Five Years Later, Hilarious Details Emerge from T.O. Training Room Fight with Hugh Douglas

Ex-Eagle Jason Short spoke to NBC's Out of Bounds today about a number of football related things, one of which was the T.O. v. Hugh Douglas fight.

If you remember at one time him and Hugh Douglas got into a fight, not in the locker room, but in the room where they had the underwater treadmill. They got into it and all of a sudden you see T.O. hitting the button and he's rising out of the water and when he gets out they start getting into it. They were about to fight and T.O. goes, "Let me go get my shoes."

It was about to be on, man! It was so hilarious!


The visual of T.O. levitating out of the water and going to put his shoes on is just fantastic.

via Deadspin


  1. F Hugh Douglas i liked him as a player but dude is a total asshole now that he works in the media.

  2. This was our best chance to win a superbowl. If some idiot didn’t throw up in the huddle and choke.

  3. Hafta kinda agree with D. Hugh does seem like a real jerk. That shoe story is pretty funny, though.

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