work for ESPN and their original morning show. There’s a perceived beef between the respective hosts (or former hosts) of the two local radio stations (some may call it RADIO WARS*), and I just assume everyone hates everyone in radio, but the truth is, Angelo, Al and Tony have remained on good terms. And quite honestly, they didn’t miss a beat during their reunion this morning. There remains a great chemistry there.

The full audio is here. You can listen to Tony on his (now twice-weekly) podcast at

Phil Martelli called in to give his Eagles prediction while Tony was on. If you ever wonder why mediocre St. Joe’s basketball is so beloved around here, I present to you The Brooklyn Dichotomy: Martelli playing to the early-morning crowd by talking about the Eagles just 12 hours after his Hawks needed overtime to beat LIU Brooklyn, at home. Meanwhile, Jay Wright and Villanova are 5-0, ranked 12th in the country, and just knocked off two other top 25 teams en route to winning the Libery Classic at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn. But yeah, let’s talk more about how cool it is that the Hawk never stops flapping.

*I see you, WIP, trying to claim that as your own:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-26_08-49-03_AM

pic via (@freehan1010)

RADIO WARS: Tony Bruno Says 97.5 Is Telling Potential Podcast Sponsors That He’s “Greedy”

Kyle Scott - October 16, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.12.33 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.28.30 PM

Hey so here’s a post in which I have a huge conflict of interest.

Our buddy, Tony Bruno, came out swinging today after learning that 97.5 is supposedly telling potential sponsors of his new podcast that he’s greedy. This on the heels of Tony’s inaugural show (spoiler alert: I was on it), which was recorded at the Jug Handle Inn, a former 97.5 sponsor, Monday night. The Jug Handle, along with Tony Luke’s (which will host Bruno’s show on October 30), are not currently advertising on 97.5.

Here’s what Tony had to say about parting ways with 97.5 on our podcast last week:

“I get a phone call from my agent, on Amtrak, saying that the good news is 97.5 made an offer. The bad news is that it’s an insulting offer and they obviously don’t want to keep you. So he told me the specifics, which was a six-month contract extension with a 42% pay cut, and I said, “What do you think?” to my agent. He said, “Well that’s not an offer, they want you to leave.”

“What they were doing was obviously something knowing I would never accept. It was something that according to many lawyers that I’ve spoken with since then, and people in the radio business, was a breach of contract on their part because they didn’t make a legitimate offer on their part. You can not, from what I understand under law, offer someone in the same position – not radio, anywhere –  without changing [it], more than a 20% pay cut to do the same job that they’ve done. That’s considered a breach of contract. That’s in fact what they did. The contract that they offered me was a 42% pay cut.”

Soooo, if you’re interested in advertising on The Tony Bruno Show and or Crossing Streams… click here.

Listen to the full interview with Tony.

UPDATE: I’m Tony Bruno– Ask Me Anything!

Kyle - October 7, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.08.31 AM

Full transcript can be seen after the jump, split up by topic for easier readability.

Tony’s radio past:

What have you been up to since leaving 97.5?
Fixing up my mom’s house in South Philly where I grew up. Planning on moving back in when the expansion is done because she wants to go back to her own home.

What is Mike Miss really like?
Don’t really know him.

Ever gonna go back to 97.5?
Doubt it. They are more interested in saving money.

Was it all about the money or were you butting heads with the higher-ups at 97.5?
I don’t butt heads with anyone. They wanted me to leave to save money, thus the failure to negotiate a legit contract extension. I did all I was asked and beyond.

Any beef with Missanelli? He seemed like he always had it out for you.
I never had any issues with him. Don’t know what his apparent issues are with me.

Still keep in touch with Mayes?
Not really.

If given the opportunity, would you ever consider working at WIP again?
Of course. They are they dominant station and I was part of helping that morning show take off in the late 80′s.

What ever happened to Tim Cates?
He’s still in LA covering local sports on AM570 and you can hear him during national radio games as the studio host on NFL games. Great kid and dad to three lovely daughters.

TB, always loved your perspective. Hope you stay in the area. What was the most enjoyable part about working at the fanatic?
Doing live remotes and hanging with the fans at public places. A lot of hosts hate that, but it’s why we do this.

