A Reason to Watch the Sixers


  1. Something about her face isn’t that great.
    Maybe the horse jaw? idk.

  2. i agree, she’s frightening

  3. You two are Donkeys…. Meredith is a hot piece… I’m sure you two are cleaning up with the ladies

  4. Not a caption, I just think it’s pretty funny that Villanova beat out the Sixers for street banners.

  5. That is one hot chick!!!!!!
    (wait, are we still talking about Marc Zumoff?)

  6. adam- what about nova and street banners?

  7. I agree with the horse jaw comment. I’ve seen this girl out in Old City before. Drunken whore!

  8. I’ve seen her in person when she worked with the LV Iron Pigs. Trust me, you won’t be looking at the face, you’ll be looking at the butt.

  9. Actually look at her pictures on google or facebook. I’d say shes a lose lose situation.

  10. She’s got a real horse face. They should have given the job to the other blonde chick from 97.5
    (The one in the hardhat)

  11. Too bad Dr. J is retired!

  12. The best preparation for tomorrow is to do your best today

  13. The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today .

  14. Agree with your point of view

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  16. sooooo great post ,I love it.Ha, great !

  17. He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

  18. Plenty of good CEOs are bullies – the answer is to keep out of his way and if he lets rip at you, not to take it too personally.

  19. *”Adventure is not any flow to the Department, ” indulgence in physical beauty, as long as the water the fish were the two I forget, the Liberal serene.


  21. They lope like wolves into banks, snatch fistfuls of money and live large in the face of the Great Depression .

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