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Cole Hamels Pulled Back off of Waivers, Cubs Get Jacob Turner from Marlins Instead

Jim Adair - August 8, 2014

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After being claimed on waivers by the Cubs, Cole Hamels has been pulled right back off of waivers since a deal couldn’t be worked out. According to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune, it wasn’t even close:

A major league source said that Cubs took a longshot chance in making the claim for Hamels, feeling they had nothing to lose and had a chance at ending up with an affordable, No. 1 starter who is owed $90 million from 2015-18, with a $20 million option for 2019.

But the Phillies weren’t going to deal Hamels without getting at least a couple top prospects in return, and the Cubs were never close to making that happen.

The Cubs also claimed righty Jacob Turner from the Marlins and were able to work out a deal where they gave up two Class-A prospects for his services. This was very uneventful.

Howard, Burnett, Bastardo, More Put on Revocable Trade Waivers

Jim Adair - August 4, 2014

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According to Ken Rosenthal, the Phillies have put Ryan Howard, A.J. Burnett, Antonio Bastardo, Kyle Kendrick, and Roberto Hernandez on waivers. These players can now be claimed by anyone, or clear waivers and be dealt to any team, or be pulled back off of waivers for whatever reason the Phillies want. They’re finally doing something about this roster though, and we’ll keep an eye on all of these guys.

Juan Pierre Clears Waivers, Could Be Traded Today

Ryan Gillon - August 31, 2012


(Photo: Rick Shultz/Getty Images)

He will be missed.

Jon Morosi from FOX Sports is reporting that Juan Pierre has cleared waivers.

Why is midnight tonight relevant? Pierre will be able to play in the postseason if he's traded by then. Because he's useful to a potential contender, there's a decent chance he'll be dealt.

Pierre, 35, is batting .300 for the Phillies with 32 stolen bases and 22 RBI, but's his .343 on-base percentage that likely makes him attractive to other teams.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Cliff Lee Claimed Off Waivers by Dodgers, But it’s Unlikely Phils Will Trade Him

Kyle Scott - August 3, 2012

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Ah, you know, guys, this is really getting old

Well, well. Look at that. An All-Star pitcher with a penchant for pissing excellence, specifically in October, didn’t magically slip through the waiver wire.

Jon Heyman reports that Cliff Lee did not clear waivers. But, all this means is that the Phillies can either pull him back off waivers, let him go to the team that claimed him, or work out a trade with that team.

Lee’s contract, of course, says that he can only be traded to or claimed by one of eight teams without his approval, and we don’t know which they are. Nor do we know which team claimed him.

The folks over at MLB Trade Rumors broke it down further:

The team(s) that claimed Lee showed a willingness to take on approximately $95MM in future commitments. Lee earns $21.5MM in 2012 and $25MM per season through 2015. His contract includes a $27.5MM vesting option for 2016 with a $12.5MM buyout. If the Phillies can assign Lee to the claiming team without his permission, they will now have to decide whether they value Lee's performance more than the flexibility they'd obtain by letting him go. If multiple teams claimed Lee, National League teams have priority over American League teams.


When asked about Lee this afternoon, Amaro told reporters, "he is not going anywhere.” So, Lee being claimed likely means nothing. Maybe. I don’t believe a word that comes out of Ruben Amaro’s mouth.

UPDATE: Howard Eskin reports that the Phillies pulled Lee off waivers when the claim was made. But no confirmation on that.

UPDATE 2: Eskin was wrong. FOX Sports' Jon Morosi reports that it was the Dodgers (yeah, the team that wanted Cole Hamels and just traded for Shane Victorino and Joe Blanton) who put the claim in on Lee. Morosi feels it's unlikely that they will ultimately obtain him, but there's still the possibility.

Heyman provides more details: [CBS Sports]

The Phillies will talk, but their people have suggested to others they don't see a trade for Lee as very likely. If a trade can't be worked out, the Phillies would then pull back Lee and he wouldn't be traded this season. If a player is put on waivers a second time, he can't be pulled back.

Prior to the deadline the Phillies weren't offering to pay down the $95 million remaining on Lee's deal through 2015 while also asking for a big prospect back. The claiming team obviously has to be willing to absorb the full contract, as the Phillies theoretically could just send him to that team (although people familair with the team's thinking say they aren't likely to do that).



UPDATE 3: The Dodgers' website is reporting that the team was prepared to take on Lee's contract, but the Phillies wanted a major haul in return, so the Dodgers settled on Blanton (heh). Looks like Lee is staying in Philly.

Hilarious Twitter Overreactions to Cliff Lee Being Placed on Waivers

Kyle Scott - August 2, 2012

With the news that Cliff Lee had been placed on waivers, many, myself included, had a brief moment of panic. The word waivers comes with a negative connotation and, in many cases in sports, signals the end of a player’s run with their team. 

