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UniDiction 2011: Week 17 – Eagles vs. Redskins and Week 16 Round-Up

Dan Fuller - January 1, 2012

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First off, Happy New Year! What's even less inconsequential than a regular unidiction? One for a game taking place after the Eagles have been mathematically elimated from the playoffs! (OK, let me first brag about predicting last week's Eagles win, then move on to the round-up and this week's unidiction.)

Week 16 Round-Up

Actually, last week was a little more eventful than was expected. The Bengals wore their orange alternates over their white pants, keeping the everyone safe another year from  the "world's worst Halloween costume" orange over black combo (last seen in 2005, so consider that one likely retired). The Bengals get A LOT of hate from the internet sports uniform community (yep, it's  a thing), but their whole get-up is just uncaringly, unredeemingly goofy, and, especially in orange, it just works in it's own, well, goofy way.


Though it's not an alternate jersey, the  Ravens paired their (normal) purple jersey with their black pants, something they did in 1996, then out that combo in their current uniform set for one game last year. It's a great trivia answer, but it's an awful uniform combination. It combines the issues of dark/black pants which don't have any contrasting features (off-color socks, stripes, etc.) with a dark jersey. It's all the issues of the Seahawks standard monochrome blue uniforms made even worse due to the black/purple combo. Blech. 


Your Week 17 UniDiction (Eagles, Redskins – for bragging rights only!) is after the jump. 

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UniDiction 2011: Week 16 – Eagles vs. Cowboys and Week 15 Round-Up

Dan Fuller - December 24, 2011

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Again, the Eagles one, I won. Good deal.

Week 15 Round-Up

A little more uniform action in Week 15 than we've seen in a while. The Chargers wore their powder blue throwbacks, which are better than the normal Chargers uniforms, but like some of the other (loud) throwbacks (Bucs, I'm looking at you), they're best as a "two games per year" sort of combo.

The Cardinals wore solid red again (three weeks in a row). Repeating myself, these look awful, though the red pants mean that the rare, trivia-riffic white over red combo may yet make an appearance.


Finally, the Rams, the team with a bajillion uniform combos, brought out their throwbacks last week. They're nice, but loud enough that they're best as a (say it with me) "twice a year kind of alternate."


Week 16 UniDiction – Cowboys vs. Eagles

Of course, this game will be visual deja vu to week 8, as the Cowboys are a White at Home team. Of course, I hadn't unveiled my snazzy new UniDiction format back then, so I'll let the picture speak for itself. Even though I dislike (hate?) the Cowboys, I have to begrudgingly admit their uniforms are pretty nice.

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UniDiction 2011: Week 15 – Eagles vs. Jets and Week 14 Round-Up

Dan Fuller - December 18, 2011


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Well, the Eagles won, and I predicted it. Nice. Sure, the score was off, but I'll take the W.

Week 14 Round-Up



The Steelers wore their 60s-ish throwbacks. Again, they're nice twice a season; more than that, well, that's a lot of yellow helmets. Nice to see them in non-yellow pants every once in a while, too. Nothing else notable last week, though the Cardinals wore solid Red again.



Eagles vs. Jets UniDiction

The Eagles are in Green over White, their best combo. It's worth…let's see… 22 points. (Points deducted for drop-shadows on jerseys, questionable pants stripes, and using black as one of the colors of their palette.)

Jets 18

Eagles 22

Some interesting Jets uniform trivia:

  • See the complete Jets uniform history at the Gridiron Uniform Database.
  • Jets fans generally don't like the Titans throwbacks. It's usually assumed that fans love throwbacks whenever their team wears one (Chargers, Patriots, Steelers, etc.), but that's not the case for the Jets because their throwbacks don't "throwback" to, you know, the "Jets."
  • Even though the current uniforms were introduced in 1998 and the color has always been called "Hunter Green," they darkened the green for the 2002 season.
  • The Jets 90s uniforms are very similar to the pre-Midnight Green Eagles uniforms from the same era, though the Jets wore white or green pants instead of silver.
  • Wikipedia has a page devoted to "Logos and Uniforms of the New York Jets," but it omits the "Hunter Green" shade change from 2002.

UniDiction 2011: Week 14 – Eagles vs. Dolphins and Week 13 Round-Up

Dan Fuller - December 11, 2011

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I lost; the Eagles lost. It was an ugly game for every possible reason. Let's just not talk about it.

Week 13 Round-Up [click to enlarge images]



The Buccaneers wore their Creamsicle throwbacks against the Panthers, which are ugly, but in that "so bad it's good, but no more than twice a season, please" sort of way.



In less positive news, both the Texans and Cardinals went monochrome in their respective games, navy over navy for the Texans and red over red for the Cardinals. Neither is a good look, but it means that the Cardinals may trot out their rare (though not particularly appealing) white over red combo now that their red pants are available this season.



Finally, for trivia lovers, the Redskins and Jets mixed it up by having the Redskins wear their maroon over white (instead of yellow) combo at home and the Jets in their, again, rare (and, again, unappealing) white over green.


Never one to shirk completeness, let me point out that the Steelers wore their throwbacks (with the yellow helmets) on Thursday night's game. Sure, it was a Week 14 game and should be in next week's UniDiction Round-up, but I'd hate to think of you would think I was being incomplete!

