Merry Cliffmas: A Video to Celebrate 2010

Thanks to reader Eric for sending this video along.  11 minutes of awesome to relive the 2010 year in Philly sports- complete with Donovan McNabb's corniness to start the video.

Philadelphia Sports Montage: 2010 from ek1034 on Vimeo.



  2. Great video. I have to say that both the Stanley Cup Finals and the NLCS ended on absolutely awful anticlimactic plays. Looking back on it, it’s so clear now. I didn’t realize until watching it again what Leighton did. Someone needs to tell Ryan Howard to stop standing at home plate too. It’s getting pretty cold out.
    Overall though, it was a great year even though there was no parade. Here’s to 2011. We are poised for 1, 2, maybe even 3 parades. Let’s do it!

  3. love love LOVE this video!!

  4. Another year to celebrate 0 championships!!!! Go Philly!

  5. Great video…only missing the Cliff Lee signing. And Jamal, why don’t you begin by telling us who you are a fan of? How many cities this past year have had more than one team reach the conference championship? Because the Phillies made it to the NLCS, and Flyers won the Eastern Conference.

  6. Thanks Pizza Bagel, but check out after the credits

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