Jay Wright and Ruben Amaro are More Popular Than the Governor

The Ronald McDonald house sponsored an online auction to eat with local celebrities and sports personalities.  Each item open for bidding consisted of a meal for you and nine friends with a local celebrity or group.

Some folks taking part included Michael Nutter, Ed Rendell, John LeClair (???), Mike Quick, Marc Summers, and Howard Eskin.

But none of those names were able to beat the top three most popular personalities:

1) Michael Smerconish ($5,050)

2) Ruben Amaro ($3,250)

3) Jay Wright ($3,050)

That's right, a college basketball coach is exactly $1,198 more popular than the Mayor ($1,852). Yeah, this is a sports town.

See the full roster here.  All for a good cause.


  1. well, the mayor is a pos, so yeah.

  2. wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.

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