Glad to See Comcast Continues to Sell Out, Even For Playoff Hockey


Really with the superimposed ads during the playoffs? Have a little bit of dignity… just a shred? I'm half expecting to see a Miller Ford ad during Game 2.


  1. why would you think they wouldn’t

  2. What does this blog post say? I didn’t get to read it because I was too distracted by all the ads for Philly Phaithful t-shirts and Crossing Broad tickets and BC sports and half off Red Zone coupons and $10 tailgates. Whatever it was, I’m sure it was insightful and not at all hypocritical. Keep up the great work

  3. And yet your articles continue to take a minimum of 2 complete minutes to load from at least 9 ADS PER PAGE.

  4. I’m not Comcast and don’t have a billion dollars. Get a faster browser- avg load time on the page is 5 seconds.

  5. Great post, Tardface! You’re our Dole Healthy Living Crushed Pineapple in 100% Pineapple Juice fan of the day!

  6. I guess they should get rid of all of the ads on the boards and ice while they’re at it.
    Nice journalism.

  7. You may not have a billion dollars yet, but just wait until the next tailgate

  8. They’ve been like that all season. I’ve never liked it. I noticed the Sharks doing it last year and was happy we didn’t here in Philly. Then this season happen. Oyi.

  9. I’m sure the only difference between regular season ads and playoff ads is Comcast is getting paid more to show them now. So yea they will stay up for the post season.

  10. Too busy watching clif on cruise control to notice.

  11. Oprah's Anal Beads

    April 15, 2011 at 10:49 am

    OMG! Revenue! How dare they!

  12. Comcast also decided to black-out the game at Penn State, when i play extra for the fucking channel up here, had to watch a British ESPN feed online that was all grainy and blurry, about to go ape-shit on some poor Comcast telephone operator

  13. Came here to say EXACTLY what Danooo said. Watched the same online feed too.

  14. I have no problem with the banners. You got to make a living.

  15. relax people those ads are annoying and so are the ads on here. ads are annoying everywhere, but learn to live with it. its how people make money.

  16. Couldn’t watch the game in Shippensburg. 2.5 hours away (where i’m at for school). Versus (on Comcast Cable) showed the Bruins/Habs game, and a blackout.
    Disgrace. I thought hockey was having a great rebound year, but here’s hundreds of amateur fans trying to watch their first Flyers playoff hockey games turned away on college campuses.
    That feed of ESPN UK is how we had to watch the game.

  17. Soon, all the players will have ads on their uniforms.

  18. This is out of the blue but where was Bob’s new mask?

  19. first, i bet you didn’t think this post would have backfired like it did. Second, by you posting this, you are just making their advertising even more successful. Third, there’s money to be made – make it.

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