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Spring 2016 Uniform Round-Up: Phillies Go Overboard; Eagles Go Grey(?!?)

Dan Fuller - April 18, 2016

2016-spring uniform update - all

Wow, that was quite an unexpectedly busy week in terms of uniform news. MLB and the Phillies released images of all of their league-wide special event hats and jerseys in one dump instead of the usual press release and ad blitz 3-4 weeks before the on-field date. And the supposed Eagles 2016 Color Rush featured color – for Thursday Night Football – was leaked on Twitter by @nflleaks. [Hint:Whether it ends up being grey or silver is yet to be determined. Nike’s Elite 51 template fabrics from 2012-2015 couldn’t render metallic shades. Hopefully, 2016’s Vapor Untouchable template can, because grey is boring, and all-grey is a distinctive look of the Seahawks. ALSO, this is just a rumor at this point, but it smells legit.]

For the Eagles, there likely won’t be any surprises. Last season’s Color Rush uniforms were just re-colored versions of the team’s existing template (though the Cowboys’ was a throwback design). Long story short, look for an all-grey version of the blackout set that’s been worn the last two years. MisterrAlex on the Eagles subreddit did a few mockups of the all-grey/silver combination with variations of the number fills and strokes. It doesn’t look bad, but the one issue that it has, just like the rest of the Eagles current set, it’s not Kelly Green. So, we’re likely still stuck with what seems to be Lurie’s continued disinterest in moving the green back to where it should be.

by Reddit User MisterrAlex

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The Phillies 2015 Memorial Day Hats and Jerseys are Here

Dan Fuller - May 8, 2015

images from and

images from and

Each year, I have less and less to say about these. They’re here to stay, and each year, it seems like “What’s left for the camouflage treatment?” This year, it’s the brim (last year was the crown of the hat). Next year: the button (“squatchee”) on top? And because this is the internet, I’m not done complaining. In previous years, a neat detail of these hats was stitching the special flag or camouflage pattern in the batterman logo. They’re just using the normal team colors this year. Boring.


Another interesting detail is on the jerseys; last year, the “camo’d” jersey was the pinstriped home version. 2013 and this year are the grey aways. Oddly, the 2013 used white stroke around the “Phillies” wordmark, like the normal away jerseys. The 2015 uses red stroke. I’d hate to think that this is solely to make them different than the 2013s, and this is a marketing exercise. I’d certainly hate to think that. And, it’s a visual mess because it doesn’t offset the camouflage from the grey the way the white does.

it doesn't get any better with time

they don’t get any better with time

With all these variations of hats, we now have a continuum of “bad.”  2008, 2009, 2011 get passes as they basically look like regular hats drenched in sweet, sweet, freedom (red’s already a team color, navy is close enough to blue, also a team color). 2010: yuck. Among the camouflage options, 2013 Memorial Day has ended up looking the best, as it’s fully committed to the look. The 2015 gets the slight nod (hats, get it? ugh) over the 2014 due to the marginally subtler application of the camouflage concept. 2012 is so subtle that it just looks like  a dirty “P.” Wrapping up the flag designs, 2013 gets points for originality, and 2014 is just a mess.

Even these are a sad reminder of good years past and ever distant. (click to enlarge)

h/t: uni-watch

h/t: @fittedelphia for reminding me about the pre-2008 design last year.

The Ultimate Eagles Uniform Poll

Dan Fuller - September 5, 2014


The Eagles begin their 2014 season on Sunday, and almost all topics have been thoroughly discussed, even uniforms, thanks to Nike’s issues with Midnight Green. But there’s always time for more uniform discussion as we count the hours until 1:00 on Sunday.

Below are seven questions all about the Eagles’ uniforms. We all know Kelly Green going to win, but just how overwhelming will it be? Throwbacks? A Nike re-design? Something more subtle? How do you like your helmet wings? It’s all covered below. Any especially strong opinions? Omissions? Suggestions? Find me on Twitter, @dancfuller.

The most important question.

Should the Eagles switch back to Kelly Green? Sure it’s technically not limited to only “Kelly Green or Midnight Green,” they wore blue and yellow in 2007, remember. It could be any other color, but if a change were ever made, of course it would only be to Kelly Green.

Kelly Green or Midnight Green

lots more after the jump…

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Today in (More) Sad Kevin Kolb News

Dan Fuller - August 31, 2013


Following the Bills’ announcement yesterday that Kevin Kolb would miss the entire season due to (another) concussion, I stumbled across this. Being that the player selection is downright odd (no Cunningham or Reggie White? the “stripezilla” era taking up the majority of the choices?), it looks like there’s some sort of licensing issue at play… but it also looks like there’s a “no one ever wanted a Kevin Kolb jersey, even in fan favorite Kelly Green, and after three years, there’s an optimistic inventory manager who truly believes they have slightly more value than the cost of otherwise unutilized warehouse space” issue as well. Pro Tip: buy this jersey now for ironic “2010s” parties fifteen years from now; it’s a walking conversation starter.

