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12 responses to Lady Paints Flyers Logo on Pregnant Belly

  1. So the mother-to-be was born a few days before the Flyers won the Cup in 1974? QUICK! Induce labor stat! Or go in for a C-section ASAP! We’ll take donations to pay your bill. NOW! PLEASE!

  2. Better looking at this than that bitch from Phish

  3. Oh my god dude… give up on the whole “bitch from Phish” thing…
    Do you have ANYTHING better to do with your time?
    Jesus… it’s not even remotely funny.
    And, for the record, I agree with you… I strongly dislike both Phish as a whole, and Trey Anastasio as an individual… but my God… give it a fucking rest… please! It’s getting old, fast…

  4. He ruined the Flyers

  5. no, but you ruin every article by commenting on it bitching about Phish. please stop.

  6. Ya…like the style of your writing.

  7. I can only say you are full of creative.

  8. ordinary person

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  10. tao of badass

    Lady Paints Flyers Logo on Pregnant Belly – Crossing Broad

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    Lady Paints Flyers Logo on Pregnant Belly – Crossing Broad

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