Baseball works a little differently.

Most fans know that after the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline, players must clear waivers before they can be traded (this is how the Phillies acquired Matt Stairs). This is so all teams are given a fair chance to claim a player and down-and-out teams are prevented from selling off players at the last minute. That part is widely known and understood. But, what is not as well known and certainly not as well publicized is that, at some point each August, almost every player in baseball is placed on waivers as a matter of procedure. Teams can pull a player off waivers if he’s claimed, so there’s really no risk in putting a player on the wire. It’s mostly just part of a behind-the-scenes poker game that we don’t get to witness. As a result, when news that Lee was placed on waivers broke this afternoon, the knee-jerk reaction for many was one of surprise. Usually, the names of those players aren’t disclosed, so we don’t think or talk about it (Jayson Stark and Danny Knobler have done a nice job of explaining the process in seasons past).

And after hearing Ruben Amaro say in multiple interviews that the Phillies had no interest in moving Lee, learning that he is on waivers raises an eyebrow or two, because, if he clears, the Phils will have the option of trading him again.

It was widely reported that working out a trade for Lee in the short window leading up to the deadline was a near impossibility considering the amount of money Lee makes and his limited no-trade clause (there are only eight teams he can go to without approval). But, should he clear waivers (which he likely will), it will give the Phils and a team like, say, the Rangers more time to hammer out a deal. It’s probably still a long shot, but will be a possibility again.

Anyway, here are the best Twitter overreactions to the news… starting with mine.

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Report: Phillies Place Cliff Lee on Waivers

Kyle Scott - August 2, 2012

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According to Yahoo!’s Jeff Passan, the Phillies have placed Cliff Lee on waivers. It's a somewhat standard move, to be placed on waivers after the trade deadline, but here are the scenarios: If he clears, which is likely because he is owed roughly $95 million, then he will be eligible to be traded by tomorrow afternoon. To do so, the Phillies would likely have to swallow about $7-$8 million a year, according to Passan.

Inquirer beat reporter Matt Gelb doesn't think the Phillies would eat that much money, but letting go of most of Lee's massive contract would allow them to do other things (rebuild).

Again, it's likely no team will claim him and it's probably not the outcome the Phillies are searching for. However, if he were to be claimed, the Phils could still pull him off waivers.

Ruben Amaro has spent the last two days doing interviews, telling anyone who will listen that the Phils were never shopping Lee. But, by placing Clifton on waivers, a move that could eventually lead to him being available for a trade, the Phils are, at the very least, exploring their options. 

CBS Sports' Danny Knobler explained the waiver process last summer, pointing out that many players get put on waivers. It's often procedural, but with all the trade talk surrounding Lee, you can't help but wonder if the Phils are entertaining the idea of a post-waiver trade deadline trade.

Admittedly, we may have jumped the gun, a bit, on this. Often, waived players' names aren't released and, as many baseball people are pointing out right now, some of the game's biggest stars get placed on waivers each year. But still, it's cause for some unease.

Flyers Place Michael Leighton on Reentry Waivers

Kyle Scott - April 5, 2011

Great Photoshop from reader Dominic Perilli

UPDATE: CSN's Sarah Baicker reports that the Flyers would like to use Leighton on Friday against Buffalo.



We are sunk.

According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, the Flyers have placed Michael Leighton on reentry waivers. What does that mean? We'll let Bob explain it (NYET! NYET!– no not that Bob):

Will be interesting to see if anyone claims Leighton. Makes $1.6M next year, cap hit of $1.55. Claiming team only responsible for 50%.

If claimed, Leighton not eligible to play for new team now or in playoffs. He would be a bargain at $800K next season.


Essentially, if another team claims him, they will only have to pay him half of his $1.5 million salary. If no one picks him up… he is back on the Flyers. Here's why he is awful.

The Big Bear might be making a return. I'm sick. I'm dizzy.

Most likely the Flyers are looking for insurance, should Bob or Bouche get hurt. But there's part of me that believes – with a good performance – Leighton could be an option to replace Bouche as the backup. 

I'll happily throw in $3,000 to a fund for another team to pick him up. Who's with me?

Nik Zherdev Isn’t Going to Just Go Away

Kyle Scott - February 24, 2011

Sure, now he decides to practice!

Red Scare! It's not that easy to just unload Russian forward. Russian forward unload you! Or something like that.

Nikolay Zherdev cleared waivers. That means the Flyers will likely send him to the Phantoms. Of course, no one is sure if Zherdev will actually accept the re-assignment. If he doesn't, the Flyers could suspend him and not pay him. Ohhh fun!