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Did Nikolay Zherdev Threaten to Kill His Wife?

Kyle Scott - May 19, 2011

From Russia with sans love

This comes via Broad Street Hockey, who brought to light alleged charges against Nikolay Zherdev. There is a report in a Russian newspaper, MKRU, that Zherdev allegedly got into an altercation with his wife outside of a Russian restaurant. His wife, presumably pictured above, hopped in the couple's car, a Bentley, while Z rained blows down upon its roof and windows. 

The article also alleges that Z threatened to kill his wife (nice). Here is the article, as translated by Google. As always, take all of this with a grain of salt… we know the dangers of using Google Translate to report fact:

Celebrity couple breakfast in the company of friends. Suddenly, between Nicholas and his wife Eugenia quarrel. Woman decided to leave the institution. She went to the restaurant parking lot, sat in his Bentley Continental, and left the roadway. True, a few meters from the cafe foreign car had to stop due to traffic jam. Then the door "Osteria" Nicholas jumped out, he caught up with his wife and tried to open the doors of cars, but they were locked. According to eyewitnesses, an athlete caught standing in the parking lot metal pole (he was not attached) and began to inflict blows on their expensive car, shouting to the wife abuse. Frightened woman rushed to escape, turning in the opposite direction from the tube. The same day, Eugene to the police.

As reported by "MK" in the police department Odintsov, a woman stated that her husband threatened her with violence, and, moreover, caused serious damage to her car. While broken Bentley examine experts – possibly soon after the damage assessment Zherdeva charged under Article of the Criminal Code "intentional damage to property of others." In addition, the complaint is verified and the citizen about the death threats. However, according to the custody order, the grounds for bringing hockey to account for this charge is not enough as an athlete is allegedly no reason for wanting the death of half.

By the way, now Zherdev was in favor of the NHL Philadelphia Flyers and, according to some, earns $ 2 million a year. In 2009, he was in the Russian national team became world champion.


Yeah, he won't be back next year.

UPDATE: Of course there are conflicting reports.

Nik Zherdev Isn’t Going to Just Go Away

Kyle Scott - February 24, 2011

Sure, now he decides to practice!

Red Scare! It's not that easy to just unload Russian forward. Russian forward unload you! Or something like that.

Nikolay Zherdev cleared waivers. That means the Flyers will likely send him to the Phantoms. Of course, no one is sure if Zherdev will actually accept the re-assignment. If he doesn't, the Flyers could suspend him and not pay him. Ohhh fun!

Nikolay Zherdev is a Stubborn SOB

Kyle Scott - February 23, 2011


He was given a second chance here. Instead of making the most of it, Zherdev took a big ol' shit in the bed.

After not having played since February 10th, Zherdev and his agent, Jay Grossman, requested the Flyers seek other teams for his half-assed services. Holmgren was happy to oblige by waiving Z:[Philly Sports Daily]

“His agent [Jay Grossman] and Nik, they’re obviously not happy with the situation here,” general manager Paul Holmgren said. “They’d asked us to look around for options. Nothing really came of that through trades, so we’ll see what happens with this.”


This started on day one. A Flyers source told me early on that Grossman had to be called in to talk to his client, who hid behind his Russian heritage so he didn't have to speak to the media… even though he speaks perfectly good English. Zherdev conceded briefly, saying he only wouldn't talk to Tim Panaccio. That's a story we've detailed several times.

By all accounts, Zherdev quickly went back to his quiet ways. And while that may have nothing to do with his performance on the ice, it shows exactly the type of person he is. A flake.

He is a very skilled hockey player. That is apparent when you watched him play this season (the few times he was actually trying). But he's also a guy who can't seem to buy into a team concept, something that obviously won't fly with Lavs.

“I think at times for me it was just the level of play,” Laviolette said. “It wasn’t the skill thing, it was the level and the level that he played. There were other guys that were performing better. So there’s only nine that can go in there – the nine I felt were playing.”


Zherdev, however, when asked why he didn't play, just shrugged and said "I do my job."

Stevie Why, who said Zherdev literally ducked out the back door and jumped into a Lincoln Town car upon finding out the news, has an excellent recap over at Philly Sports Daily of what will happen now. Read it.

Flyers Reportedly Waive Zherdev

Kyle Scott - February 23, 2011


More on what led to this here.

