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Jim Washburn Reportedly Demeaned Juan Castillo by Calling Him “Juanita” and Embarrassing Him in Meetings

Kyle Scott - December 3, 2012

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As if this season couldn't get weirder… a report from CSN’s Reuben Frank sheds some light on why Jim Washburn was let go (besides, you know, the Eagles defensive line being an embarassment to sport). In absolutely shredding the decision to hire Washburn before promoting Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator last year, Frank puts forth this bit of tid: [CSN Philly]

Castillo is a good man who was put in an impossible situation. Washburn, a lifetime defensive coach who’s never been shy about speaking his mind and trampling anyone in his way, often made his disdain for Castillo clear.

Washburn operated apart from Castillo, running his own little defensive line fiefdom and often either ignoring Castillo or derisively calling him “Juanita” in front of his players, the veteran defensive player said. He was condescending and confrontational and embarrassed Castillo frequently in meetings and at practice and also went over the line criticizing his players at times. 


Jeez. At least Washburn showed enough retraint to refrain from asking Castillo to cut the grass on the practice field.

The whole story from Frank is worth a read, an Andy Reid.

Frank (Roob) has been the harshest critic of the Eagles – specifically, Babin, Washburn and the defense – among beat reporters. His Twitter beef with Jason Babin’s wife seemed to start it all. He got in digs at Babin when Babin was released. And today, he tweeted upon his arrival to the NovaCare Complex:


I’m applauding Roob for standing up to the misguided Eagles PR machine. Of course, some assumed it was Roob of whom Babin spoke when our (least) favorite lunkhead said the Philly media was “unprofessional” and didn’t tie their shoes, among other things. A person who spends quite a bit of time in and around the Eagles locker room emailed me to say that Roob often appears “slovenly” and that his untied shoes are a bit of a “trademark.” [Welcome to my inbox, people.]

Now, I don’t write those things to rip Roob (because he’s done a fine job of skewering the Eagles), but merely to point out that our messenger for this post is kind of in the middle of the story– this tangled web of Reid, Washburn, Babin, and the god awful Wide 9.

What’s more is that Washburn and Babin are very closely tied. Washburn was reportedly enraged when Babin was let go, a move that sealed Washburn's fate with the Eagles. Reid told reporters that both decisions – to let Babin go and fire Washburn – were his. He said that firing Washburn was not to save his own job, but that it “needed to be done now.” It's odd, though, that Castillo was fired before Washburn.

In a way, sacking Babin and Washburn, and officially demoting Michael Vick, are the moves of a coach rebuilding for the future, not one on his way out. It’s hard to imagine a situation where Reid doesn’t get fired after the season, and perhaps he only knows one way to do his job… but most coaches on the way out don’t make moves with an eye toward next year and beyond. You’d think that Reid would want to eek out as many wins as possible to boost his (admittedly) strong resume.  So, that makes you wonder.

One thing is clear, though: Washburn seems like a real asshole.

Babin had two tackles and no sacks in a loss to the Bills yesterday.

Eagles Fire Jim Washburn, One Coach Calls Him “A Cancer”

Kyle Scott - December 3, 2012

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You're fucking out!

Good morning! Another piece of the carcass is ripped away as the lifeless body of what was once the Philadelphia Eagles slowly becomes even more disfigured.

The Eagles fired defensive line coach and unofficial Wide 9 chairman Jim Washburn this morning. They’ve hired Tommy Brasher to take his place. Brasher was the Eagles' d-line coach in 1985 and then again from 1999-2005, when he retired. Progress! 

Washburn reportedly had been upset that the Eagles released Wide 9 (not-so-much)superstar Jason Babin last week, and one Eagles coach told Eagles reporter Jeff McLane that Washburn had become “a cancer.” 

Things reportedly weren’t good with the d-line unit overall. Philly Mag’s Tim McManus (the hero reporter the city needs and deserves right now) is tweeting that teammates were annoyed with Washburn because Babin could “do no wrong,” and Trent Cole had walked out of a meeting at some point in the past few weeks.

