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It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia: “The Super Mega Soccer Sunday Bonanza” w/ Russ Joy

Russ Joy - July 9, 2019

Episode #84 is the ultimate breakdown of Sunday’s triple-header:

  • Union/Orlando home and home series
  • who makes way for Andrew Wooten?
  • Marco Fabian’s fit, or lack thereof
  • USA women as world fucking champions
  • edgy and woke tweets
  • USA men lose
  • difference between men’s game and women’s game
  • the Tehran Derby
  • Kevin’s three-game Casa League red card suspension
  • John Boruk’s Facebook column

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You Can Bet on the Women’s World Cup in PA at SugarHouse Sportsbook

Bob Wankel - July 2, 2019

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup resumes this afternoon when the United States squares off against England. According to a sports betting industry expert, up to $10 million is expected to be legally wagered on this highly anticipated semifinal matchup. This represents one of the first non-baseball or golf opportunities for PA online sports betting as bettors can get in on the action at SugarHouse Sportsbook.

While things are expected to be hotly contested between the two sides, there’s no doubt about where betting public’s money is going in this one. It’s all over the United States. I mean, all over. DraftKings Sportsbook reports that 96% of the total handle and 90% of all bets are backing the United States. Unsurprisingly, the USWNT remains the overwhelming World Cup favorite. Here’s a look at how the odds have changed for the final four teams throughout the tournament:

2019 Women’s World Cup Odds Tracker


Opening Line

Post Group Stage

Post Round of 16

Post Quarters





















As noted above, the Women’s World Cup marks one of the final opportunities of the summer for sports bettors to wager on something other than baseball or golf before the start of football season. For those of you in Pennsylvania, you can get in on the action at SugarHouse Sportsbook where the U.S. is currently a -240 favorite to advance and a -137 favorite to win in full time. Meanwhile, the current +185 price on England (a 35.1% implied win probability) is basically in line with FiveThirtyEight’s 33% win probability for England, but the +390 payout on a full time win exists as an enticing option.

Meanwhile, over at DraftKings Sportsbook, bettors can wager on more specific outcomes , including method of winning:

Method of Winning




Regular Time



Extra Time





While at SugarHouse Sportsbook, you can get in on the top scorer market . Here are the top three favorites:

2019 Women’s World Cup – Top Scorer



Alex Morgan (USA)


Ellen White (ENG)


Megan Rapinoe (ENG)


sugarhouse sportsbook

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA Only


You Watched and Maybe Even Enjoyed the World Cup – Now What?

Kevin Kinkead - July 16, 2018

The Monday after the World Cup final is when most casual fans stop giving a shit about soccer.

Eagles training camp is 10 days away, the Phillies are rolling into the home run derby and All-Star Game, and some people actually go outside and enjoy the summer weather.

But if you found the World Cup entertaining and want to see more of the sport, there are a few ways to keep the momentum going into the fall:

1. Watch the English Premier League

The EPL starts on August 10th, so you really only have a little more than three weeks until the world’s most popular domestic league kicks off.

The great thing about the prem is that it’s very accessible, with games taking place on Saturday and Sunday mornings and existing outside of the typical viewing windows in which we watch American sports. For example, if you’re a 40-year-old parent with two kids, you can get up at 9 a.m. on Saturday, make your kids pancakes, and flip on Arsenal vs. Liverpool at 10 a.m. That then takes you into college football at noon and carries you throughout the day. Same thing on Sunday, when you can watch the Premier League as a lead-in to a 1 p.m. Eagles game or NFL Red Zone.

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Diego Maradona is Enjoying Himself at the World Cup

Kevin Kinkead - June 26, 2018

Not sure if Maradona was coked up for today’s Argentina game, or if he was on another drug, but he ran the gamut of emotions over the course of the 95 minute win.

It started actually 25 minutes before the game, some dancing just to get loosened up:

When Lionel Messi scores the game’s first goal:

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I Won’t be Cheering for Mexico in the World Cup

Kevin Kinkead - June 4, 2018

The World Cup starts in ten days, and no, the United States won’t be participating.

I explained the pathetic qualification failure back in October. 

Without the “rah rah USA!” routine for the non-soccer fan to follow this summer, there’s another half-narrative going around, the idea that you should pick a different team to cheer for. And maybe that team should be Mexico.

Before I even get into it, I don’t understand this obsession with requiring someone to have a rooting interest. There’s this overwhelming idea that Americans need to pick a Premier League team to follow, like Everton, or Liverpool, or Fulham. I’ve always found that to be corny, especially in Philadelphia, where we totally rag on natives who go on to become Cowboy or Yankee fans. If you’ve never been to Dallas, can you really be a Cowboy fan? By the same token, how much of a Chelsea supporter can you really be if you live in Marlton and have never been to London? I don’t know, it just feels fake to me.

