Ryan Howard Tailgates LSU, Eagles Game

Ryan_howard_tailgating1"Want a beer?"

"Nah, just lookin'"

The Big Piece not only hung with fans in the parking lot at today's Eagles game, but he was also at yesterday's LSU game against Alabama in Baton Rouge with… Gary Sheffield?

Pic of Howard on a VIP bus in Louisiana (from comedian Brody Stevens?) and another pic from today's game after the jump.

Yeah, we're still working on the LSU connection for Hollywood Howard as well.

Kudos to (@knetzy) and Will Shaw for taking the pics at the Eagles game.


  1. Kyle Stalk strikes back.
    To be fair, the baseball season is over and his girlfriend is an Eagles cheerleader. As for the LSU thing, maybe it’s since he’s from St. Louis?

  2. shouldnt he be in the cages?! haha

  3. He has obviously had his off-season surgery …. to remove the bat from his left shoulder…. DOHT!! lol Just kidding, RyHow, I would’ve swung and missed … but I would’ve swung, just sayin’…


  5. @NickFromGermantown: What does him being from St. Louis have to do with Louisiana State?

  6. Maybe he had friends who went there for school? No idea really. It was a big stretch.

  7. Defenestrate Wheels

    November 8, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    LSU girls are smoking hot. Theres a reason right there.

  8. *An appreciation of learning, is a study in good faith.

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