Phillie Phanatic Stars in SportsCenter Commercial with Derek Jeter

This is awesome.

The Phillie Phanatic appears in the latest SportsCenter commercial with Derek Jeter.  The commercial, which was filmed in August, shows Jeter in a locker room trying to use a razor stuffed with green fur.  He accuses Stuart Scott and Karl Ravech just before a a half-naked Phanatic walks out of the shower.


Click here to see the video.



  1. most random commercial ever, but def awesome haha

  2. brilliant. my fav espn commercial yet

  3. Amazing. And Kevin, stop hating.

  4. lisa, i deleted it. he’s some dude who posts under 100 different names about us stealing stuff- even when we’re usually first to post.

  5. It’s impossible to not smile at a naked Phanatic

  6. Derek Jeter is an amazing actor. He also did pretty well in this commercial.

  7. The only niggling thing is that, of course, it had to be a fusion razor. Hopefully the Phanatic gets some money from Gillette.
    And I’m the only one who sees the hypocrisy here? It’s OK for Sports Center to use the Phanatic in their ad—something that’s “for profit”—whereas some dudes who want to stylistically jump into a polluted river—just for the sheer joy of it—get the kibosh to use any “official looking” Phanatic in the endeavor:
    Of course, guess that’s just it. The MLB and their lawyers get a kickback from ABC and everything is honky-dory. Those damn parasites and bottom feeders, it’s all about their only god—the fucking almighty dollar—and nothing else. I hope they rot in Hell!

  8. they need to wash that freaking costume

  9. Mascot nudity on a Disney network. Priceless.

  10. He who loses faith, loses all.

  11. diet that works

    Phillie Phanatic Stars in SportsCenter Commercial with Derek Jeter – Crossing Broad

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