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UniDiction 2011: Week 8 – Eagles vs. Cowboys

Dan Fuller - October 30, 2011

Follow me on twitter (@dancfuller) for uniform updates during Sunday's games. If you have any questions or want to have a uniform-related argument, whether fact-based or opinion-oriented, just send something @ me. 

OK, let's all agree that it was good to see the Eagles win one. But can we also agree that the Redskins looked a whole lot better in losing than the Eagles did in winning? I'll take the UniDiction loss (2-4, same as the Eagles, by the way), but I won't back down about the Redskins Maroon over Yellow being up there as probably the best combo in the NFL and the Eagles White over Green… just making me mad. 

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UniDiction 2011: Week 5 – Eagles vs. Bills

Dan Fuller - October 9, 2011


Follow me on twitter for uniform-related updates during this week's games (@dancfuller

Predicted score: 23-23. Actual Score: 24-23. Finally, the System works. Of course, the Eagles lost in a particularly ugly fashion (bad unintentional pun!), so at least we're keeping perspective. Speaking of perspective, my perspective is that I was close enough on the score last week to count it as a win, so I'm officially 1-3. 

Other than the stupid pink accessories (the extent of their use humorously detailed on Uni-Watch Blog on Monday), there were few uniform stories last week. But where there were stories, the story was Black. With assistance from the Gridiron Uniform Database, the Cardinals wore their Black alternates against the Giants, and the Ravens brought out not only their Black alternate jerseys, but their Black pants as well. Wearing Black socks with Black pants, it looks like the players are wearing tights. Blech. Of course, the Ravens also combine their Black alternate with their White pants, and, gosh, doesn't Black over White look a whole bunch better than Black over Black? Speaking of Black over White, the Cardinals actually use unique pants and socks with their Black jerseys. Notice the Black…umm… accents on the alternate-paired pants opposed to the normal White+Red pants. Also, the Black socks used in this combo are unique to this look. If the Cardinals had a more respectable uniform template, the Black alternates would be acceptable, but the Black jersey next to the stark, White helmet is visually jarring. I like the Ravens Black alternate jerseys; in fact it would make sense the Black jerseys the primary jerseys. Ravens are Black. (just like Eagles are green. Oh, wait) Random question Philadelphia fans: Do you think the Ravens primary jersey is Black or Purple? Being an NFC city, we don't see the Ravens very often, so our ignorance is acceptable, but the answer is Purple. It would just make sense to make Black the primary jersey. 

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UniDiction 2011: Week 4 – Special Pink Edition

Dan Fuller - October 2, 2011


Follow me on twitter for uniform-related updates during this week's games (@dancfuller)

0-3. This is not rarefied air. Another ugly loss by the Eagles, but at least they looked pretty good while losing. 

Let me point out that October brings the ridiculous pink accessories for breast cancer awareness. This creates a situation where disliking the medium is confused with disliking the message, but this guy hits the nail on the head. Interestingly, a random check of five of the 60-odd "Breast Cancer Awareness" items at, shows that the usual "portion of the sale will be donated…" copy is not there [editor's note: there is an auction on pink gear, but no confirmation that sales go to charity]. As much as not attaching a cash value to what "portion" actually entails reeks of superficially concerned corporation (think MLB's 'support the troops… with $1 from the profit of each VERY profitable Stars and Stripes hat we sell ), not offering anything is even worse. Do not buy this stuff. If you really feel the need to tie you breast cancer concern to your love of football, try the auction site instead. It's wording is intentionally vague, but it does specifically mention how (some portion) of your money will find its way to the cancer fight. 

"Funds raised through Making Strides and this NFL auction enable the Society to save lives be helping people stay well and get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back." 

Much more on last week's NFL uniforms and this week's UniDiction after the jump.

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UniDiction 2011: Week 3 – Eagles vs. Giants

Dan Fuller - September 25, 2011


Follow me on Twitter (@dancfuller). I usually post updates and light-hitting uniform commentary during NFL games.

That was an ugly game. And it was an ugly game. Even using the “wrap the score back to zero at 28 points” method, that makes it Falcons 7 – Eagles 3. Yep, 0 and 2. The system isn’t doing so well this year. 

In terms of uniforms throughout the world of (American) sports, logos for the Marlins and Blue Jays leaked this week. These appear to be lifted from the official 2012 MLB Style Guide, so expect to see the rest of this (including uniforms) trickle out over the next month or so as the pages from the Style Guide find their way onto the Internet. I’ll need to see how the Marlins logo works in terms of a uniform to have a full opinion, but it's a risky design, and that's not a bad thing. Unlike many recent logo/uniform re-designs, it doesn't use Navy Blue, Red, or (hopefully) Black. On the other hand, the Blue Jays basically combined their original logo with its late 90s tweaking into an odd middle ground. Warning: don’t think of the maple leaf as an earring. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it. We’ll see where these designs are going as more of the 2012 Style Guide shows up online. 

