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U.S. Soccer President Mispronounces Megan Rapinoe’s Name at Victory Celebration

Kevin Kinkead - July 10, 2019

The United States women’s soccer team celebrated their World Cup victory with a parade through New York City today.

Finishing at City Hall, United States Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro went up to the podium, where he proceeded to butcher Megan Rapinoe’s name:

What? Lmaooooo.

I agree with ABC 7 Eyewitness News; that was awkward as hell. This would be like Gary Bettman not knowing how to pronounce “Giroux,” as he hands the Stanley Cup to the Flyers captain in June of 2020.


Here’s Carli Lloyd shouting out the Philadelphia Eagles at the parade –

It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia: “The Super Mega Soccer Sunday Bonanza” w/ Russ Joy

Russ Joy - July 9, 2019

Episode #84 is the ultimate breakdown of Sunday’s triple-header:

  • Union/Orlando home and home series
  • who makes way for Andrew Wooten?
  • Marco Fabian’s fit, or lack thereof
  • USA women as world fucking champions
  • edgy and woke tweets
  • USA men lose
  • difference between men’s game and women’s game
  • the Tehran Derby
  • Kevin’s three-game Casa League red card suspension
  • John Boruk’s Facebook column

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John Boruk Wrote a Post Comparing the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to Donald Trump, and it was Not Well-Received

Kevin Kinkead - July 8, 2019

John Boruk is a conservative, but you already knew that.

The former NBC Sports Philadelphia anchor and Flyers reporter has previously tweeted about topics such as Colin Kaepernick, and why he wouldn’t let his son wear the color pink, the latter take resulting in a public apology.

I personally don’t care about the guy’s political views, but left wing Twitter does, and Boruk got “ratioed” for this tweet and Facebook post, which compared the United States Women’s National Team to President Donald Trump:


It’s an interesting premise. The U.S. women pretty much loathe Donald Trump. Donald Trump loathes them. However, are they actually alike?

“Holy shit what an awful take. Delete this,” wrote Twitter user @williamzabka42.This is one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a while,said Parker Molloy of Media Matters.

John in PA chimed in:

Right then, let’s take a look at the Facebook post and decide for ourselves. Writes Boruk, after the jump:

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We have Alex Morgan, England has Piers Morgan

Kevin Kinkead - July 3, 2019

King jabroni Piers Morgan wasn’t happy with Megan Rapinoe’s celebration after scoring against France in the World Cup quarterfinals, claiming the following on June 28th:

Of course, the United States went on to beat England 2-1 on Tuesday to advance to the World Cup finals. Alex Morgan, who scored the game-winning goal on her 30th birthday, expertly trolled Piers and other wankers with a tea-sipping celebration that took about three seconds to go viral.

I was sitting there thinking to myself, ‘you know, these women are total assholes, but I love it.’ I truly believe that, and it’s one of the biggest compliments I can hand out. They really do not give a flying fuck about the criticism they receive for celebrating or taunting or expressing their political beliefs. They talk a big game, they play a big game, and they’re probably going to win the whole thing again.

That’s all you can really ask from a team. If you’re gonna talk shit or do shit, back it up, and they certainly are. Even Piers realizes that now, and he penned this morning what I actually found to be a great column in the Daily Mail.

Writes Piers, after the jump:

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Who Was Correct in the USA Women’s World Cup Drubbing of Thailand?

Coggin Toboggan - June 12, 2019

The USA women’s national team DEMOLISHED Thailand yesterday 13-0 in the Women’s World Cup, setting off a firestorm on social media about good sportsmanship and running up the score against an inferior team. Should the U.S. women have taken their foot off the gas against a clearly inferior Thailand women’s team? Or was the 13 goal outburst appropriate?

Two Crossing Broad columnists share their opinions on the USA victory after the jump:

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Zach Ertz Off to France to Support His Wife at the Women’s World Cup

Russ Joy - June 12, 2019

Fresh off a 13-0 drubbing of Thailand in the Women’s World Cup, the US Women’s National Team is about to add to their supporters section. Eagles tight end Zach Ertz is heading to France to support his wife Julie Ertz and her teammates ahead of their Sunday tilt with Chile at the Parc de Princes in Paris.

