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The Celtics Reportedly Met With Donte DiVincenzo

Kevin Kinkead - May 23, 2018

From Adam Zagoria at the New York Times:

Hmmm, well DiVincenzo might not even be available at 27. The Villanova star, who was originally just testing the NBA waters, could instead hire an agent and enter the draft. He had an excellent combine and is now viewed as a late first round pick, mocked as high as 18 by CBS Sports (Spurs) and 20 by Sports Illustrated (Wolves). I’ve seen other mocks that have him going 30th (Hawks), 29th (Nets), and 21st (Utah).

He’ll have until May 30th to decide whether he’s in or out, but if he projects to go in the first round, I can’t imagine a Villanova return.

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Donte DiVincenzo Will Enter The NBA Draft

Kyle Scott - April 19, 2018

Me, on March 17:

As noted previously, I was laughed at, scorned, mocked and derided for my superior take. Russ told me I was being ridiculous.

Villanova, today:

Gulp. If DiVincenzo and Omari Spellman leave, there’s a real possibility Villanova will only be a top 10 team next year. I’m not even sure how to deal with this.

I wrote at length about DiVincenzo’s draft prospects earlier this month. My guess is he comes back for another year. He would be able to play himself into a high first round pick and be a candidate for All-American.

That said, currently has four Villanova players going in the first round:

That is astounding. Omari Spellman would be the perfect, er, spell for Embiid, too, seeing as though he can step outside and hit the three. Regardless, this is early days and it’s quite possible that both Spellman and DiVincenzo return for another season and National Championship, but this is quite the list.

Omari Spellman Will Declare For The NBA Draft

Kyle Scott - April 17, 2018

Villanova press release:

Villanova redshirt freshman forward Omari Spellman (Cleveland, Ohio) will enter his name into the 2018 National Basketball Association Draft process but won’t hire an agent, it was announced today.

Spellman was tabbed BIG EAST Freshman of the Year and Philadelphia Big Five Rookie of the Year for his work in 2017-18. He started 39 of Villanova’s 40 games last season and averaged 10.9 points and 8.0 rebounds as the Wildcats set a school record with 36 victories on their way to the NCAA national championship. Spellman connected on .433 of his attempts from beyond the 3-point arc and led the Wildcats with 59 blocked shots.

“Omari’s intelligence and willingness to be coached allowed him to make great strides last season,” stated Wildcats head coach Jay Wright. “His development as a complete Villanova Basketball player was instrumental to our team’s success. We look forward to working together with Omari and his family in the coming weeks as they go through the process of evaluating the next step in his basketball career.”

The 2017-18 Villanova Men’s Basketball season is presented by KeyBank.


That’s a guy from Boston being upset. I’m not from Boston, but I am upset… and also a little bit amused that Villanova has a sponsor for its press releases. They’ve run out of places to keep all the money. Pretty soon they’re going to have to build a car wash, a la Walter White, to stash all the ongoing capital campaign funds lest they want to build another bridge across Lancaster Avenue. This is so good for business.

Where was I? Ah, right, Spellman. Well that would be a donkey punch to the 2018-2019 Wildcats, who are also losing Jalen Brunson and Mikal Bridges to the league. If Spellman leaves, I might have to come to terms with the notion that Villanova might not win the National Championship next year. I suppose this is what it feels like to be a Duke fan.

Spellman’s game just oozes NBA. It drips NBA. If he sat on your couch, he would leave behind little NBA stains when he got up. His ability to bang down low and step out and hit the three is perfect for the current iteration of the sport. It’s kind of mind-boggling that he was Villanova’s best three-point shooter. Baby Embiid I’ve called him. With good reason.

This is a smart move for him. He can test the waters and return for a sophomore season if league signals intelligence isn’t favorable. Selfishly, I’d like for that to be the case, but if nothing else him leaving would shut up that dipshit Jalen Rose about Villanova not having any one-and-done players.

Jalen Brunson is Turning Pro

Kevin Kinkead - April 11, 2018

Why wouldn’t he?

There’s nothing left to achieve at Villanova.

He’s the Naismith Player of the Year and a two-time national champion, the Wildcats’ leading scorer this season and a leader on and off the court. He’ll follow his father Rick to the NBA and forego his senior season on the Main Line.

Brunson wrote a letter to Villanova after making his decision, which was published on ESPN:

“Dear Nova Nation,

It is with great honor and privilege that I have called Villanova University my home for the past three years. When I decided to commit to Coach Jay Wright and the basketball program, I was driven by three goals: getting my education, competing at the highest level and winning a national championship. While I pride myself on remaining disciplined and focused to achieve these goals, I have grown as a man and have established lifelong relationships with my teammates, classmates, members of the basketball staff, fellow student-athletes and the wonderful educators and administrators of this prestigious university.

After careful consideration and prayer, I have decided to enter the 2018 NBA draft and hire an agent. I want to thank my parents, family members including extended family, and close friends for their continued love and support through this process. I would also like to thank all the coaches that I have had throughout my career for everything they have done for me and my family. Lastly, I want to thank my teammates for welcoming me to a family that I am forever grateful for being able to join.

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!


Jalen Brunson”

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Mikal Bridges is Headed to the NBA, and Would be a Good Fit for a Certain Local Team

Kevin Kinkead - April 10, 2018

Fresh off a second national title in three years, Villanova guard/forward Mikal Bridges is taking his talents to the National Basketball Association.