In the NFL, there were no big (or little) uniform stories last week, so I’ll use this space to remind everyone of the fact the Eagles announced they’re only wearing White or Green jerseys this year. There won’t be throwbacks, and the generally well-liked Black alternates won’t be seen at all. It’s just bad business. Watch Sunday’s TV broadcast and simply look at all the Kelly Green, Black, and (yes) even Yellow and Blue monstrosities. Fans buy this stuff right up (even if an embarrassingly large percentage of it is counterfeit). 

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UniDiction 2011: Week 1 – Eagles vs. Rams

Dan Fuller - September 11, 2011


Look for me on Twitter (@dancfuller) where I'll likely have a few uniform-related updates during today's games.

And we’re back. After three forays into Phillies throwbacks, we find ourselves back in the UniDiction wheelhouse… football uniforms. 

For catching up’s sake, the Eagles had no uniform-related news this off-season. No throwbacks like last year (boo) or 2007 (count your blessings), so it’s likely we’ll see the Black jerseys at some point, likely around Halloween (maybe against the Cowboys on October 30, though they may wear White to invoke the Blue Jersey Curse) or late November. For non-Eagles news, the Bills have an all-new uniform set, getting rid of their CFL/XFL-inspired disasters (quick review: they’re great, but why no Blue pants?), and the Giants supposedly have throwbacks to the 80s era, but they’ve yet to be announced. There have been rumblings about the Giants adopting throwbacks since they eliminated their Red alternates after the 2007 season but still no (official) confirmation in that direction. 

The (potentially) big news which will likely amount to very little is that 2011 is the last season of the Reebok uniform contract, and Nike gets the NFL in 2012. And, gosh, if they did this to Oregon, what will they do to my team?! Relax, it’s the NFL, not a bunch of loosely affiliated colleges trying to appeal to 16 and 17 year old recruits. Maybe some of the teams with that dreaded-for-marketing purposes combination of modern-yet-stale designs and recent futility (Broncos, Seahawks – who've hinted at re-designs for next year) will go the re-design route. Though there's always the risk of a team following the 2009 Jaguars and fixing something that wasn’t broken because it will be easier to re-define the corporate brand in terms of PMS numbers and visual identity than actually creating a “tradition of winning”, don’t expect any crazy Nike NCAA silliness like “Stealth Numbers” (hint: I actually like the effect), team-branded glovescamouflage, dye sublimation (think: anything with a gradient), or the like on an NFL team near you, especially not the Eagles, who have well-liked modern uniforms as well as a whole bunch of winning seasons within easy memory. 

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UniDiction – Wildcard Weekend – Eagles vs. Packers

Dan Fuller - January 9, 2011


Well, like the real Eagles, I didn't end with the right kind of streak, but if the NFC West has taught us anything, anyone can make the playoffs this year.  (and FYI, I had a better record than the Seahawks).

We've seen the Eagles play the Packers already this year, but thankfully, unlike last week's repeat game against Dallas, we'll see a different uniform match-up for their sequel.  In week 1, the Eagles brought out their well-liked (not as much by me, but there certainly are worse options out there) 1960 throwbacks, but this week, we'll see them in their normal Midnight Green over White combination.

The Packers did wear…. unique throwbacks once this season, but it's more than safe to say that they will not be wearing them this week (or maybe ever again?).  Anyway, we'll see the Packers in White over Yellow.  As I said in Week 1, it's a good (maybe great?) look, but it's not quite the look the way that their Green over Yellow combination is.

Sunday at 4:30 will be a match-up of perhaps the best "classic" uniform with the best "modern" uniform.  It'll be a real barn burner.  (note: other finalists for "classic" and "modern" bests include the Bears and Texans, respectively.  Sorry Jaguars, you were in consideration for "best modern," but your  post-2008 set is awful.  Also, sorry Buccaneers' fans, I just forgot about you until now.)

Your Playoff UniDiction is after the jump.

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UniDiction: Week 17 – Eagles vs. Cowboys

Dan Fuller - January 2, 2011


Blech.  Like a huffy, post game Andy Reid, let's just say I don't want to talk about last week.  In fact, it was the worst uniform upset of the season.

So, that leads us to Week 17, when there's a good chance the games won't matter.  And true to form, that's what we get this year.  The starters are resting, their playoff seeding can't improve, and tickets are in the $80 range… for a home game against the Cowboys.  Really.  I guess the Cowboys could be playing for Jason Garrett's continued employment,  but detailed analysis of anything but the Cowboys' uniforms or of-field sucktitude is beyond the scope of Crossing Broad.

In general, fan reaction to the 1960 throwbacks worn in week 1 was immsensely positive.  Even for fans like me who didn't particularly like the specific uniform, it was nice to see Kelly Green make an appearance (its first since 1995).  So, with an opportunity to make some aspect of Week 17 interesting by wearing the throwbacks (and in cynical terms, provide an advertising platform for them), the Eagles chose not to rock the boat, and they'll wear their normal Midnight Green over White combination.  Boring.