The Nikolay Zherdev Experiment Isn’t Working Out So Well

Kyle Scott - February 21, 2011


What a pussy!

For some reason this Nikolay Zherdev situation fascinates me. Earlier in the season, we told you about Zherdev's little problem of refusing to speak to the media. Then, when he was finally forced to do so, he said he wouldn't speak to Russian mobster beat reproter Tim Pannaccio. Pannaccio is Italian.

Zherdev has always been known as a little bit of a flake and it seems his trial with the Flyers is coming to an end.

According to Sam Carchidi, if the Flyers are offered an early round pick, Zherdev will be traded before next Monday's deadline. 

The tipping point with Zherdev may have come on Friday night when, just moments before the start of the game, Mike Richards was scratched with flu-like symptoms. The Flyers scrambled to find a player to replace him. Presumably, Zherdev was the number one option, but they couldn't find him, and instead went with Jody Shelley. [Philly Sports Daily]

There was an interesting situation Friday night at RBC Center in Raleigh, N.C., when Richards was a very late scratch with flu-like symptoms. Jody Shelley, not Zherdev, took the captain’s spot.

“I’m not sure what happened in Carolina, ’cause I wasn’t there,” Holmgren said. “But we were scrambling around eight minutes before the game and the only guy they could find was Jody, I think. Jody had to quick get dressed and get in the lineup.”


As someone on Twitter put it, did they check in Lavs' doghouse (heyyo!)?

The dude is a flake. But he is also very skilled. The few times he has applied himself at both ends of the ice this season, he has stood out as a skilled puck-handler, skater, and two-way player. Unfortunately, those times have been few and far between.

UPDATE: Zherdev now likely staying.

Nikolay Zherdev Thinks Tim Panaccio is in the Russian Mob

Kyle Scott - October 24, 2010

In Soviet Russia, news reports you!

Last week we told you that the Flyers' new Russian forward, Nikolay Zherdev, wouldn't speak to the media, and it was a point of contention with the team.

Well, that precipitated a meeting with GM Paul Holgren and this awesome, awesome comment from Zherdev about long time Flyers beat reporter Tim Panaccio:  [Broad Street Hockey]

Nikolay Zherdev was finally told he had to speak to the media in Philadelphia and not duck interviews or hide behind a translator. Zherdev came out of a meeting with GM Paul Holmgren saying he would talk to everybody "but the Russian reporter" and he pointed at writer Tim Panaccio. When told Panaccio was Italian, through and through, Zherdev shrugged. "Well, he looks like he’s in the Russian mob."

Gagne Returns, the Power-Play Doesn’t Work, and Zherdev Won’t Speak

Kyle Scott - October 15, 2010


Eventful night at The Well last night (I’m really going to have a hard time calling it that, but does anyone have anything better?).  Simon Gagne made his triumphant mid-October, rainy Thursday night return to a standing ovation.  While he still hasn’t scored with the Lightning and it’s very weird to see him in those hideous unis, we wish him the best, dude had a great career here.  Video of the ceremony after the bump.

Meanwhile, the Flyers have only scored one power-play goal through four games.  That’s not good. Prongs tells us the problem.  [Philly Sports Daily]

“Probably trying to get too cute. We need to simplify it and just get pucks to the net and get traffic,” Pronger said. “Maybe you struggle to score goals on the power play, but there’s easy ways to try to get out of it. The best way is to get some traffic in front and get pucks to the net.”

The old hockey adage- shoot the puck.  I’m shocked.  For real though, he’s right.  If I had to watch Danny Briere and Claude Giroux do one more pirouette on the side boards last night, I was going to lose it.

-Broad Street Hockey gives an excellent breakdown of how much each Flyer makes per second on ice.  Danny Briere makes $80 a moment.  Scary.

-Nikolai Zherdev, who signed with the Flyers this off-season after playing a year in the KHL, scored his first goal last night, but he didn’t talk about it.  He has only spoken to the media once this season (after the Pittsburgh game) and that is a point of contention with the team, especially since he was previously known to be a bit of a flake.  Even though he doesn't do well with the English language, he is making no effort to make himself available.  I’ve heard rumblings that he had to be spoken to by the PR staff and Lavs, and still hasn’t given in.  Apparently, his agent, Jay Grossman, was in town to talk to him- not good.

Gagne video after the jump.

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