Temple Beats #10 Georgetown, Rushes Court

Temple_rushes court
Big win for the Owls last night against The Townies (I'm determined to get that nickname to stick).  It was also Fran Dunphy's 400th career win.  Well played, Dunph.

However, it wasn't all that shocking.  The Owls started the season in the top 25 and were just coming off a road win against Maryland.  No need to rush the court, guys.

Stevie Why, who somehow manage to cover both the Temple game and the Flyers game in Toronto (we're onto you, Steve), has the full recap at Philly Sports Daily.


  1. I’m multidimensional. What can I say?

  2. i stormed the court and it was awesome. so yes there was a need

  3. I agree no need to storm the court act like you’ve been there before; However it was Dunph’s 400th win so I think it’s ok for that reason.

  4. First unwarranted court-storm of the season.

  5. *People enjoy the characters are not happy.

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