Jamie Moyer’s Wife Says He Could Pitch Again

Karen Moyer posted this rather lengthy letter to Moyer's fans on Facebook.  We figured we would pass along.

Read the letter after the jump.

Friends and supporters-

I want to share the latest news after our visit with Dr.Yokum in LA. His experience and knowledge are comforting to those who know baseball, and certainly to an athlete who has had a long career without serious injuries like Jamie, who finds himself having to make decisions affecting his career.

Dr. Yocum called Jamie a "freak of nature." This past year after Jamie returned to to the game after injury/infection confirms to all of us that Jamie certainly might just be Superman or a “freak of nature.” Credit his good family genes and work ethic. Our children are blessed if they get some of that!

Jamie's xrays and MRI indicate there is an injury. Some of the injury is old and he's been pitching with it, maybe for a long time. The other part of the injury is fresh, and that is what he is rehabing. Here's the baffling part- clinically, through testing and the fact that Jamie has no pain, he finds himself in the "surprising" category, like retired pitcher Ramon Ortiz and another current pitcher, who can in fact pitch with such an injury and never have surgery.

Dr. Yocum does not recommend surgery at this time. When asked if surgery was even required for quality of life the answer was no!

The plan is treatment and rehab. There is no definitive timetable for predicting when Jamie can throw/pitch next. He is following the recommended treatment and rehab plan. Jamie wants to pitch again, and his family is going to support everything to make that happen.

Dr. Yocum is cautiously optimistic and so are we. Reflecting on this 24 year career, we can say so were the Orioles when they brought Jamie back to the bigs in 1993 after two years in the minor leagues when the Cubs, Rangers and Cardinals let him go.so were the Phillies when they traded for the 43 year old to help them eventually win a World Series.

Like Moyer says "age is just a number!"

After throwing two complete games this season at the age of 47, the oldest to ever do so, Jamie said he was "just doing his job." As our second oldest son says- “daddy doesn’t know he’s 47,” and that might just be the key.

I asked Dr. Yocum if he thought Jamie was crazy?! He said, "I've always said that about him."

So as we always have we will continue to support the pitcher who has aged to perfection. We'll be there front and center if and when he can pitch again.

If he doesn’t pitch during the remaining 2010 season, we are hopeful and very optimistic that Superman will return to the mound for Spring Training 2011.

And if that's not part of God's plan we'll be ok with that too. It's been an amazing journey. Unpredictable since day one, June of 1986, when he beat his idol, Steve Carlton at Wrigley Field.

In the meantime thank you for your support of Jamie, The Moyer Foundation and our family.

We do read the notes you post, and we appreciate all of your well wishes and prayers.

Karen Moyer


  1. Jamie Moyer is the man. I really hope he retires as a Phillie.

  2. Moyer is a class act. Awesome guy… Phillie for life.

  3. I really like Jamie a lot, and to me he’s an inspiration. I hope he becomes a pitching coach, and of course I’d love to see him stay with the Phils :)

  4. “When asked if surgery was even required for quality of life the answer was no!”
    Now ask the doctor is this is ok for
    pitching in the MLB, I bet his answer with be different. We can all live with wears and tears.
    I love Moyer, but I don’t think he’ll be with the Phillies next year…unless he’s a pitching coach. I think his days of pitching are over.

  5. There will only be one more spot open when we trade Blanton and sign Lee. It’ll be between Kendrick and Moyer again, and I would love to see Jamie out there to give it another go in 2011.
    Jamie epitomizes professionalism in baseball. If all players had his passion and mentality, there’d be a lot less Carlos Zambrano’s in the league.

  6. Travis Breeon Cobb

    July 31, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Such a lovely letter. My prayers goes out for a successful recovery and beyond. We love you Jaime and the rest of the Moyer family. I’ve followed you ever since I knew about baseball and I’d love to see you come back. But we’ll let God decide :)
    God bless you all.

  7. Jamie, You have been my favorite Phillie since I first watched you pitch for the Phillies. I have been a Phillies fan since 1953 and listened on the radio then. I so enjoy watching you pitch. You helped get the Phillies where they are right now. It was your consistent good performances that gave fans hope earlier in the season. I am pulling for your complete recovery and hope you are back with the Phillies next year. I have never seen CBP except on TV, but I hope to someday. Whatever the future holds, I am one fan who will never forget how you play the game–every play counts and every situation–offense or defense–is important. Thank you for working hard to come back this year, and thank you for everything you do with the Moyer Foundation to help others.

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    Jamie Moyer’s Wife Says He Could Pitch Again – Crossing Broad

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