DeSean Jackson is Ready to go and Cliff Lee’s High School Yearbook Picture, Because Why Not?

He's not shy, folks.

You know who is shy?  Cliff Lee.  He hates public speaking.  Today's NY Daily News had a story on the introverted Lee, because they want him reallllly badly.

Lee is Major League Baseball's hottest free agent because he is as cool as an ocean breeze in big games and pressure situations, but the pitcher's head swiveled back and forth in terror that evening as he watched 500 or so of his neighbors and friends find their seats before the annual banquet.

"I don't have to speak, do I?" a freaked-out Lee asked his friend Matt Brumley, the chamber's former president. "I cannot get up there and speak in front of all these people."


We call this post Dichotomy.


  1. Excellent hair. The 90s were awesome. I would have made out with him while listening to a Nirvana tape for sure.

  2. Cliff Lee has never done anything wrong. Cliff Lee is so awesome at everything.

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