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Here’s Video of the Recess Fight Allegedly Involving LeSean McCoy

Kyle Scott - February 8, 2016

A source with knowledge of the investigation confirmed John Gonzalez’s reporting of the incident allegedly involving LeSean McCoy at Recess nightclub at around 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning– that former Pitt football player Tamarcus Porter was the aggressor and McCoy, Curtis Brinkley and Christopher Henderson became involved in a fight after Porter and off-duty Philly police officer Roland Butler began to argue over the ownership of a bottle of champagne. A melee ensued, and CSN reports that two officers suffered broken ribs, one of whom may have also suffered a skull fracture.

According to our source, police have spoken to the officers involved in the incident, at least one of whom was said to be “fucked up” – an actual quote from the source – and their accounts match those given by security and staff from Recess. Warrants are reportedly being sought, perhaps to include McCoy, who, according to a bargoer who witnessed the fight, was involved and appeared to kick someone in the pile. Police may release security video they have of McCoy and friends leaving Recess after the altercation. Security cameras inside the club were “not working” at the time of the incident. [UPDATE: Mike Garafolo reports that law enforcement sources expect a warrant for McCoy with self-surrender allowed by mid-week.]

Using other images of McCoy from late Saturday night-Sunday morning, and a video posted and since-deleted from Twitter but still being shown on 6 ABC, we may be able to identify McCoy in the short video of the fracas. In other words, we Zaprudered the film.

UPDATE 2: TMZ has video confirming our observation of McCoy.]

First, McCoy was spotted having a late dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, where he wore a dark shirt and a thick, puffy jacket:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_01-35-00_PM
Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_01-35-12_PM

Later, apparently after the altercation, at around 3:45 a.m., reader Tim from bumped into McCoy at the Westin in Center City:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_05-43-29_PM

Tim, who was coming from a wedding reception, says he saw McCoy, who didn’t appear to have a scratch on him, checking in to the hotel with his “entourage”:

I told my friends about the sighting the next day and how Shady seemed annoyed. There were two girls with him and I started making the assumption that they may have been in an argument so that’s why he seemed to cold.  Now that I know about this altercation that has to be the reason he was upset.  He was pacing a bit behind where this photo was taken over by the back bar.  His boy who I now think was Curtis took the photo for me and the rest of them were sitting around the sofas in front of me at this point.  I def felt it was odd that they were checking in so late at night.

Tim said he spoke to one of McCoy’s companions – whom he thinks may have been Curtis Brinkley – about the Super Bowl, and saw another companion, described as having “long dreadlocks” (which could have been Porter), holding a large bottle of Hennessy.

As you can see, McCoy was wearing the same thing both before and after the fight, and, at least in the latter photo, what appears to be a black t-shirt, gold chain, and bright, bright shoes. The person who sent us this video said McCoy was not wearing the jacket during the fight.

It’s the bling that may identify him in the video.

We were able to slow down and brighten the original HD video shot on an iPhone 6. Doing so reveals a bright shoe, similar to the one worn by McCoy, entering the altercation between a staff member and, it appears, someone swinging a bottle: Continue Reading

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A Dez Bryant Video May Actually Exist, May Show Nothing

Jim Adair - February 26, 2015

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Kyle went out on a limb to say he didn’t think any scandalous Dez Bryant video actually existed. I agreed with him. Today, we found out that there was at least some kind of incident at a Wal-Mart, but there still may not actually be video of it.

According to Mike Florio, the NFL has (surprise, surprise) at least known the details of a supposed incident for over a week. The Lancaster, Texas police department sent NFL Media an incident/investigation report “via the Texas Public Information Act” regarding said incident. Here’s how Florio describes what the report says:

An unknown person called the police to explain that a black female was “being dragged from one vehicle to another vehicle” by a black male. The vehicle the woman was dragged from was a Mercedes registered to Dez Bryant.

When a police officer responded, a Wal-Mart security guard explained that he arrived at the scene with the door to the Mercedes still open and a child’s toy on the ground, but that no one was present. Then, two men pulled up in an Escalade registered to Dez Bryant. The two men, Carl King and Christopher Mitchell, said they received a call from the alleged victim, asking them to pick up “her” Mercedes.