Full Dolphins uniform breakdown and UniDiction are after the jump.

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UniDiction 2011: Week 13 – Eagles vs. Seahawks and Week 12 Round-Up (new format!)

Dan Fuller - December 1, 2011


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Well, I was wrong for last week's game, too. 3-8. Of course, there was nothing right about the Eagles on-field performance, either.

There's an all-new format for the UniDiction section which I think you'll like, so let me know what you think in the comments.

Week 12 Round-Up

The Chargers wore their very nice Powder Blue throwbacks. I think the color's odd enough that it shouldn't necessarily be their primary uniform (and the Titans use light Blue, though in a very different way). But the Chargers' normal uniforms are among the least notable in the league (neither good nor bad…they just…are), helmet with electricity on the sides notwithstanding, so file the "should the powder blues be the Chargers' normal uniforms" under "let me think about it." I covered the Thanksgiving uniform happenings in last week's article.

Eagles vs Seahawks UniDiction (new format!)


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Your score is after the jump.

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UniDiction 2011: Week 12 – Eagles vs. Patriots and Week 11 Round-Up

Dan Fuller - November 27, 2011


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So, the Eagles get a win, and I get a loss. I guess that's a fair trade. I'm 3-7. Yikes.

Week 11 (and Week 12 Thanksgiving Games) Round-up

I normally do a previous week round-up here, but because there were three games on Thanksgiving (technically "week 12" games), I'll be including those here. Week 11 actually didn't have anything notable other than the Redskins at home choosing to wear their White pants below their Maroon jerseys, which isn't even that notable except for the fact that they have those great Yellow pants which look so much better with that jersey.

Each of the three Thanksgiving games actually did have some uni-relevant items, though (yes, I notice if you say "uni-relavant" fast, it sounds like "irrelevant" — the irony is not lost on me)… 1) The Lions chose NOT to wear their traditional throwbacks for their traditional Thanksgiving game. Not a big loss, as it's on the wrong side of the classic vs. old line, but still noteworthy it didn't make an appearance. 2) The Cowboys wore their 1960s inspired throwbacks which, though we hate the Cowboys around here, are admittedly very, very nice, and have a unique take on the usually "modern for the sake of modern" yoke + off-colored shoulders and sleeves design, which looks, again, classic, instead of busy. Really, though, the Cowboys suck. 3) The Ravens wore their Black alternates over their White pants. Nothing too notable there other than it never hurts to point out that this should be the Ravens primary color uniform combo (instead of Purple/White), and they should NEVER wear Black over Black.

Much more (including the Week 12 UniDiction) after the jump.

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UniDiction 2011: Week 10 – Eagles vs. Cardinals and Week 9 Uniform Round-Up

Dan Fuller - November 13, 2011

Week 10 – Note: DeSean not included.

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Ugly result, but a good looking game. My record continues to match the Eagles'. 3-5.

Week 9 Recap

With help from the Gridiron Uniform Database, Week 9 saw the Saints in their new-old(?)-for-2011 '60s throwbacks, making their second appearance, to which I can definitively say that the "accurate" nasty Yellow-ish Gold color should have been replaced with a new (actual) Gold color. Basically, take the template from the the  throwback, but use new colors. At the minimum, the helmet would match the rest of the uniform, and a great design wouldn't be ruined by an awful color choice simply because of appeasing some "purists" who insist on copying "all" aspects of a throwback, even the ugly parts. "All" in quotes because it's not like they're out there in period-accurate cleats.

The Cardinals broke out their Black alternates (for the second and last time of the season), so I'll again take the opportunity to point out that the Cardinals use special White pants for these jerseys which replace the Red paneling with Black paneling, and they swap their Red socks for Black.

Finally, the Steelers wore their 1960 throwback for their first time this season. I'm actually a fan of the Yellow helmets (maybe because they're seen at most, twice each year?), but the White pants give the uniform an incomplete look due to expectations vs. history because "Steelers = Yellow Pants."

A Cardinals uniform overview and your UniDiction are after the jump (hint: the Cardinals uniforms are awful)

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UniDiction 2011: Week 9 – Eagles vs. Bears, Broncos Wore Their Ugly Orange Alternates, and We’re Just Not Going to Talk About The Panthers’ Light Blues

Dan Fuller - November 7, 2011


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Well, they may have blasted apart my uniform-generated spread (25-15),  but a win (real life: 34-7) is a win. I'm 3-4, the Eagles are 3-4. Not too shabby after a dicey start for both of us.

We had a surprisingly lively debate in the comments section for a

review of the Marlins new logo on Tuesday, and the uniforms will be officially and fully unveiled on Friday 11/11, so check back next weekend for a full review. But, we're hear to talk about the NFL today, so let's start this football thing by looking at last week's NFL uniform action with the help of the always-great Gridiron Uniform Database.

For Halloween (?), the Broncos wore their Orange alternates. I'm not a big fan, but they're going with Orange as their primary color jersey color next year, so get used to it. Of course, the kicker is that they're rumored to be changing uniforms completely next year with the arrival of the Nike contract, so it's anyone's guess what they'll look like next year. Unfortunately (due to lack of being the home team and general non-funness in the NFL), none of the Bengals, Dolphins, nor Bears wore their Orange alternates. So close, yet so far.

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