Now, a quick word about NFL uniform scheduling: NFL teams must annouce the uniform plan for the entire season sometime in the summer, before the first preseason game.  (This is unrelated to when teams change their uniforms/logos/branding.  Those decisions are made years in advance.  I'm talking of the nitty-gritty "which jersey with which pants" schedule and deciding the up-to-two regular season games where they'll wear wear the third jersey, whether it's a throwback or a normal alternate that particular season.  This is why we didn't see the Eagles black jersey this year.  They only get one "third" jersey in a given year.)  Uniform-enthusiast-friendly teams like the Texans publicly annouce the entire schedule in the summer, while other teams (like the Eagles) announce the uniform combinations the week of the game, and there are plenty of teams which announce nothing, making my job quite difficult if they have numerous uniform combinations (Redskins, Saints, Rams, etc. — though only the Redskins were on the Eagles' schedule this year).  So, all that to say, the uniform decisions are made early in the season, so the Eagles couldn't see that Week 17 wasn't looking particularly compelling, then decide to switch from the normal uniforms to the throwbacks because of that.

 But, for some armchair uniform scheduling (which is almost as awesome lame as uniform-based fantasy sports), my pundit-ish comments are as follows:

  • Throwbacks for week 1 and week 17 would have been nice bookends for the season, which conveniently started and ended at home
  • It gives fans something to look forward to for a potentially dreary week 17 match-up
  • Week 17 was a Cowboys game, so it's easily considered a "special" game.  (in retrospect, we can see that we fans really don't give a crap about the Cowboys rivalry if the game doesn't matter, and the Cowboys have a season which is known for nothing other than serial underperformance).
  • Merchandise.  (though maybe they should've worn them against the Cowboys in the away game which was pre-Christmas.)

So, punditry aside, this is the same uniform match-up we saw in Week 14.

In summary from last time: the Cowboys almost always wear White, and the Cowboys White and Color uniforms are horrendously inconsistent (see my image below):

Click on the picture for the larger version.

Your UniDiction is after the jump.

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UniDiction: Week 16 – Eagles vs. Vikings

Dan Fuller - December 28, 2010


So, it turns out that White is not really in either team's official color scheme…

Another week, another win.  When will the Pro Bowl of unlikely prediction systems be held?

Simply, the Vikings have one of the least loved uniforms in all of sports.  The reason is they've got two big things working against them.  1) The color scheme.  Purple just doesn't scream "sports!" to most people [especially this guy], and 2) The hideous, high school-looking uniform template.

Case in point, if you're someone who can get past the Purple and Yellow, their current throwbacks are quite nice, with lots of classic football details (Northwestern stripes on the sleeves [I'm a sucker for the subtle Yellow stroke on the White stripes — details people!], sandwich stripes on the pants, and even if you hate Purple out of Principle [hey, that could be the name for an awful band], it's not like Purple and Yellow don't go together.

So when they wear their throwbacks for two games each season, the world breathes a sigh of "good enough" (the socks could use some stripes — I'm just saying), but every other week… wow, that's bad.  In the interest of providing somewhat useful commentary beyond, "it's bad, trust me!" I think the designers were going for a shape on the sleeves, torso, and pants which evokes the "Viking horn," which is already features prominently on the helmet.  Or worse, do the panels evoke the shape of the mustache of the Viking head logo [or maybe the mustache is supposed to look like the helmet horns?  weird]?  If those aren't it, I can't really wrap my mind around what is is beyond "random panels strewn about."  The Viking head logo inexplicably shows up on the hip, and with its White background, all it does is "break" the continous nature of the panels connecting the jersey and pants.  The Yellow Stroke around the various panels doesn't terminate with the panels themselves.  Why, oh uniform designers, why?  (this is kind of like an inverted take on the Falcons' equally ridiculous non-terminating pants details.)  It works a little better with the Purple pants, but, they've worn them something like three times in the last four seasons (though twice this year), so it's almost like it doesn't count.

The Eagles are wearing Midnight Green over White this week, so that puts the Vikings in White jerseys.  Overwhelmingly, the Vikings wear the White jerseys with White pants, but for completeness' sake, I'll mention that they wore Purple pants with White jerseys against the Bears in November.  And that was a… special look.  Speaking of special looks, they also paired the Purple jersey with Purple pants against the Cardinals this year in what I'll call a Purple Out.  I wish I could say, "no one was harmed in the wearing of those uniforms," but I honestly just don't know.  I just don't know!  The Purple pants are exceedingly rare, so it's safe to assume we'll see the White over White combination.

Among a variety of ugly combinations, I will mention that Purple over White is the best one, and the high contrast between jersey and pants works to somewhat lessen the jarring nature of those inexplicable/horn(?) panels.

UniDiction after the jump.

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