Chris Wheeler is in a Meat Locker

Our first "Shut Up Wheels" moment of the year!  A delightfully awkward exchange between Wheeler and Tom McCarthy, discussing the temperature in the booth and the sweater placed around Wheeler's shoulders by the crew.


It is a meat locker in here tonight.

I bet it's like that every night, Wheels.

It's the main line look, and I'm certainly not a Main Line guy.

Umm, Wheeler went to Devon Prep.

Then, after Tom McCarthy expressed his concern for Wheeler's shoulders, Wheeler commented about carrying the crew on his shoulders:

It's a serious load to carry. 

It makes me uncomfortable when Wheeler talks about carrying a load.


  1. It makes me uncomfortable when Wheeler speaks at all. I’m also pissed that Wheeler is going to talk about Heyward all year like he did Coghlan in 2009. And what was up with those lines he drew for Madson’s pitches on the home runs? They were terrible!

  2. Is he a Phillies announcer or not? He always acts favorable towards the other teams lots of times.

  3. Wheels always has a hard on for some young stud in someone else’s club. I first noticed it in ’03 when Dontrelle Willis and Josh Beckett came up to the Marlins. Even today when he mentions one of those guys, it sounds like he’s about to cream himself. Same last year for Chris Coughlin. Same this year with the Messiah, Jason Heyward.

  4. the amount of hate for wheels is priceless, stay tuned for our post of fan comments about wheels, absolutely hilarious

  5. I went to Devon Prep and double checked, and found that he went to Marple Newtown High School. Thank goodness he didn’t go to DPrep.

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