Ertz told the Associated Press:

“It’s awesome being married to Julie, being able to support the people we love doing what they love to do. I’ve seen all the work she does each and every day and I’ve seen all the adversity she’s faced over the past seven years we’ve been together. I’ve seen the injuries. I’ve seen her cry. I’ve seen the blood. I’ve seen the tears. Because she loves the game so much, I’m so invested in seeing her succeed. That hard work is paying off.”

Rewind just over a year and it was a reversal of roles with Julie learning of the Eagles’ triumph over the Minnesota Vikings in the aftermath of a USWNT victory:

It’s pretty awesome to see a couple of high-profile athletes supporting each other on and off the pitch/field. Sure, people took the USWNT’s 13-0 victory and subsequent goal celebrations as the biggest heel turn since Danerys Targaryen burned Kings Landing to the ground after the bells of surrender had been rung, but I’ll still support the team. It’s the American thing to do.

Team USA Only Did One Thing Wrong While Beating the Brakes Off of Thailand

Kevin Kinkead - June 12, 2019

The U.S. women scored 13 goals in their opening round World Cup win against Thailand on Tuesday, setting a new record in the process.

That resulted in a bazillion Twitter hot takes and 5,000-word think pieces about running up the score, American sporting culture, gender inequality, and whatever other topics people could think of.

Trying to keep it a little more simple, without going off on 35 tangents, here are some thoughts on what transpired yesterday:

  1. Goal differential is a tiebreaker in World Cup group play. Therefore, it’s logical to score as much as possible. Sweden is also going to crush Thailand, so it was important for the U.S. to build up their +/- number right off the bat.
  2. As such, the scoring was fine, but the celebrating that bothered me. They were cheering goal #10 as if it was goal #1, and that came off as a little bush league, in my opinion. If you’re generally superstitious and/or believe in karma, things like that might come back to bite a team in the ass, or simply provide motivation for future opponents.
  3. Put me in the camp of people who feel as though taking your foot off the pedal is disrespectful to the opponent. If I’m Thailand, I’d be more insulted if the U.S. stopped playing and just tried to kick the ball around for the last 30 minutes of the game.
  4. There is much less parity in women’s soccer than men’s soccer. Nascent programs like Thailand aren’t on the same level as the U.S., France, and Japan, so to compare the women’s World Cup to the men’s World Cup is generally a fruitless exercise, since there’s less competition across the board.
  5. You play to win the game, as Herm Edwards once said.
  6. One of the overarching pre-tournament themes was that people felt like the U.S. needed to begin by making a statement, which they did.
  7. On the uber-rare chance that the U.S. men scored 13 goals in a game, they’d be judged the same exact way as the women. There’s no “patriarchal” thing going on here.

To that final point, I’d probably agree with Alexi here, after the jump:

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The U.S. Women Just Scored 13 Goals in a World Cup Game

Kevin Kinkead - June 11, 2019

Thailand was not a World Cup 2019 favorite, but holy smokes did they get steamrolled this afternoon by the United States.

Our ladies set a tournament record by scoring 13 goals in their opener, a game that was pretty much over after five minutes of play.

Here’s the list of goal scorers:

  • Alex Morgan (12′, 53′, 74′, 81′, 87′)
  • Rose Lavelle (20′, 56′)
  • Lindsey Horan (32′)
  • Sam Mewis (50′, 54′)
  • Megan Rapinoe (79′)
  • Mallory Pugh (84′)
  • Delran, New Jersey’s Carli Lloyd (90+2′)

Team USA took 39 shots and put 20 on goal while Thailand mustered two. Ten of the U.S. goals came in the 2nd half alone.

It appears as though the U.S. women are not messing around. They are looking to become world champions…

….world fucking champions.