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The Phillies Also Gave Away a Mets Truck

Kyle Scott - August 7, 2014

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No, it’s OK– it happens to every guy.

Yesterday we told you about the Mets giving away a toy Phillies W.B. Mason truck, and the whole world laughed. Because it’s fun to laugh at the Mets. When they do stupid things. Like give away a hated rival’s collectible truck. Or take money from a Ponzi scheme. Or send their GM’s credit card information to reporters.

But, well, ah, the Phillies did the same thing last Sunday, according to reader Wolfpack Pappa. And indeed, this pack leader tweeted the same photo 11 days ago, on Saturday, July 26– Phillies toy truck giveaway day.

The toy truck people really need to get their shit together in time for football season, because if Baltimore fans get Indianapolis Colts trucks, all hell is going to break loose.