UPDATE: A Little More Detail to the Werth Contract Report


UPDATE: Someone just fanned the flames.  As if this giant game of Whisper Down the Lane wasn't enough, now Phil from Mt. Airy (yep, the caller turned host on 97.5) just reported on-air that the Phillies offered Werth a three-year, $55 million contract with an option for a 4th year.  His source said Scott Boras and Werth went back to the Phillies because the market was not what they expected.  The source also said that if the deal doesn't happen by Tuesday, it won't happen at all.

Oh boy.  We're doing our best to to pass along all of these rumblings, but there's a lot of anonymous sources here.  After three weeks of silence, it is interesting that there seems to be a lot of chatter this weekend.  Just take it all with a grain of salt for now.

Yesterday, we told you that 97.5 reported the Phillies offered Jayson Werth a contract, and they think it may be enough to keep him.  Their source was a family friend of Ruben Amaro.

A trusted source told me that a friend of Amaro (same person?) said:

Werth was indeed offered a contract that should be a very good offer… However, the ball is now in Jayson's court. We shall see.


That doesn't really give us a whole lot of new information, but it does seem to corroborate Tom Byrne's report on 97.5.

Still not holding my breath, despite all that smoke.  Yay puns.


  1. Phil from Mt. Airy just reported on 97.5 The Fanatic that he has a source that says the Phillies latest offer to Werth is for 3 years $18 million per season with an option for a 4th year.

  2. Yep got it. Thanks, Mike.

  3. Ugh this crap is turning me older by the second why do the phillies staff insists on pulling us around by the chain and making are hair gray. As a very big j-dub fan I for one wish the phillies would stop jerking us around and just get on the ball stop signing guys they will probably never use and sign one if not the best right fielder to come into the phillies club.

  4. Joann, send your note to Jayson’s agent, I’m sure the staff wants this over.

  5. Oh man. I could take this deal. 3 years is fine with an option. Last thing we need is another Howard contract. Hopefully we can move Ibanez somehow so Brown can play every day. That would be nice, but I don’t know how it gets done exactly.

  6. Phil from Mt Airy just wants to hear himself speak because he has no clue what is going on Jason Werth was not offered a contract. Sources say he will sign with the RedSox this week.

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