Here’s a trolling statement from Andy Reid:

"Jim is a fine football coach and we appreciate the efforts he gave to this team over the past two years. However, I determined that it was in the team’s best interest that we move in a different direction in terms of trying to maximize the production of that position group We look forward to having Tommy Brasher back on board to work with the defensive line."


Goodbye, Wide 9. Who’s next?!

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So, What Caused the Eagles’ Sideline Dustup on Sunday?

Kyle Scott - November 29, 2011

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Wide load, coming through

What the hell is wrong with people?

I was all about the Jim Washburn-Marty Mornhinweg dustup. After all, the Eagles have been lifeless all season, so a little bit of passion showed that at least someone cared.

The immediate speculation as to what caused the skirmish was that Washburn took exception to Mornhinweg’s (I seriously hate spelling his name– going with Marty from here on out) failure to utilize the league’s best running back. 

That wasn’t the case– the showdown allegedly occurred following a three and out in which the Eagles ran the ball twice. 

Howard Eskin then reported that it was over play-calling, in general, and likely the Eagles’ consistent failure to sustain any sort of useful drive. Washburn, never shy about his feelings, pushed back on Marty.

Well, it turns out that's not the case, either. 

So, why did two frumpy men yell and push on the Eagles’ sideline Sunday afternoon? They bumped each other, allegedly.

From Jonathan Tamari and Jeff McLane (who knows a thing or two about off-the-field skirmishes): []

The sideline spat between offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and defensive line coach Jim Washburn was set off by a bump on the sideline, according to an Eagles source.

Mornhinweg bumped into Washburn at one point Sunday night, and the fiery defensive line coach took exception. Mornhinweg wouldn't back down, and the two had to be separated by team personnel, the source said.


A bump? Even meatheads at Cavanaugh's give you a one-time pass on such invasions of personal space. We couldn't shake this one off, guys? Perhaps a "don't do that again, fatty"? No? Just yelling and pushing in front of 70,000? Seems reasonable.

So there you have it– Marty bumped Jim… Even the Eagles’ spats are pathetic.

Sweet! Eagles Coaches Pushing on Sideline, Just What Team Needed

Kyle Scott - November 28, 2011

Does this look like a guy you want to fuck with?

Awesome! Not only are the Eagles 4-7. Not only was the Linc flooded with Fire Andy Reid chants. Not only was DeSean Jackson benched in the fourth quarter. But now we’ve got coaches fighting coaches on the sideline. Somewhere, Les Bowen is jealous that he didn’t get a lick in.

According to numerous reports, Jim Washburn and Marty Mornhinweg got into on the sideline during the game. Rachel Appel-Vazquez, a booking producer at CSN, saw the incident and described it thusly on Twitter:

Ok guys, Here's what I saw..I noticed a lot of movement on the sideline and saw 2 coaches screaming at each other. I knew one was Marty because he was wearing a headset. They had to be separated. Then a minute or so later, one coach pushed the other one, I'm not sure who pushed who. Two players pulled them apart and one waved andy over and that was that. It happened early in the first half. Not sure how I was the only one to see it but that's what I saw..


Howard Eskin reported that the kerfuffle was over the offense's playcalling after the Eagles defense stopped the Pats following an interception. The next series, the Eagles went backwards two yards before punting on 4th and 12.

Derrick Gunn, the Eagles' 12th man and host of Gunn on One, penned a brief article about it last night. Gunner wrote that details of the exchange were not revealed… an assertion that he directly contradicted on his Twitter:

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 8.50.43 AM

Oh do tell!

And then this:

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 8.50.43 AM

Remember, folks: Opinions are like assholes– everybody has one. The Eagles have a lot of them.

So that’s that. It’s likely that plenty nothing more will come out today in Andy Reid’s presser (UPDATE: no presser today) and the ensuing Occupy NovaCare protest, which we can assume will take place around noon on Pattison Ave. Pictures, if you happen to be in the area. Thanks.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 Philadelphia Eagles!