Mike Sweeney’s Awesome Post Game Interview

Kyle Scott —  August 29, 2010 — 3 Comments

"We had the big horse, Howie, in the stable."

And of course, Sweeney man hug t-shirts.

Kyle Scott

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3 responses to Mike Sweeney’s Awesome Post Game Interview

  1. he might be in competition to mention the good lord more than Winston Justice

  2. “… you got to hit your first /*real*/ home run here in Philadelphia…”
    He does realize that he was in San Diego, doesn’t he? You think he’d know since he lives there out-of-season.
    Anyway, just keep knocking them out of the park, Sweeney-boy, and I won’t even care if you think you were on Mars.

  3. You guys come up with the worst t-shirts!

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