Any truth that since leaving the station, Charlie asked you drop by his office?
Yes, and I did meet up with Charlie at Tony Luke’s a couple of weeks ago.

Why did 97.5 have you and other hosts only work two-hour shifts a day? Was that all just a way to save money so they didn’t have to pay you much?
They paid me well, but never put me on the four hours they kept saying they would for three years. Why? You’ll have to ask them.

More annoying caller: Arthur Correct or Levi from Overbrook park?
Didn’t talk to Levi much. I love Arthur Correct because you can bust his chops and he comes back with a clever reply most of the time.

Do you have any gripe with the staff using your soundbites occasionally?
Nope. I count it as an “homage” to me. Like when Mike and Mike use my original “Stone Cold Lead Pipe Locks” from the 90′s.

Do you keep in contact with anybody from the Into The Night show?
Yep. Tim Cates, Raider Ryan and Magdaleno on twitter and Facebook. Petros and Money on AM570. I also go back and forth from time to time.

Really looking forward to this podcast. There’s been a void since you left and it’s finally about to end. When things went down with 97.5, what was Harry and Joe’s take on things? Did they back you? Have anything to say? The chemistry you three had I thought was hands down the best I’ve heard yet.
They were supportive, but could see the handwriting on the wall as to how they wanted me to leave so they didn’t have to pay me.

Been a fan since back in the day with Cannon and Company. Glad you’re looking to stay local. Do you still maintain ties with former colleagues?
Not as much as I should. So crazy the last decade trying to catch up with so many great people.

How is your relationship with Angelo Cataldi and Al at WIP. Do you keep in touch with those guys?
Don’t see Ang much, but had a nice chat in AC with him last summer. See Al and Rhea around more so.

Who was your favorite co-host you have gotten to work with in all of your years of radio?
So many great ones. ESPN radio with KO and Chuck Wilson was very satisfying and we did 7 hours 2 nights a week. Probably the best sports talk weekend radio shows ever produced.

Tony, looking back, what’s the best radio job (most fun) you’ve ever had?
This may come as a surprise, but it was being the morning host on the old WCAU 1210 in 1989. It was a full service show with news, sports, traffic, weather, interviews and phone calls. Unlike sports talk, we got to do fresh stuff every day.

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Come Chat with Tony Bruno at High Noon

Kyle Scott - October 7, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.08.31 AM

You may have read in the Daily News this morning about Tony Bruno diving head-first into podcasting. Indeed he is. In fact, we’re going to be teaming up with him. Tony’s new show will debut next Monday, October 13, and will be recorded live at the Jug Handle Inn at 7 p.m. And this week, we’re relaunching our Crossing Streams Podcast… with special guest Tony Bruno. We’ll be combining efforts to cross-promote our shows and sell advertising. Both shows will be their own independent venture and live on this site and Bruno’s new site,, but they will also be posted at a separate, soon-to-be-launched landing page. Our goal is too eventually partner with other quality shows to form a network of podcasts that provide a great alternative to sports talk radio.



Anyway, Tony will be stopping by at 12 today so you can Ask Him Anything in the comments. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from him, and judging by the amount of Tweets and emails I get about him, you have some questions.

SIGHTING: Tony Bruno Has Dinner with WIP Exec

Kyle Scott - July 31, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-07-31_10-57-56_AM

Gossip King here with some more gossipity gossip for you.

A trusted tipster spotted Tony Bruno, his girlfriend Miss Robin, and WIP Operations Manager Andy Bloom dining at Del Frisco’s last night. Bruno, of course, left 97.5 last month amid contract negotiations in sort of a he-said, she-said resignation.

Today, Molly Eichel of the Daily News noted that Bruno next week will be on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco for a week-long fill-in role, but there’s little doubt that he would prefer to stay in Philly. Things aren’t looking so good on the 97.5 front… which leaves exactly one other sports talk radio station, and that’s the one Bloom manages. You can draw your own conclusions about what they may have been discussing last night. It sounds like it was a long dinner, though:

Voila_Capture 2014-07-31_10-54-28_AM

That’s great, but doesn’t he know you’re supposed to tweet the receipt at Del Frisco’s?