Darnell Dockett Says Dogs are Cheering for Vick

Can we please stop with the dog references?  Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is the latest offender.


The commissioner would like to see you, Darnell.  I'm just saying…

H/T to (@dirkdiggler1003) for the heads up


  1. Ya know what, call it cultural difference, call it “keepin’ it real” or whatever stupid, apologetic excuse you want to use but the reality is some people will never get it. You’re not funny, it isn’t original or creative Darnell, its just one more ignorant athlete fueling the stereotypes. You want to tweet something funny and creative, try firing one off to T.O. saying that the 78 million Donavan just signed for is probably more than the entire combine payrolls of the last two teams your ass got hired by.

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