Allen Iverson Arrives in Turkey with Much Fanfare(?)

Allen_iverson_turkeyThis is called "foreshadowing"

It's come to this for AI.

Allen Iverson arrived in Turkey today, two days after his originally scheduled flight- that he missed. He rocked a Phillies cap and was greeted by a throng of jubilant fans insane human beings. 

He gave his first interview to Turkish reporters, and when asked if he had the chance to learn Turkish yet, he said:

"No, not yet. I'm going to be around my teammates a lot and I'll interact with the fans as much as possible. I bet before I leave here I'm going to speak Turkish."


I bet you are, Allen Iverson.  Here's a start:

Biz uygulama bahsediyoruz. Oyun de─čil. Uygulama.

That's Turkish for "We're talking about practice.  Not the game.  Practice."

For the record, I have December 21st in the "when does AI unceremoniously leave Turkey" pool.

Now, heres the nearest Friday's.

Video after the jump.

UPDATE: video of AI at a soccer game in Turkey.  And apparently my Google translated Turkish was wrong.  Can't be perfect, folks.


  1. hockeys a more manly sport than basketball….i dont hate basketball…but im just saying….

  2. Sorry there aren’t more hippy ass Luke Walton faggots out there stinking up the court with pachouli. Flyers let the king in, so they’re all faggots

  3. Izzy from Istanbul!

    November 8, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Practice as in “we talkin about practice” is Antreman.
    uygulama is like application.
    AI is already participating interacting with the fans. He went Besiktas JK’s soccer game. Unfortunately him showing up at the game was the only highlight for the Besiktas fans on this evening.
    Bubba Chuck at the game:–eN_12c

  4. These faggots think deleting my posts will stop me? Fucking nerdy hippy faggots. Write some real stories for o ce with some research rather than guessing a language you silly faggot

  5. It’s when you’ve had everything to do

  6. nothing is impossible for a willing heart.

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