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One Flyer Told Rob Zombie That the Flyers Could Only Do Porno

Kyle Scott - February 6, 2013

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Photo: Flyers

And I bet it was Scott Hartnell.

After photo ops before the Flyers-Lightning game last night, Rob Zombie was a guest on Daily News Live– a somewhat surreal 12 minutes with Michael Barkann, Al Morganti and Frank Seravalli. Zombie said pretty much the same things about the movie that he told the Flyers website, (also keeps comparing it to Boogie Nights), but there was one new anecdote: When asked if any current Flyers would be in the movie, Zombie offered this:

"I was asking them if they could act… they said only porno. I won’t tell you who said that. Should I have not repeated that?"


Sadly, Harry Zolnierczyk was somewhere in Glen Falls while that exchange went down. 

Of course, the assertion from the unnamed player may not be inaccurate, because, well, did you see Hartnell's acting in This is 40? And perhaps if the movie really is like Boogie Nights, some cocksmithing skills would prove useful.

Full video of Zombie on DNL, after the jump.

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Video: Rob Zombie Talks About “Broad Street Bullies” Movie

Kyle Scott - February 6, 2013

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Photo: Anthony SanFilippo

Rob Zombie was in Philly and went to the Flyers game last night to do some background work for his upcoming Broad Street Bullies movie. He took pictures with Bernie Parent, Bob Kelly and Gary Dornhoefer, met with reporters, and was a guest on Daily News Live.

What Zombie had to say about the movie: The script is mostly finished and the plot is character-driven. Zombie(?) said there were so many interesting stories on the Bullies that little poetic license needed to be taken to produce an interesting script. Filming will begin as early as this fall, in Philadelphia, and the movie will take roughly two years to complete. The story will begin at a sparsely-attended parade introducing the Flyers to Philadelphia in 1967 and end with the first Stanley Cup parade, attended by two million people. No word on who the actors will be, but Zombie said he’s been getting texts from Philly-based actors who want to be in it (hello, David Boreanaz). 

Zombie grew up a Bruins fan in Boston, but claims he always liked the Flyers (I bet) and that his favorite player is Bobby Clarke. He said he got some additional – likely NSFW – tidbits from the Bullies last night and may include those in the script. 

Video of Zombie talking about the movie after the jump.

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Rob Zombie Will Be at the Flyers Game Tomorrow Night Doing Background for His Broad Street Bullies Movie

Kyle Scott - February 4, 2013

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We told you about this in June (holy shit, time flies)– Rob Zombie is writing, directing and producing a movie about the Broad Street Bullies, called, you guessed it, Broad Street Bullies. Tomorrow, he’ll be at the Flyers-Lightning game doing some background work for the film (though one could argue that research time would be better spent in the loins of a 1970s jersey chaser on the side of a Marlton highway), according to Flyers super secret website insider Anthony SanFilippo.

We’re assuming that Mr. Zombie (I'm truly not sure how to refer to him) will meet with the media at some point. We’ll bring you all the details if and when he does. Wonder if he’ll bring the Dragula??

The folks over at Philly 2 Philly spoke to Zombie about the flick in July.