And Here’s the Digital Camo Jersey the Phillies Will Wear on Memorial Day

Dan Fuller - May 21, 2013


UPDATE: It looks like the camo mix-up was just an error on the MLB Shop website. The uniforms worn on Monday both used the Desert pattern. 

from Monday’s game against the Red Sox

Adding to Kyle’s post yesterday, the Phillies will not only be wearing camouflage hats on Memorial Day, they’ll have special jerseys on as well. Yikes. Setting aside the argument that it’s “Memorial Day,” not “Military Appreciation Day,” these are ugly, and it looks like the hats have a different camouflage pattern than the jerseys, so they don’t even match. Based on some quick Wikipedia “research,” it looks like the hats have the “MARPAT desert pattern” while the jerseys have the “MARPAT woodland pattern.” I’m at the mercy of Wikipedia (and a relatively low resolution picture of the jersey’s lettering) here, so if there are any experts out there, let me know if this is wrong.


 Interestingly, Uni-Watch got a quote from a publicist saying that the Memorial Day hats are part of a “program” and “first in a series of three,” so look for additional designs on July 4 and September 11. Maybe they crisscrossed their camouflage patterns for the Memorial Day game (or just on the MLB Shop website)?

h/t to Uni-Watch for pointing out the ad copy showing camouflage jerseys as being “worn on-field.”

UniDiction 2012 – Week 6 – Lions vs. Eagles

Dan Fuller - October 14, 2012


Had enough pink yet? Only two weeks after this Sunday until we run the risk of forgetting about breast cancer without the NFL's campaign to remind us. If you can believe it, the percentage of proceeds devoted to "curing breast cancer" is even less than you might've expected (warning: link goes to Jezebel).




Week 5 seemed to have little going on uniform-wise, but it actually saw two uniform premieres. The Jaguars now-primary black jersey was worn for the first time (and without the black pants the team promised/threatened), and the Seahawks combined their navy jersey with grey pants for the first time in their current uniform set. (we've seen it previously with both white pants and navy pants). The Jaguars combo is…fine in terms that there are worse modern uniform designs, but why have teal in the color scheme, if they're just going to wear black helmets, jerseys, and socks. Second warning of the article: the Seahawks have three jerseys and three pairs of pants, and they're not afraid to mix and match. Trivia: how many combinations does that make for an entire season? Nine? Nope. It's a trick question. They can only wear the alternate (grey) jersey twice per NFL rules, so we'll only see up to eight combos. The Seahawks uniforms seem to grow on me each week (assuming they're not in monochrome navy blue), so I'll call this new combo successful.



Seahawks combos as of Week 6

 The Eagles play the Lions at home this week; Gameday shows green jerseys, so we've got green over white vs. the Lions white combo. For reference, the Eagles played the Lions last in 2010 as the visitors, and I did a UniDiction for that one, too. Warning (3rd one!): you'll see some uniform flip-flopping between that article and this one. The Lions have a pretty consistent uniform set through history; even though it's been updated a few times, it's still "Honolulu Blue," white, silver/grey, and black (though black was added in the early 2000s). As I said in 2010, the Lions uniform is exactly the sum of its parts: good, not great, with nothing particularly offensive anywhere. Look for an Eagles (uniform) win in an all-around good-looking game this week (minus the pink crap everywhere). Lots, lots more after the jump.


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UniDiction 2012 – Week 5 – Eagles vs. Steelers

Dan Fuller - October 7, 2012

follow me on twitter (@dancfuller) for various uniform-related updates during Sunday's games

With October comes a month-long explosion of pink on NFL fields. If you weren't "aware" of breast cancer before Sunday, you're in for a treat. Not to worry, neon pink goes with every other color used in the NFL. Oh, wait.



Through week 4, it's still been relatively slow in terms of uniform news, though the Falcons did break-out their 60s throwbacks, which are a marked improvement upon their normal set. Also, the Jaguars wore their teal jerseys for the last time this season as black has become their primary "color" jersey for 2012 and, presumably, on-going.



This week, we see the Eagles play the Steelers, a team who's more-or-less worn one of the all-time classic NFL uniforms since 1963 (though with a few Batman-esque hiccups along the way). Some trivia shows up in their uniform history, specifically the white pants with the current uniform in 1970 and '71. Eagles Gameday is showing the Eagles in white, so expect to see the green pants. This makes for the Eagles worst combo, with dark green pants which look nothing other than just "dark" in all but the brightest sunlight. Dislike of Pittsburgh the city aside, the Steelers have a really nice uniform: good colors, understandable use of black, stripes in just the right proportions, and even some unique details. Sorry Eagles fans, but this is a pretty clear Steelers win.

Also, let me provide a shameless plug for my review of the AWFUL throwbacks the Steelers will be wearing in Weeks 8 and 11. Warning: Week 11 nationally televised  Sunday night game. Don't be shy about contacting the FCC about the vulgarity displayed on you television.

Lots more after the jump.

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UniDiction 2012 – Week 3 – Cardinals vs. Eagles

Dan Fuller - September 21, 2012

UPDATED (h/t to reader Pat T.)

Another week, another reinforcement of how much Midnight Green needs to go. Sure, the Eagles mixed things up and wore their white jerseys at home against the Ravens, but they paired them with their Midnight Green pants, their worst combination in their tired set. Keep in mind that in Week 2's bright mid-day sunshine, that's the best that color is ever going to look. Even by the end of the game, the pants just looked like a generic, dark mess.

Your Week 2 recap and Eagles/Cardinals UniDiction are after the jump.

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