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Jason Babin Doesn’t Like the “Vile” Things He Hears from Fans

Kyle Scott - November 1, 2012

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Hey, look who’s whining again. Here’s a hint: it has greasy hair, tribal tats, and hasn’t touched a quarterback in over a month.

No, not Angelina Jolie (though she might play a more effective defensive end than our answer). 

Jason Babin!

Speaking to reporters today, Babin once again had something to say about fans, who had something to say to him on Sunday.

Here are his thoughts on the oh-so-vile things he heard on Sunday: [Delco Times]

"I just thought there's no place for that in the NFL. None whatsoever. I mean just some of the foul things they were saying. Yeah, I'm going to be protective of Coach Reid, Coach Wash (Jim Washburn) and my teammates. It was upsetting that a few bad apples were chanting that kind of stuff. But what are you going to do." 

"I don't even want to repeat what I heard. It's that bad. And I've got a pretty high threshold for adult jokes." 


I’m not big on acronyms, but so as to not offend Jason: STFU!

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