I always just found it appealing to watch the games and enjoy them as a neutral. You wake up at 8 on Saturday morning, make breakfast for the kids, flip on Arsenal and Tottenham, and see a high-level derby. The best part is that you don’t get angry, since you don’t have that natural rooting interest. You aren’t in a pissy mood for the rest of the day if your team loses. ACC basketball, for instance, is a lot more exciting if you’re not a Pitt fan. You just watch quality college basketball without the emotional attachment and the 18 straight conference losses.

So with the United States not being in the World Cup, some people are applying this “who are you going to cheer for?” thing to the upcoming tournament. If you’re half-German or married a Croatian woman or have a Senegalese sister-in-law, I can understand getting behind those countries. Maybe your local team, like Seattle, has a guy like Gustav Svensson, who was called up by Sweden, so you, the Sounders supporter, wanna see your player do well on the world’s biggest stage.

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The World Cup Final Guest List is Weird

Kyle Scott - July 14, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-07-14_12-17-36_PM

pic via (@SportsGrid)

Here’s the leaked(?) VIP guest list for the World Cup Final. It includes a random grab bag of notables, athletes and celebrities– FIFA President and criminal Sepp Blatter, who set next to fellow criminal Vladimir Putin, Gisele Bundchen(!)*, James Bond, Wyclef Jean, Shakira Shakira, Adriana Lima(!), Steve Jobs, LeBron James, and a number of heads of state. Sort of looks like a list of attendees at a Bilderberg Conference, or the executive summary from an NSA targets deck.

I wonder what you have to do to get on this sort of VIP list. Undoubtedly there were other celebrities and athletes there. Where’s the cutoff? I’m sure there are some who would rather lay-low and sit with the common folk, but there have to be many who’d prefer to rub elbows with some of the most powerful names in sports, entertainment and politics and Wyclef Jean. Lots of strange bedfellows here.

*Do we think Tom Brady has ever jokingly used the phrase “munchin’ on Bundchen” in bed? Had to have, right? 

This Couple Had Sex in Front of Roughly 2,000 People at the Piazza During USA-Portugal Yesterday

Kyle Scott - June 23, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-06-23_02-54-13_PM

via Reddit

This is more scoring than you’ll typically see during a soccer game. It’s also 100% more acceptable than the Sea Isle City ocean couple a few weeks back. First off, I’m guessing being naked in your own apartment is completely legal regardless of the size of the windows, yes? Second, this was an adult drinking event to watch the World Cup at the Piazza.* If anything, the sex added to the experience. And third, if we’re being honest, this is about as much clothes as I usually have on while watching Ronaldo play.

Anyway, do you know this couple? Did you see them? Have video? Do send.

*Do you think the Piazza has seen more sexual relations per square foot than any other building cluster in the city? If you haven’t done it there, you’ve certainly either seen people getting down or been in a room next to people getting down. A rogue ass is actually pretty tame for a weekend drinking event.

Turns out the whole discussion on Reddit is about the legality of this sort of thing.

via Jon and Sean Show

If The U.S. Were to Somehow Land the 2022 World Cup, Would We See Games at the Linc?

Jim Adair - June 18, 2014

Photo credit: Eagles pitchman

Photo credit: Eagles pitchman

Now that the entire globe has World Cup fever — and most Americans have “I’ll sneakily watch it at work because I feel like a badass” fever — talk naturally looks ahead to the next World Cup and beyond. The 2018 cup will be held in beautiful, sun-drenched Russia, while the 2022 World Cup scheduled for Qatar is a bit up in the air due to average temperatures in the triple-digits and accusations of bribery and fraud in winning the bid.

So what’s next? Many are calling for a change of host country for 2022 and, according to Screamer, “ESPN Deportes’ Jorge Ramos caused a bit of a stir last week by reporting that FIFA put U.S. Soccer on standby for the 2022 World Cup, should Qatar be stripped of its hosting privileges.” It’s a long-shot, and a lot would have to happen, but if the 2022 World Cup came to America, would we see games at Lincoln Financial Field?

Screamer thinks so. When US Soccer submitted its bid for 2022 it named 18 host cities (likely too many, as Brazil only has twelve and the US had nine when it last hosted in 1994), among those cities were Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Denver, and Philadelphia.

Screamer narrowed those 18 down to the more-likely dozen, and Philadelphia made their cut, citing both the capacity and the fact that it’s hosted matches for the 2003 Women’s World Cup. Plus, it’s just been renovated and it has all that nice wind and solar power that will look great being shown off to the world. This, of course, is going along with the thinking that no new stadiums would be built along with the awarding of a World Cup bid, which is an unlikely assumption. But unlike Brazil’s seven newly constructed (and barely completed) stadiums, the U.S. is more or less ready to go.

So could it happen? Absolutely. Will it? Well first FIFA would have to man up and strip Qatar of their hosting privileges, then go back to consider new hosts, then choose the U.S., and then have the Linc chosen from a fairly long list. But if that first thing happens, the next could happen right down the line.