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Appreciating America’s Most Underrated Athlete

Kevin Kinkead - October 11, 2017

Last Saturday, a 125-pound man pulled off a mid-air suplex and armbar combination to break the record for most consecutive UFC title defenses.

The ridiculous submission was one of the best finishes in MMA history, cementing Demetrious Johnson’s status as the promotion’s best pound-for-pound fighter: Continue Reading

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UFC 133 Tickets Available Right Here

Kyle Scott - August 3, 2011

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I know nothing about UFC. Not a thing.

But here's what I do know: It's wildly popular and the ticket prices for UFC 133 this weekend in Philadelphia are a good value. Crossing Broad Tickets, as per the usual, has you covered.

We've rounded up all of the tickets available on the secondary market and put them into one neat, digestible format for your viewing pleasure. Get them here