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Vikings Fans Aren’t Thrilled With John DeFilippo (Who was Just Fired)

Kevin Kinkead - December 11, 2018

Update: I literally pressed publish like two seconds before he was fired –

Here’s the old story:


We often hear about how much the Eagles are missing Frank Reich and John DeFilippo, the offensive coordinator and QB coach who departed for Indy and Minnesota this summer, respectively.

Reich has the Colts in contention for a wild card spot at 7-6. They started the season 1-5 and have now ripped off six wins in their last seven games.

“Flip,” however, is not exactly lighting the world on fire.

The Vikings lost 21-7 to the Seahawks last night and are now 6-6-1 with three defeats in their last four games. Kirk Cousins has led his squad to just 17 points in the last two games, which admittedly were tough tests in Seattle and New England.

Star wide receiver Adam Thielen doesn’t want the blame to go to Flip, for what it’s worth:

“You hear the offensive coordinator is getting a lot of ridicule, but it’s about the players,” wide receiver Adam Thielen said. “The players have got to make the plays. It doesn’t matter what play is called, you have to run that play and you have to be successful on it. It just comes down to execution, all 11 players doing the right thing.’’

Fans and some media up there don’t see it the same way, but they’re not entirely hot on Cousins either. After the jump:

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Vikings Fan Puts Young Whippersnapper in a Headlock

Kevin Kinkead - November 26, 2018

Now, these things only happen in Philadelphia, but this video comes to us from Minnesota:


“(inaudible).. fucking tear you apart. You’re taking away from me. You scream and yell and everything you want but you don’t do that (makes cheering noise).”

I don’t have the full context here, but I have to side with the older gentleman. The Packers fan deserved the headlock just for wearing pajama pants and a bucket hat to a football game.

Rams Fan Gets Tossed Like a Rag Doll In Another Brawl Not Involving Philadelphia

Kevin Kinkead - September 28, 2018

I was told that Philadelphia sports fans are the worst, but here’s another wild melee not involving us.

TMZ Sports has video of a donnybrook from last night’s Rams/Vikings game, which appears to begin with some sort of argument. One guy with a Rams shirt then throws a half-punch at a guy with a Todd Gurley jersey, then eats three right hands before launching the first guy over a few rows of seats:

I guess the high ground doesn’t always work out for you.

THEN – some female Rams fan comes over and tries to punch another woman in the face and the video eventually ends.

TMZ says security came over and tossed a bunch of these jabronies out of the stadium.

Report: Eagles to Host Vikings in Season Opener

Kevin Kinkead - March 19, 2018

That’s the word, according to the King:

Let’s give “Kurt” Cousins and Skol nation a warm Philadelphia welcome.

Seriously though, how awful is this for Viking fans? They lost 38-7 at the Linc in the NFC Championship Game, then had to watch the Eagles win the Super Bowl in their home stadium. Now they get to watch the Birds raise the Super Bowl banner to kick off the 2018 season.

It’s a recurring nightmare. It’s like the Groundhog Day movie, but instead of Bill Murray waking up in Punxsutawney, you just continually see Nick Foles throwing bombs down the field. And it never ends. You can’t sleep it off.

For what it’s worth, here’s how the NFL Kickoff Game has played out going back to 2010:

The home defending champions have won four of the last five, though the Pats got totally worked last year at Gillette. They ended up going to the Super Bowl anyway, and Andy Reid and the Chiefs exited with a first round playoff choke.




Setting the Record Straight with the North Dakota Radio Host Who Shredded Our City

Kevin Kinkead - January 26, 2018

By now, you know about the North Dakota radio host who ripped Philadelphia on Monday, describing his horrendous experience at Lincoln Financial Field in a letter titled, “Dear Amazon, anywhere but Philadelphia.” 

Joel Heitkamp explained that his family was shoved and spat upon and had full beer cans thrown at them. He claims he was headbutted by a drunk Eagles fan and that police officers were complacent with the boorish behavior.

“I have never seen such a display in my life,” Heitkamp wrote.

He followed up with Philly Mag on Tuesday in a more tempered question and answer format, an interview where he didn’t really back down from his criticism of Philadelphia but did mention the hospitality of a “good guy named Ed.”

