Game 7


Too anxious for any sort of coherent post. See you after the game.

This chick's ready:

Photo taken live at The Well, courtesy of Lauren from Enchanted Face and Body Art. One more after the jump.



  1. Top: Looks like that Rez-zerve-war Dogs walk:
    Is that Kimmo way back there doing the Chris Penn part?
    And if that Broad St Broad was down at Fantasy Fest, she wouldn’t need that oversized pastie thingy. I can’t wait for October:
    And I wonder if that chick in the apron paints guys’ junk. I want to paint my willy to look like an “Irish Sword” (and my sack could be painted like a drum magazine):

  2. I agree with IBMG. When looking at this picture, you need to play this song in the background:

  3. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Big #5 on the left.
    The petal’s to the metal and the BALLS to the wall!

  4. Ah, that’s Lauren-Rae, Boyo. She’s such a sweetie.

  5. One last comment about the top pic. Where is Car-bomb? Is he the one in the background and blocked from view by Carts, the same one who Kimmo (I assume) is facing?


  7. all you need is bad street from Michael PS Hayes & the freebirds playing the the background of the 1st pic

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