Bridges will skip his senior season, as predicted, and play his his next campaign with the professionals instead.

The 6’7″ Great Valley product is a projected lottery pick, a guy who averaged 17.7 points and 5.3 rebounds as a redshirt junior playing on the nation’s best team. Bridges shot a wonderful 51.4% this season and hit three pointers at a 43.5% clip, a big reason why Villanova became the only Big East team in the last 20 years to shoot 50% from the field & 40% from three for a season.

Bridges is the 2018 Julius Erving Award winner as college basketball’s top small forward. He’s regarded as one of the best two-way prospects in the draft, with a 7’2″ wing span and defensive flexibility that allows him to guard multiple positions while slashing to the rim and hitting triples on the offensive end. In an era where the NBA values “three and D” players, Bridges fits the bill perfectly.

He echoed those sentiments when speaking with ESPN:

“There’s space in the NBA on the floor, and there’s this move toward positionless basketball that I fit into,” Bridges told ESPN. “I can shoot the ball. I can defend. I can move without the ball. I’m progressing in my game, getting better through work every day.


Two NBA forwards who most intrigue Bridges are Oklahoma City’s Paul George and San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard.

“They weren’t phenoms when they came out of school,” Bridges said. “They weren’t always on top and dominating. They were very low-key guys. They kept getting better and better.”

Is Mikal a fit for the Sixers?

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Here’s The Villanova Focused One Shining Moment Video

Kyle Scott - April 6, 2018

Two years ago, TruTV showed a Villanova-specific One Shining Moment. It was hard to find, but we dug it up and posted. I have no idea if they did one this year – I can’t find it – but there was one played yesterday at the parade. Here’s the best video I got of it.

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Transcribe this Sign

Kevin Kinkead - April 5, 2018

Sometimes less is more, especially if you’re holding up a sign in a crowd of thousands of people at a parade.

My favorite display from today’s celebration was this one, which is simply stated:

Let’s go word by word:

“Congratulation (sic) to Penn State men’s Basketball team for winning the 2017-18 NIT championship.

Let’s hear it for VILLANOVA MEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM of Novaville, Pa “or” Novaville, Penn for winning the 2nd Final Four, Final Two – The big one national championship of 2017-18 in 3 years. Congratulation (sic) to Villanova’s champions.

Once again,

congratulation (sic) to our Super Bowl champions the Philadelphia EAGLES, we are now (can’t see word) on the Flyers, the 76ers, and the Phillies to bring the championship home.

Hell no, oops, I mean Heaven’s no, none of us are coming to the White “hell” House to meet with you, Donald Trump, and (can’t see word), we would rather go to the Partland (sic) school and support the children & teachers.

written by Townwatch Tony


Can’t argue with any of that.

Shout out Penn State, shout out Nova, shout out Eagles.

Shout out Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Soul, Freedoms, Saint Joe’s, La Salle, Temple, Drexel, Penn, Union, Kixx, Wings, Fusion, Independence, and the Philadelphia Tapers of the 1962 ABL season.

This really is a 19 for 19 city, and that’s why we love it.

Jay Wright, Oozing Class as Usual

Kevin Kinkead - April 5, 2018

Oh yea, today also happens to be Villanova’s national championship parade.

This one doesn’t seem to have the same buzz as the 2016 parade, at least on TV. It’s sort of like when you see your favorite band for the first time, and then you’re lucky enough to see them come around two years later, playing mostly the same setlist. You still go and you still have a great time, but the second time seeing Nightrain live isn’t the same as the first.

But one thing that is the same is Jay Wright’s approach, which is nothing but class.

He used his speech at City Hall to talk about everybody but himself, and tactfully explained what I’ve been bitching out all week – that this is a Philadelphia team.


“We’re all a part of the Nova nation today, man, Thank you for coming out. You know, we do this so much in Philadelphia now that I thought you guys would get tired of parades. But no way. You showed up strong, I hope you all can get a picture of what this looks like from up here, the whole Nova nation in Philadelphia. We’re so proud to be a part of this. On behalf of the entire Nova nation in Philadelphia, especially our team, I want to thank Mayor Kenney, City Council, all of our Philadelphia police and the fire department for putting on an incredible parade. Thank you very much guys, we love you for it.

We have had a great run here and we do it all together. Can you give a warm Nova nation welcome to our entire coaching staff? I want to bring them up here (Wright waves them up to the stage and introduces them).

We are so proud to represent the Big Five, the Big East, and most importantly, the great city of Philadelphia and Philadelphia basketball, which has the greatest tradition in our country. Everywhere we go, when we play in the national tournament, all of the Big Five schools would root for each other. I was afraid to say this during the tournament, but Penn coach Steve Donahue helped us out with the scouting of Kansas. I didn’t want to say it when we were in the tournament, but there’s a tight bond in the Big 5 and we all stick together. We’re proud to represent the Big Five in Philadelphia, and we all know that there are people out here from everywhere in the Big Five, that are part of Nova nation today. And we saw, thank you very much, thanks for supporting the Villanova Wildcats. We’re gonna bring up the guys and I want you to show them love. They take great pride in being a part of you. Before we do that, I personally want to thank you; we played all of our home games at the Wells Fargo Center this year. This is truly a Philly team and we thank everybody at the Wells Fargo Center. We thank the entire city of Philadelphia for coming out and making the Wells Fargo Center a great home for us this year, and home of the national champions.”

I can’t man.

I just can’t dislike the guy.