That’s Ed Callahan, the guy who runs the “Eagles Mobile II” tailgate. A Crossing Broad reader suggested we get in touch with Ed for his side of the story, so we did. Ed was nice enough to spend a few minutes on the phone Friday morning, and so was Joel, who got in touch with us later in the day.

Here’s what Ed had to say: Continue Reading

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North Dakota Radio Host Says Philly Doesn’t Deserve Amazon Because of Eagle Fans

Kevin Kinkead - January 25, 2018

Joel Heitkamp had a bad experience in Philadelphia.

The North Dakota radio host and ex-state senator was in town last week for the NFC Championship Game, and turned his disgust into a letter titled, “Dear Amazon…Anywhere but Philadelphia.”

Writes Heitkamp:

The reason for my letter is to explain to you what I, and numerous other Vikings fans, experienced in Philadelphia as supporters of the visiting team. I have never seen such a display in my life . We had full beer cans thrown at us. We were shoved and spat upon. I was headbutted by a drunk Eagles fan. My wife and sister feared for their lives. Another North Dakotan was beat up in a stadium bathroom. Just watch the videos. They’re not hard to find.

Where were the police, you ask? I am asking myself that same question. Well, I did see some law enforcement officers. I saw one cop walk up to an Eagles tailgate and ask for a “soda.” He left with a red solo cup filled with beer. I saw another cop witness someone being thrown to the ground, and he didn’t so much as flinch. “Keep moving,” he said.

The 56-year-old talks about his visits to Lambeau and Soldier Field, as well as his experience traveling to different stadiums as a college football referee. He talks about the passion that “the game produces” but says that Sunday’s behavior was criminal, with total neglect from the city of Philadelphia and law enforcement.

That’s why, Heitkamp says, Amazon should steer clear of the Delaware Valley:

This brings me to my plea of you, Amazon, and your CEO, Jeff Bezos:

Anywhere but Philadelphia. Do not build your $5 billion second headquarters in the “City of Brotherly Love.” Do not bring the stimulus of 50,000 new jobs there. As an Amazon customer, I want to continue to do business with your company. Please, anywhere but Philadelphia.

It was a window of opportunity for hater-in-chief Victor Fiorillo to get Heitkamp on the phone for an interview with Philly Mag, the outlet that published an appalling article on Monday titled “The Eagles Won Big on Sunday Night, and so did White Privilege.”

Fiorillo sees NFL players as “future rapists, domestic-assault suspects, and drunk drivers,” just to provide some context on his feelings towards football.

Anyway, from the follow-up interview: Continue Reading

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NFC Championship Game: Five Underrated Plays from the Blowout Win

Kevin Kinkead - January 24, 2018

The pick-six.

The strip sack.

The flea-flicker!

Big plays were a “big fucking deal” on Sunday night, as Joe Biden once said.

But lost in the glow of flashy highlight-reel stuff was a clump of key plays that made everything else possible, with smaller victories piling up in cumulative fashion on both sides of the ball. In a game that did not start in the Eagles’ favor, there was some tricky ground to navigate towards the end of the first quarter, and the Birds really executed on the strength of some crucial individual efforts.

Here’s my top five sneaky-important sequences from Sunday’s 38-7 win, not necessarily in order of importance, but going chronologically through the first half: Continue Reading

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Doug Pederson Earned Respect Long After It Should Have Been Given

Philip Keidel - January 22, 2018

As you bask in an epic Eagles victory at your job today, imagine if a prominent voice in your profession had said this about you:

“Everyone knows Pederson isn’t a head coach. He might be less qualified to coach a team than anyone in the NFL. Pederson was barely a coordinator before he became head coach. When will the Eagles admit their mistake?”

This effing guy.

The quote above is attributable to Mike Lombardi of The Ringer, who was spewing this garbage in that delightful preseason window where anyone who, say, got fired from the Cleveland Browns’ front office, can run his mouth about a grown man who is actually in the arena, coaching a team in games where the results count. Doug Pederson is now one game away from a Super Bowl win, and Lombardi is still a nobody.

We need not focus on the numerous gutsy decisions Pederson made when Carson Wentz was still at the controls. You don’t need to be a great gamer when you have a cheat code like #11 to deploy. It’s what you do when the cheat code is disabled, when your backup becomes your starter and defines your ability to lead, that’s what matters. Continue Reading

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