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Seravalli: Kevin Hayes Told Another Player He’d Only Go to the Flyers if They Overpaid

Russ Joy - August 14, 2019

When TSN’s Senior Hockey Reporter and former Philadelphia Daily News writer Frank Seravalli joined Anthony San Filippo and I on Tuesday night’s Snow The Goalie, we expected he’d provide some of the hard-hitting insight that made him a favorite in the local market and a target of Canada’s top sports network. We didn’t expect the bombshell he dropped on us regarding the Flyers’ top offseason signing, center Kevin Hayes.

Per Seravalli, Hayes had no intention of signing with the Flyers, who had traded for his rights, unless they opted to overpay him:

“I don’t understand why (the Flyers) felt the need to spend a pick in order to go out and (trade for Kevin Hayes’ rights). I don’t think there was a team that would’ve come close to the Flyers’ number, because if there were, Kevin Hayes would’ve just waited until July 1, and I have that on good authority. I was with a current NHL player the night before Game 7 in Boston who – five minutes before seeing me – ran into Kevin Hayes outside of somewhere in downtown Boston, which is obviously his hometown. He goes, ‘Oh yeah. I just ran into Kevin Hayes.’ He said Kevin Hayes told him the only way he’s going to the Flyers is if the Flyers overpaid to get him. And how much did they overpay by? It’s hard to answer that specifically, but I would say at least $600k-700k a year times seven years.”

Take a minute to let that sink in. That’s absolutely staggering. It’s Kevin freaking Hayes. This is a guy who’s surpassed 50 points ONCE in his career. He’s regarded by many in hockey circles as a 2.5 C. He’s a decent enough two-way player, but come on. He’s an upgrade over an underwhelming Nolan Patrick and nowhere near a top-tier 2C with a legitimate shot at moving to the top line. This is the guy saying he’d only play for the Flyers if they overpaid? Seriously? Have the Flyers fallen this far as an organization? I remember a time when players went out of their way to come to Philadelphia. Sure, some would point to Ed Snider’s willingness to throw copious sums of cash at stars when the NHL had no salary cap, but this is different. An overpaid, mid-tier player essentially trashed the team he eventually signed with.

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Snow The Goalie: The International Perspective with TSN’s Frank Seravalli

Russ Joy - August 14, 2019

Anthony and Russ welcome TSN’s Senior Hockey Reporter Frank Seravalli to the program to give the international perspective on the Flyers’ offseason. They discuss:

  • What it’s like to cover the NHL for TSN on July 1.
  • What happened with RFAs in this year’s free agency period.
  • Thoughts on the Ivan Provorov negotiations.
  • Thoughts on the Kevin Hayes signing.
  • The national perspective on Nolan Patrick.
  • Are the Flyers the worst team in their division?
  • How the NHL views Dave Hakstol.
  • Will Joel Farabee make the roster?
  • The impact Alain Vigneault and his assistant coaches will have.
  • Frank’s move from the Daily News to TSN.

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Here’s Claude Giroux Talking About the End of the Lockout

Kyle Scott - January 6, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 12.05.17 PM

“I wasn’t a fan of the game either the last few months. It was just tough to watch. I grew up watching and playing hockey every day, and to see the game that we love so much… we can’t even see it. People were bored. The players, we were bored, too. Just to have the game back, I think the fans are gonna love it. I’m really excited to go back on the ice and I’m sure the guys are going to be playing hard. So it’s going to be a pretty good time.”

Hide your boners, please.

Video here.

Giroux Sneaks A “Shit” Into A TSN All-Star Interview

Kyle - February 2, 2012

Giroux Grilled Cheese TSN

In an interview with TSN during All-Star weekend, Claude Giroux was treated to a grilled cheese sandwich – his favorite. G couldn't hold back his boner and let a "shit" fly on television.

And yes, that is the most awkward interviewer ever. I felt uncomfortable watching.

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FSN Pittsburgh Screws The Flyers, Pulls A Wanndstedt

Kyle Scott - January 12, 2010

FSN Pittsburgh is being investigated for use, or lack thereof,
of their available camera angles during last week’s 7-4 Flyers win.

Simon Gagne’s goal was called off, despite the availability
of a camera angle that showed the puck CLEARLY over the line.  FSN refused to send that video feed to NHL
Headquarters in Toronto, or show the play on their air.  No doubt, the producer for FSN likely had a
mustache and resembled Dave Wannstedt, the way all Pittsburgh people do.  


CSN, who was broadcasting the game for the Flyers,
was using the FSN video feed and did not have the option of sending the feed to

This brings up an interesting question, do road teams not
have their own cameramen?  It was always
my understanding that road teams brought their own cameramen for local
broadcasts to road games.  I think this
is the case with the Phillies, as you will routinely see announcers mention
cameramen, and then see them wave back.  It
may not seem like a big deal, as during good broadcasts it happens seamlessly,
but you will hear announcers mention something and then the camera pan to that
person, location, object etc.  Perhaps on road games, the announcers are at
the mercy of what is on the screen?  Something
I will have to take notice of.

Either way, fuck Pittsburgh. 
They have been kicking our ass in hockey for three years, and now they
can’t even let us have our own goal?  F
off, Dave Wannstedt.

From now on, when someone screws Philadelphia sports, we're going to refer to them as "Pulling a Wannstedt."

5:09 mark