Carlos Ruiz holds the record for hardest pitch ever hit (I can’t even figure out how to properly word that record).  Chooch’s double off Ardolis Chapman last night was on a pitch that registered 103.5 on Pitch f/x, which began tracking pitch speed in 2008.  Nobody has ever gotten a hit on a ball thrown that hard.

Here are the top 3 fastest pitches that resulted in a hit.  [Zo Zone]

-103.5 mph: Carlos Ruiz v. Chapman, double, 10/10/2010

-102.0 mph: Carlos Gonzalez v. Chapman, single, 9/6/2010

-101.7 mph: Adam Dunn v. Joel Zumaya, single, 6/17/2010

In the small sample size, Ruiz is the only person to ever put in play a pitch over 103.

Senor Octubre, ladies and gentlemen.

More at The Zo Zone.

Here's the awesome auto-tune Carlos Ruiz song from Dave Metter and Sam Stanford.  Hop the jump.