Then, a Bentley arrived in the parking lot, with the alleged victim and Dez Bryant inside. The alleged victim claimed that she had an argument with a man named Alex Penson, that she was not assaulted or injured in any way, and that it was “just an argument” with Penson. The alleged victim claimed she was dropped off at a friend’s house, and that she contacted Bryant to pick her up.

The responding officer determined after talking to all parties that there was no offense, and that everyone was free to go.

Florio said the video is likely to come out (if there is one), but what it would show is up in the air. If what the police believed what happened actually happened, then Dez has done nothing wrong. If not, this could be an issue.

There is still not one even remotely legitimate source that has said they’ve seen the contents of a video.

And on the whole “5x worse” thing: Abuse is abuse. It’s terrible. It doesn’t need to be hyped up or quantified for hits or put side-by-side with other instances of abuse to decide which is worse. It’s always indefensible. If a video does come out and it shows Bryant abusing a woman, we’re going to be inundated with people wondering if what he did was worse than what Ray Rice did, if he should be suspended for longer than Rice was, etc. At the bottom of it all, Rice should probably be in jail, and if there is video of Bryant dragging a woman across a parking lot (which there may or may not be), he should have been arrested too. Instead, it becomes fodder for pundits and ESPN and hot takes on your Facebook timeline. We can talk all day about whether the NFL is handling domestic abuse the right way, but before it even gets to them, it has to be dealt with.

Flyers Fan Who Said “eww” to a Sidney Crosby Jersey for Christmas Gets a Special Gift from the Flyers

Jim Adair - January 7, 2015

Remember that kid who got a Sidney Crosby jersey for Christmas as a joke and didn’t appreciate it? If you were worried about that kid having some lingering trauma from opening a gift to see black and yellow, well it looks like the Flyers were too. They sent him (and his family) a gift pack that included an autograhed Claude Giroux jersey, a puck, a hat, sunglasses, a bunch of other junk, and a pair of tickets to watch the Flyers play the Bruins. Oh, he also gets to meet Giroux and some of the other players. That should wash that bad Pittsburgh memory right out of his head. Wait, did I say they were playing the Bruins? Never mind.

Video: Gigantic Cowboys Fan Not Named Chris Christie Celebrates Win Like a Real Jackass

Jim Adair - January 5, 2015

This guy must be a lot of fun at parties or whatever Arby’s line he’s in. But hey, at least his jersey is spelled right.

h/t Barstool

The Eagles’ Week 10 Video features a Beautifully Bearded Cartoon Kelce

Jim Adair - November 7, 2014

The Eagles face off against the Carolina Panthers and a defense run by former Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott this Monday night. But as the video shows above, they’re just a bunch of pussies.

Cody Parkey is Robin to Nick Foles’ Swoop-Man in the Eagles’ Week 4 Splash Cartoon

Jim Adair - September 26, 2014

These videos are usually a bunch of nothing, but that image above — and the half-assed voice acting from the players themselves — makes this one pretty special. I would totally watch a full series about the adventures of Cody “Robin” Parkey and Nick “Swoopman” Foles. Someone make it happen.

h/t reader Mack

ESPN’s Sport Science Breaks Down Mo’ne Davis’ Delivery

Jim Adair - August 15, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 8.48.38 AM

Jon Brenkus (who always sounds like he’s signing off from the video a few seconds after he should have) and the Sport Science team took a look at Taney Little League’s Mo’ne Davis in their latest installment. They compare Davis’ delivery to Jonathan Papelbon’s and the reaction time to her fastball to a 91 mph fastball from an MLB mound. The video is after the jump, because it auto-plays and that’s evil.

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Here’s a Choose Your Own Soundtrack Video of the Construction of The Vet

Jim Adair - July 7, 2014

You have to supply your own audio, but may I recommend this?

Over the holiday weekend, the Inquirer did a piece on the city’s Department of Records’ Youtube channel. The channel, seen here, is a time capsule of sorts featuring videos produced for various city departments from around 1955 to 1981. There’s the Ed McMahon narrated Philadelphia Tomorrow City – Today, an urban renewal film from 1955, and the unfortunately silent footage of some Vet construction above. You could probably lose a few hours watching all this stuff.

There’s also this video of aerial shots of the city when William Penn still stood above it all, which I bet also works well with the music suggested above.