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Double Dip Against New York Tonight, Mo Speights Doesn’t Like That

Kyle Scott - April 6, 2011

After making fun of fat chicks for an hour, Mo Speights voiced his displeasure with playing at the same time as the Phillies. Must be all that South Philly congestion. Something Mo surely isn't used to.

Surprisingly, he actually has a publicist- I've met her. She's not doing her job very well.

Either way- big night against the NY. Go teams!

Here’s a Two Year Old Impersonating Ryan Howard

Kyle Scott - January 28, 2011

Because it's a Friday afternoon in January. That's why.

Check out this kid imitating Ryan Howard's stance. The video was taken at an Iron Pigs game last year, but it was just posted to YouTube. He even fixes the batting gloves at the 45 second mark.

The big difference between the kid and Piece: The kid swung at the ball.

Cute children: Helping blogs mail it in since 2002.

Jody Shelley Receives a Two-Game Suspension

Kyle Scott - December 29, 2010

For this.  Your thoughts?

Pat Burrell: Two Rings, One Hit

Kyle Scott - November 4, 2010


Nice shirt, Pat.

UniDiction (uniform+prediction) – Week 2 – Eagles vs. Lions

Dan Fuller - September 17, 2010



A lot of stories coming out of last week's season opener against the Packers.  Injuries, a quarterback conundrum (don't call it a controversy!), and what turned out to be a pretty good uniform match-up.  The 1960 throwbacks, which I publicly gave a "meh" opinion, actually worked quite well on the field.  And oh yeah…my first UniDiction: Packers 26, Eagles 18.  Actual score: Packers 27, Eagles 20.  I'm going to count this as a win for my "system."

The Lions have only worn white at home twice in their (documented?) history, so it's safe to assume they'll be wearing their Blue over Silver uniform, not White over Silver, which puts the Eagles in the White over Midnight Green combination.  Wikipedia says  The Lions  have a throwback uniform in their repertoire, but looking through pictures of each game last season, they haven't been worn since the  the 2009 uniform/logo update, and let's be honest, if they're worn this year, they'll save them for the Packers or Bears.

There are no "uniform stories" this week (do brain injuries count as "uniform stories" because a helmet is involved?  hmm…no.  no they do not), so let's get right to the for the full breakdown after the jump.

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What The Hell is Wrong with People? Week 2: “We’re Gonna Shoot Some Eagles, Son”

Kyle Scott - September 17, 2010


Ah, Christ.

For Week 2 we bring you some jackass who wants to "go Eagle huntin'."  First thing's first, someone really needs to get that gun away from him, he can shoot his eye out.  

LionsToSuperBowl (AH-HA-HA) here decided it would be a good idea to pack a huntin' rifle for this here video, so he could ponder the merits of the name Kevin COLEB for almost four minutes.  Two problems:  it's Kolb (cah-b) and HE'S NOT PLAYING!  Who the fuck is he going to shoot if his arch-rifle-toten enemy isn't there?  

He shows all the signs of an unemployed auto-worker from Flint.  Lions hat, blue sunglasses, rifle, Michigan State throw.  Oh yeah, he was putting brake pads on a Focus just a few weeks ago.

Amazingly, he invokes Star Trek voice within the first 70 seconds, just after this little gem:

We're not deterred, we're not forlon, we're not carrying a weight of catnip litter on our backs (???) because of Calvin Johnson's ruined call last week.  It's a new week, it's a new season, it's a new era. And this week, we're gonna hunt some Eagles.

Well that's good.  Because if it's not the Eagles, it's going to be his former co-workers in Flint.

Video after the jump.

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Michael Leighton Signs 2-Year Deal

Kyle Scott - June 30, 2010


Multiple sources are reporting Michael Leighton has signed a 2-year deal with the Flyers for $3.1 million.

He mad $600k last year with the Flyers.

Now, if someone would just tell him to hug the post on wide angle shots… 

The Flyers are still interested in securing a "number one", perhaps Marty Turco or Evgeni Nabokov