Al Michaels Should Probably Choose His Words More Carefully

When the usually sure-handed Jason Avant dropped a would be touchdown in the second quarter, Al Michaels used an old journalism expression that he might like to take back.

Now THAT'S… man bites dog news.

Indeed it is.  He seemed to catch himself about halfway through and tried to mumble the rest.  Give him credit for quickly noting the fact that Avant rarely drops passes, but, um, poor choice of words.


  1. Amazing haha.

  2. Haha. At least it makes DeSean Jackson look like less of an idiot… slightly. BIG WIN BIRDS! FUCK YEAH.

  3. Why? It was an appropriate use of ‘Man bites dog’ if Avant supposedly so sure-handed.
    Vick is the asshole who committed the crime against dogs. It is not incumbent on the rest of us to watch our tongues. The burden is on Vick.

  4. that damn drop cost me my fantasy game (I have Vick)… thanks Jason

  5. *People enjoy the characters are not happy.

  6. Positive people in every opportunity in sight all the hardship


  8. I found over the years that many times I would call on a customer just to say hello and would ask if their is something I could help them with. There would always be something they were thinking of doing but just had not called me.

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